when it rains …it pours!


This is the 5th part of the 5 story 5 day challenge.

Ok… so I know that im extrEmely delayed but no one said that it has to be posted consecutively.

And I know that rEgular posting has been stopped until further notice And this doesn’t mean that im back yet but I think you all deserve an explanation.

Well the short version is that life happened.

The moderate version is that “when it rains it pours”

and the full version is this….

well my hubby got ill just over 2 months ago and we have been running around like headless chickens from doctors to hospitals to moulanas(dont look at me like that, we were desperate)..and a million other places to find out what exactly was wrong with him.

this has been a terribly taxing time for us as he was unable to work and that left me having to work a little harder than usual to try to make ends meet.

To put the cherry on the top all three of my kids aswel as myself ended up with the flu worst than we have ever had it before.

alhamdulillah we are well now but hubby still hasnt been sorted so until my life is completely back to normal, im not going to manage posting.

i know how annoying it can be to not find updates on blogs that im following so i really do apologise.

i am aware that i still owe you two bonus posts so i will randomly try to post those sometime during this break inshallah

please bare with me and remember me and my family in your special duas.

jx for all the support and understanding.

all my love… your sister in islam… B.A


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