books i recommend

The conquest of sahaba

From my sisters lips by Na’ima B Roberts

Hayatus Sahabah by ml.Yusuf Kandhelwi

Aap Beti(autobiography of Hadhrat Shaykh Ml.Zakariyyah Kandhalwi)

Inspirations(about 6 or 7 volumes have been released)

Pearls from the Path by Afzal Ismail

Ar-raheequl Makhtum(the sealed nectar)-Seerah of Nabi s.w

Fadhaile Sadaqaat by Ml.Zakariyyah Kandhalwi

Sweetness of tears by nafissa haaji

Surviving by asmaa khan

The kite runner by khaled hooseini

Enjoy your life by dr al ‘arifi

Fadhaail e a’maal by sheikhul hadith moulana mohammed zakariyya kaandhlawi

Stories from the quraan by moulana mohammed hifzur rahman seoharvi

A thousand splendid suns by khaled hooseini


19 thoughts on “books i recommend

  1. UmmHamza says:

    Asalaamualaikum sister. I really admire the good work you do on your blog. However, be very careful of recommending books and blogs that promote zina and other haraam activities. Just like how we recieve sawaab for every good act a person does through our effort and encouragement, so too do we recieve punishment through the evil actions brought about by our encouragement. Its actually unneccessary sin if you think about it..i have been meaning to bring this to yyour attention for some time regarding the numerous blogs you promote..mashAllah you do come across as a very sincere and humble person so i trust yoy will not be offended by my concern. You need not publish this comment if you wish. Keep up the good work

    • Wslm dearest sister….
      Why shouldn’t I publish ur comment?
      the wisdom with which you’ve advised has really touched my heart….and I am guilty of this….its like I know..but needed a reminder….and Allah sent u to do that in such a beautiful way…

      U are so right…I already have so many gunahs…why should I add unnecessary sin to my record books

      Jx sooo soo much for that and inshallah u will rcv such a great reward for standing up for haq..

      May Allah make me as sincere and humble as you think I am and may Allah accept all our feeble efforts…

      • UmmHamza says:

        The humility with which you accept rectification really brought tears to my eyes. If only everyone was so open to recieving haqq.. you have really inspired me to stand up for haqq regardless of the outcome. For that may Allah reward you and increase you in guidance. ALLAHUMA ZID FA ZID

      • Sister we are all on a passing journey in this world…of what benefit would it be if we don’t take heed of the good advice given to us….as muslims we need to stand up to haq no matter what however we need to use a lot of wisdom…and that’s what makes the diff….

        We have to stand together as one ummah and that’s how hidayah spreads….

  2. S says:

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    It should be noted that reading of fictional books is highly discouraged… Most Ulamaa say that it is Haraam, as it has no benefit & the ill effects are countless … why not change this page from ‘books I recommend’ to ‘kitaabs I recommend’

    • Just curious to know, then what happens to my blog?would it also be haraam to read my blog?as it is fictional…I have taken away the books that had ill effects and those that are mentioned, I found had quite abit of lessons to learn from…

      Pls reply and let me know…

  3. Binte Ahmed says: like to recommend a few kitabs wich iv personally enjoyed n taken benefit from..

    1)Hayatus Sahabah by ml.Yusuf Kandhelwi

    2)Aap Beti(autobiography of Hadhrat Shaykh Ml.Zakariyyah Kandhalwi)

    3)Inspirations(about 6 or 7 volumes have been released)

    4)Pearls from the Path by Afzal Ismail

    5)Ar-raheequl Makhtum(the sealed nectar)-Seerah of Nabi s.w

    6)Fadhaile Sadaqaat by Ml.Zakariyyah Kandhalwi

  4. sister/in/Islam says:

    “The Conquest of the Sahaba” is a wonderful kitab also !!
    Its written very well , u actually feel like u in the battle with them …

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