part 343:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

salmas point of view

It was like a huge wave of guidance washed over the community… Or basically the ‘forever messed up’ community..

Everyone seemed so much less messed up then they originally were…

Starting with fay… She has become someone that I admire so much.. She took a hold of her life and became a strong woman of success..

She was no longer a scared puppy just blindly following ismails demands..

Fay joined me in niqaab aswel… After a particular taaleem we had attended where we met the famous ‘sajida’ for the very first time…

Well we didn’t know it was her at first…

A very well respected scholar of islaam had come to town upon the request of many to address us regarding the importance of women in islam. Fay and I decided to leave a little earlier since there may be a larger crowd expected than usual..

As we sat down and got comfortable, there was another young, petite and neat lady that occupied the spot next to us…

She had a little boy around humairas age or slightly older with her.. He was such a friendly little chap and he gave humaira all the entertainment she needed for the rest of the hour that we listened to the inspiring and motivational lecture…

The respected aalim spoke about womans rights in islam.. About how our beauty is only for those who value us.. He spoke about how this great sacrifice in this world would grant us the honourable gift of actually witnessing the countenance of Allah Ta’alah and how not acting upon this command of Allah could deprive us of even smelling the fragrance of jannah…

I immediately felt such elation deep within my heart that Allah had chosen me for this noble deed..

He gave such great examples of why a woman who is covered is valued so much more and granted so much more respect.. Protected in most ways..

“Why is it that when a cyclist where’s a helmet for his own protection, no-one ever makes a big fuss about it.. No-one laughs and mocks at them even when they wear it in the blistering heat.. Why? Because everyone understands that they’re wearing it for their own protection.. Their own safety…” Moulana had explained… ” But when a muslim woman, out of her own will chooses to follow the command of Allah by donning the niqaab, for her own protection and safety, then suddenly she is deprived and oppressed? I ask you my dear mothers and sisters… What is the difference between the motorist and the muslim women in this case?”

It was definitely food for thought….

” My dear sisters, we as parents complain about the nudity of our young girls today… But who has given them the money or who has bought those almost nude pieces of cloth for them to barely cover up? Who is to blame? Those young girls who were taught from so young to show off their clothes and their bodies? Or the parent themselves who encourage and applaud such things? Where is the hayAa going to my dear mothers and sisters? Why is zina becoming more and more common in todays time? It s because of what my nabi(sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) has said over 1400 years ago… And what did he say? He said: “ithaa faatakal hayaa, faf’al maa shi’ta” that when hayaa.. Modesty has disappeared, then you will do as you wish..”

It was such a talk that at the end of the talk, almost every woman in that gathering looked remorseful and also had this zeal that they would love to do more for the pleasure of Allah….

“My dear mothers and sisters… Let us ask ourselves before we end this gathering, that if the ummahaatul mu’mineen…the mothers of the believers.. The wives and beloved daughters of our nabi(Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) had to don the niqaab… And yet they were so pure and never an evil intention ever crossed their mind… Then how pure and innocent are we that the command of Allah is not for us? Are we that pure? Are we that innocent? Are our hearts so much more full of taqwah that we feel that it is not necessary for us?”

And with that moulana concluded the talk with a beautiful dua, asking Allah to protect the believing women and grant them the high stages in jannatul firdous that they deserve for their sacrifices in this world…

We hurried to get up before everyone else and noticed the young girl with her kid and an elderly lady leaving around the same time…

As we left the house and headed for our car faaiza called out: “it was really nice meeting you… My names faaiza by the way… Maaf, I didn’t get your name back there? And your little handsome ones name over here….”

“Jee it was nice meeting you too… I’m sajida.. This is my mummy, maimoona and my son, ebrahim…” She replied timidly

“You guys not from around here? I haven’t seen you before…” Faaiza inquired trying not to be too inquisitive….

“Actually no.. We’re from durban originally, but I’m married here and we’ve been around for quite a few years already, we just not the extrovert type so… You know how it goes..?” Sajida replied..

“Who are you married to?” I asked rather curious. We know almost everyone in town…

Sajida looked awkwardly at her mother before she replied.. And when she did tell us who she was married to, the conversation only got more interesting…

Faaiza explained to her who she was and from then on we all exchanged numbers and became rather friendly with eachother for years after that…

That evening when aqeel got home, I couldn’t help but blurt out who we’d finally met…

We heard the whole big deal about altaaf getting married again and all that but never knew to who..

“Well I should just warn you mr. You ever try any such stunts… You can take your things and chuck!” I threatened, pointing in the direction of the front door, even though I know what a gem of a man he is..

“Really?” He smirked.. “But there’s nothing wrong with having 2 wives honey.. Or even 3 or 4…. Its sunnah…”

“Funny how you men always bring that out.. Its sunnah” I mimicked the way he’d said that.. “Its also sunnah” I mimicked again… “to do a lot of other things and more importantly fardh” I emphasised, “to do lots more but conveniently you men only pick out what you feel is sunnah… And besides… Getting married in secret is no sunnah… Nabi(Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: ‘announce the nikaah..’ Didn’t he?”

“Jee apa…” Aqeel teased clearly enjoyed that he was getting my blood boiling with this subject… What? I’m normal and every woman has abit of a jealous and possessive streak in her.. I just can’t seem to share my man with someone else.. And if some women are strong enough to do it.. Then that’s their business.. I can’t.. I just can’t…

“And you men also conveniently forget about how fair you’re supposed to be to each one of your wives… Because if you’re not, you will wake up on the day of qiyaamah with your entire one side paralyzed…”. I took this subject rather seriously…

Aqeel swept me off my swollen feet and swung me around laughing hysterically…. He then looked me in the eye and said: “You are my one.. My only… I don’t need another wifey…. You’re my everything and I’ll love you forever!”

