in the BLOG world

Diary of a guji girl

The diary of a sinner

Conceited vixen

My journey into the unknown

Confessions in a nappy bag


To survive south africa

Life in jo’burg

To find a groom

Dodging dad

The reviewer


A journey in a journal

Muslim women exposed

Over thinking it again

Forever a mess-up

How to save a princess

Epic workaholic


Ask nanima

Layyana grey

Pathway to paradise

Diary of a darul uloom boy

Tell me otherwise

Diary of a broken girl

Diary of a veiled princess

The sunset of isipingo beach

Diary of a madz girl

Da’ee ilal haq

Predestined to be

Muslim in suffer

Pearls of the pious

Veiled gems

Anecdotes of the pious

Be muslim

The wind up bird speaks

Thoughts of samurai

Rightly guided ummah

The journey of light

Me against society

Alhikmah wal maw’ithatul hasanah

Anchor with keidi

In my own world

Aisha blogs

Ya baki entel baki

Diary of confessions

Finding solace

I used to be fun, now I’m a mum

Creative minds

The deadly hiss

Travelling through her mind

The legendary city of blookinia

Random short stories

Aspiring to be a better muslim

Waking up sleeping beauty

The missing pieces joined

Lives less ordinary

Leisure town

Running my own race

Old school hijabi

Delusional mum

Dooneys kitchen


Saadia haq

The muslimah mummy

Fit muslim girl

N sehar

More than hijab

Transformation 909

Brooke benoit

Into the depth of the ocean

Deen republic

Hira ahmed

Silent livings anthology

Princess and twincess

Confessions of an addict

Just some short stories

Islam converts

Yassarnal quraan

Lifes roses and thorns


28 thoughts on “in the BLOG world

    • Wslm….ok…will do..unfortunately my blogs not working so well so I can’t update my in the blog world page….but I hope everyone reads this comment and checks the site out….jx for sharing 🙂

    • hey jzk for recommending our blog:) ray !! wondered how readers gt reffered frm here,so cme to check it out!gr8 work here silentlivin .Allah accept it to be a means of guidance.

      • Ameen..jx so much…may Allah take you and ur blog from strength to strength aswel…I’ve book marked it..will check it out as soon as I get a chance inshallah…hope many from my blog check it out aswel….:))

    • Nope….not at all..its in order according to how I discovered them…….the first few I discovered first and the last few are those that I discovered more recently…:))

      And I only add it if I’ve read them

  1. I had been getting referrals and thought to find out. So kind of you to share my blog with your readers. 🙂 Beautiful blog here, keep up the good word. Jazakillah khayr!

    • Wslm sister..deff will do…I’ve had u bookmarked for months but just never got down to visiting ur blog till recently…keep posting though..its interesting reading your stuff…

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