marriage conference 2017

​assalamu alaykum/peace to one and all

if youve been following me for a while, you would know that last year round about this time there were a couple of posts regarding the marriage conference that was coming up at the sandton convention centre.

this year its back again and probably for the last time in johannesburg. its much bigger and far better than it was last year with a whole load of extra items added to the itenary.

im usually not one to attend seminars and conferences etc but since i was involved last year, i attended the conference and id like you all to know that i dont regret it in the least.

it was by far an amazing experience. the amount learnt in just that oneday was unbelievable. the speakers were phenomenal and the things they brought to light touched my heart in a way il never be able to express.

although there were thousands of people, it was as if the speakers were speaking directly to me. 

whether you are already married, divorced, widowed, a single parent, looking to get married or have been married for years… theres so much to learn for every category of people.

marriage is a sunnah of our beloved nabi sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. it completes half our faith, however its no secret how many of our muslim marriages are failing today and the number is increasing everyday. attending the marriage conference will not only help you better ur marriage, but will teach you about your own self as it has taught me about myself.

as a married person, we often want to change our spouse when the problem actually lies within ourselves. we cannot change another person but we can change our outlook on things. we can learn who we really are. and if there was one lesson that i brought home last year…it is this!

so if you missed out last year… you have one more opportunity to attend this year…

the marriage conference 2017 will inshallah be held on the 22 july 2017 at the sandton convention centre.

theres a whole lot to look forward to such as inspirational talks, an expo, ilm arts festival, youth zone, kids zone and the list goes on.

follow me on instagram for more updates regarding what the line up will be like… INSTA @dvinetreats

to book your tickets, there are different prices for different tickets and all onfo may be found on the following link…

or to view a snippet of last years program, feel free to click on this link….

hope to see you all there as there will also be a bloggers corner….

hurry and book your tickets before they are sold out!!!!


bibi ayesha




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Marriage conference 2016


Time is running out and tickets are getting sold out faster than you can imagine…

Its an event not to be missed..

Book your tickets for the marriage conference which will be held on the 30 july 2016 at the sandton convention centre.

With guests speakers like yasmin mogahed, moulana bham and idrees khamissa, amongst others… who would want to miss out..?

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D-vine treats!(eastrand)
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when it rains …it pours!


This is the 5th part of the 5 story 5 day challenge.

Ok… so I know that im extrEmely delayed but no one said that it has to be posted consecutively.

And I know that rEgular posting has been stopped until further notice And this doesn’t mean that im back yet but I think you all deserve an explanation.

Well the short version is that life happened.

The moderate version is that “when it rains it pours”

and the full version is this….

well my hubby got ill just over 2 months ago and we have been running around like headless chickens from doctors to hospitals to moulanas(dont look at me like that, we were desperate)..and a million other places to find out what exactly was wrong with him.

this has been a terribly taxing time for us as he was unable to work and that left me having to work a little harder than usual to try to make ends meet.

To put the cherry on the top all three of my kids aswel as myself ended up with the flu worst than we have ever had it before.

alhamdulillah we are well now but hubby still hasnt been sorted so until my life is completely back to normal, im not going to manage posting.

i know how annoying it can be to not find updates on blogs that im following so i really do apologise.

i am aware that i still owe you two bonus posts so i will randomly try to post those sometime during this break inshallah

please bare with me and remember me and my family in your special duas.

jx for all the support and understanding.

all my love… your sister in islam… B.A


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living life with closed eyes

Bismillahir rahman nir raheem

We often hear about blind people. About how they are unable to “see”. How they are unable to appreciate all that they are surrounded by.

How they cannot appreciate the beauty of nature.

How they can not appreciate the gorgeousness Of life.

How a blind person needs guidance and assistance either of a person, walking stick or in some cases a dog.

A blind person is usually pitied by those around them.

But do we not realise that we too are blind?

the difference is that we are blind by choice.  We chose blindness over sight.

We too do not appreciate all that we have around us.

We too are unable to see the many fabours of Allah upon us.

We too are unable to see the true beauty, wisdom and greatness of our Creator.

We choose to be blind so that we too don’t appreciate all that we are surrounded by.

We are so caught up in the unimportant things of our lives that we too do not have time to appreciate the beauty of nature created so immaculately by our master Himself.

Life has so many different aspects, jut ee choose the wrong things in life and are blinded by these evils that we cannot appreciate the gorgeousness of life.

We are mere mortals. Imperfect. We are in constant need of assistance.  Assistance from our Lord, from His word, the Quraan, assistance from the perfect life of our beloved nabi and the guidance from the lives of his stars… the blessed companions of the prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam.

We too are bbeing pitied by the angels and those above us. That we have the choice to see yet we choose to be blind. We choose to not see the miracles of Allah all around us. We too are being pitied because even though the signs are so bright and clear, we still choose to ignore them.

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Assalaamu alaykum everyone…

Please please make me maaf…there won’t be any post today and for most of tomorrow…

I’m really tied down with TONS of work, but inshallah I will make up for the days I miss when I do get a chance to post again….

Jumu’ah mubarak to everyone..please don’t forget to recite abundant durood tonight and contribute to our durood challenge aswel as kalimah tayyibah, yaaseen and there are 2 paras left to complete our khatam…

Remember me And my family in your special duas as you all are always in mine…