mind your language!

This is your glossary page…

The glossary will begin from the latest post all the way down to the first post…and will be updated regularly..

Part 4:
Laat lametjie-afrikaans term referring to one who is born after many years

Part 3:
Samoosa run-a boy formally comes home to see a girl with intention of marriage
Madressah-school to learn about islam
Boondus-somewhere far away

Part 2:
Masjid-place of prayer
Tahajjud-optional late night prayer
Fajr-obligatory prayer performed before sunrise
Quraan-book sent down by Allah to prophet muhammed(S.A.W)
Haafiz-one who committed the entire quraan to memory
Khatam- completion of the holy quraan
Musallahs-prayer mats
Kari kitchri-a tradional yellow rice dish served with yellow sour milk
Aloo fry-fried spiced potatoes
Masala-mixture of indian spices
Laa ilaaha illallaaah-there is none worthy of worship besides Allah

Part one:
Jazakallah-may Allah reward you
Dada-paternal grandfather


2 thoughts on “mind your language!

  1. @-}-- says:

    I read this blog in 2days n I must say MashaAllah a beautiful piece of work..keep it up!!
    Wat I love most bout this blog is th words of Nabiصلي الله عليه وسلم (hadiths)that r placed every now n then..4those who no 2revise n those who dont 2learn…jzk stax…(oh n th constant update is gr8)..

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