eidun saeedun…..

Assalamu alaykum to everyone out there..

Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog. But today is a special day for every muslim person.

So from faaiza, ismail, the twins, salma, aqeel and the entire ‘forever a mess-up’ team… Eid mubarak!!

“Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum”
-may Allah accept from us and all of you-

May we all continue our lives the way we did during ramadaan and may this ramadaan be a turning point in all our lives…ameen!

Have a blessed and joyous eid full of smiles and laughter…. And hopefully we’ll be back soon on the new blog http://www.missingpiecesjoined.wordpress.com

Bibi ayesha…

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