hazrat adam(A.S)

Sayyidina adam (A.S)…also known as Adam….was the first human being created by Allah ta’aalah….He was created from clay/sand…

When Allah ta’aalah created sayyidina adam(A.S)…Allah ordered the angels to make sajdah(prostrate) to hazrat adam(A.S)..this was in his honour..

Its important to know that we are not allowed to prostrate before anyone besides Allah ta’aalah…but at that time it was a command from Allah and the prohibition came afterwards…

The angels are created from light….they spend all their time in the obedience of Allah ta’aalah…they never ever disobey Allah…so when the command came from Allah to make sajdah..they all obeyed….except for iblees…

iblees was not an angel..he was a jinn…he was a very staunch worshipper of Allah ta’alah….he was created from fire….when Allah gave the command…he became proud and refused saying that adam(A.S) was created from sand and I am created from fire…therefore I am better than him…his pride did not allow him to follow the command of Allah…

This shows us that we can be the greatest of worshippers, who perform as many salaahs as possible, spend all our time in thikr and quraanic recitation but if we’re not following the commands of Allah then unfortunately this makes us just as proud as shaytaan…

The important thing in the eyes of Allah is to follow his command, aswel as make ibaadah(worship)…they both go hand in hand..neither of the 2 may be left out…

Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlawi wrote Ibn Abbas(r.a) said,”Adam’s(a.s)creation was on Friday in the afternoon.
Allah then created for him Eve, his wife, from one of his left ribs while he was asleep.
When he woke up and saw her, he felt at ease with her and stretched his hand out to her.
The angels said, ‘Stop, Adam.’
He said, ‘Why, didn’t Allah create her for me?’
They said, ‘Not until you pay her mahr(dowry).
’He asked, ‘What is her mahr(dowry)?’ They answered, ‘To recite praises on Muhammad صلّى اللّـه عليه و سلّم three times.’
“[and in another narration, twenty times].
Increase the recitation of Durood on Jummua.
Ref: fadaail-e-Durood
Shared by sister A


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