hazrat moosa(A.S)

The Early Years of Prophet Moosa:
The ruler of Egypt, the pharaoh, discriminated against the people of Israel. He oppressed them and killed all their sons. When Moosa (alayhis Salam) was born, his mother feared that he too would be killed. Allah sent a message to her to nurse him as long as she could, until she feared for his safety. Then she was to throw him into the river. Allah promised that He would bring Moosa (alayhis Salam) back to her and that Moosa would become a messenger of Allah.
It was the family of the pharaoh who found Moosa (alayhis Salam) in the river. The pharaoh’s wife wanted to keep him and ordered that he not be killed. She thought he might be useful to them or that they might adopt him.

Meanwhile, Moosa’s mother had sent his sister to keep watch over him from a distance. When the pharaoh’s wife was looking for a nurse to feed and care for him until he grew older, the sister approached and offered the services of her mother, without, of course, revealing her mother’s real connection to the child. In this way he was restored to his mother, as Allah had promised. And when Moosa (alayhis Salam) grew up, he was given wisdom and knowledge by Allah.
One day, when Moosa (alayhis Salam) had grown up, he went into the city and found two men fighting, one of whom was an Egyptian, and the other an Israelite. The Israelite asked Moosa (alayhis Salam) for help and Moosa (alayhis Salam) struck the other man with his fist, thus killing him. Moosa (alayhis Salam) was horrified that he had killed a man, and asked Allah for forgiveness, which Allah granted.

The following day Moosa (alayhis Salam) again was in the city, when he saw the same man as on the day before, involved in a fight with an Egyptian. Moosa (alayhis Salam) was angry at the hot-headedness of this man, but was once again ready to take his side against the Egyptian, who was the enemy of them both. But the Egyptian cried out to Moosa (alayhis Salam) that murder was not the way to settle and reform matters. At that moment another man brought news that the authorities were searching for Moosa (alayhis Salam) in connection with the murder of the previous day. And so Moosa (alayhis Salam) was forced to flee.

Moosa (alayhis Salam) escaped to the land of Madyan. There he came to a watering hole where a whole tribe of men were watering their flocks. There were two women there also whose father was too old to care for his flocks himself. But the women were holding their sheep back and could not get close to the water until the men had finished. Moosa watered their flocks for them, then settled down in the shade, praying that Allah would send him assistance.

One of the two women whom Moosa (alayhis Salam) had helped approached him shyly, for her father had sent for Moosa (alayhis Salam) to reward him for helping his daughters. When Moosa (alayhis Salam) had told the old man his story, the old man sympathized with him. The old man offered to marry Moosa (alayhis Salam) to one of his daughters if Moosa would work for him a minimum of eight years. An agreement was reached and Moosa (alayhis Salam) stayed in the land of Madyan for the agreed-upon time.

This part of the story of Moosa can be found in al-Qur’an 28:1-28.

 when Musaa (AS) was conveying his message to the people, so that they may be guided, the trials and tasks that he had faced were beyond what we can imagine.
On one particular account, his paternal cousin, Qaaroon, had  called him to preach to the people, of course, with an ulterior motive in mind. It was an event that was planned so that Musaa’s (AS) name could be tarnished and his reputation destroyed.
As Musaa (AS) started preaching, among other verses, he then came to a verse about adultery, and the people then accused him thereof. A woman who was paid to slander his name came forward.
They asked her what she had to say about Musaa (AS). Musaa (AS) then asked her to speak on oath.
She replied, “Since you have asked me to speak on oath, the truth of the matter is that they promised to give me such and such amount as a reward and induced me to accuse you in public. You are quite innocent of the crime.”
He immediately fell prostrate to Allah (SWT), Who had cleared his name. Upon Sujood, Revelation came from Allah (SWT).
“O Musaa, do not weep. We give you power over the earth in order that you may punish these people as you like. Command and it shall obey you!” 
And though he was a Nabi, one who was placed among the cream of the crop of creation, he was also Insaan.
Musaa (AS) raised up his head and commanded the earth to swallow them up. When they were sunk into the earth up to their ankles, they began to implore Musaa (AS) in humility to grant them pardon, but he commanded the earth to swallow them further, and they were swallowed up to their necks. They cried louder and importuned him to forgive their sins, but Musaa (AS) again ordered the earth to swallow them and so each one of the slandered was swallowed up by the earth.
But what did our Allah, Ar-Rahim say? The revelation then came from Allah Ta’ala to Musaa (AS).
“The people were beseeching you for pardon and crying unto you in humility.
By My Honour, had they cried unto Me and begged My pardon, I would have accepted their prayer”. 
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3 thoughts on “hazrat moosa(A.S)

  1. JazakAllah for the lovely and informative work that you are doing. May Allah reward you abundantly, sister.
    The beautiful incidents of Moosa (AS) and Khidr (AS) also comes to mind, if you get the time to write about it. JazakAllah!

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