And so ends the story of a bunch of crazy people who all turned out to eventually succeed.. Not only in this world.. But hopefully in the next aswel…

So the question no longer remains… ‘When will we ever succeed?’ We will always succeed as long as we have Allah by our sides… As long as the quraan is our guide and as long as muhammad mustapha (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) is our role model….

With that… From the entire forever a mess-up team….

Fi amaanillah!

‘The end!’

Authors note:
What a beautiful day to end this blog.. On a jumu’ah whilst we are being showered with the beautiful blessings of Allah ta’aalah here in south africa.. Jumu’ah mubarak everyone…
Inshallah tomorrow I will have my final post of advices derived from the blog up and then details to my new ‘blogs’ will soon be released…
Jx once again to every single person…. You all are just the best for carrying me through this awesome journey like angels on your blessed wings…



23 thoughts on “part 343:

  1. nasreen says:

    I’ve read the blog since the beggining but can be called a “silent reader” only because I’m still in school and during school terms I don’t have my phone so daily I’d try too read the new updates and as much as I’d loved to have commented almost every other day my internet source changed. I learnt so so much from this blog and I make dua that allah grants you my fellow mother in islam only the best in both worlds. May allah reward you for enlightening us, for being humorous at times and serious when it was necassary and most importantly for making us aware of so many things that will inshallah make a positive change in our lives and that will save us in the aakhirah. Its really sad that the blog has to come to an end:( but inshallah am looking forward to your other blogs. Lots of love your silent reader Nasreen

    • Omw sister.. Your comment has touched me… I’m so glad to read this comment this late at night and I pray that Allah grants me sincerity in all my actions.. Its people like you and comments like this that keeps me motivated and wanting to continue to do more…
      May Allah always keep you on the straight path and grant you all the success in both the worlds inshallah..
      You are young and have your whole life ahead of you.. If just you, and no-one else derives some benefit from my weak words, truly my success has been made… What more will I need?
      One piece of advice.. Don’t make the mistakes that any of us have made in our youth.. Value your youth before old age inshallah and be a great flag bearer of islam in years to come inshallah…
      *beeg hugs my beloved sister*

      • nasreen says:

        Ameen,ameen ameen. Please remember me in your sincere dua’s. A special request for you to make dua that allah makes my schooling easy for me as I inshallah enter my last year of school. And also for me to become a succesful medical doctor one day. Inshallah*hugs and kisses*

  2. Oreo lover says:

    Congratulations sister on the end of your blog. I once started a blog and after a few posts deleted the entire thing. I admire you for having the will power and courage to post everyday and never failing to disappoint us readers. I know it’s not easy , so from the bottom of my heart here’s a huge Jazakallah !
    I was gripped from the start and enjoyed all the drama and excitement , it made me look forward to something after along tiring day at school. I’ve also learnt a lot of lessons and I love how you managed to incorporate most of the issues today’s societies are facing. You did a really good job
    All the best with the next blog and inshallah we’ll seen you there

    Until next time

  3. Assalam alaykum, dear Silent Living. I enjoyed your last episodes/series. Sad I wasn’t an avid follower before because I thought it would be difficult to catch up. However, I’ve realised that each post on it’s own makes a lot of sense even if I don’t know the stories behind most names.
    I’ll follow your next blog better in sha Allah 🙂

  4. Amatullah says:

    noooooo I wanna cry 😦 but I’m glad it ended well. Alhamdulillah. May Allah guide us all so our lives end well too Inshallah. can’t wait for the next blog!!!!

  5. anonymous says:

    slmz jazakallah for such a lovely blog, I have been a silent reader all along but really enjoyed your blog and learnt so much from it, jazakallah once again

  6. tazzy_p♥ says:

    A beautiful ending 2 a beyooootiful bl0g 😀 !! JzkAllah sister 4 an ahmazing bl0g n n0t 4getting ur regular p0sts 😛 !! One of the best bl0gs by far !! xxx

  7. Sister A. says:

    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥
    Cryin so much I can’t even talk. 😉
    😦 dat dis blog has ended bt kno dat it had 2 Εn∂ at some point. Made 4 gr8 readin. Was full of lessons 4 all. 🙂 Lookin 4ward 2 da new blog جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا. xoxo

  8. fathima ismail says:

    Jazakallah khair. May allah reward u n bkess u 4 all da islamic knowledge that u have imparted 2 us ur readers through da forever mess up story. Waitin patiently 4 da new blog .

  9. zana says:

    Jazakallah for the beautiful words and advices given to us readers in each post. We make dua that we take lessons from them and apply it in our lives. That we turn to our allah for whatever it may be big or small
    I make dua that allah accept youf efforts for all that you did
    definitely going to miss the team of forever a mess up. As with everything in life all things must come to an end.
    Looking forward to the new blog.
    Remember us in your duas 🌷
    Jazakallah once again 😘

  10. B.Q says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ..may اَللَّهُ reward you for all the precious advices,daily posts and soooo much more that this blog entails..
    it has covered a wide variety of different factors that affect our communities and has given us ways to deal with them..
    I have personally really benefitted a lot..
    Al-Wida to this awesome blog as we depart frm this wonderful journey..

    Looking forward 2 ur future blogs 🙂
    May اَللَّهُ help you and take you frm strength to strength.. آمِينَْ
    Remember me in ur pious duas xxx
    Take care
    وَعَــــلَيْكُمُ السَّــــلاَمُ وَرَحْمَةُ اللّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

  11. Slms sister Jazakallah so much for this amazing blog all the lessons learnt from the beginning till the end may Allah guide all of us on to the right path Aameen
    May Allah reward you abundantly in both the worlds for all your effort & time
    Can’t wait for your new blog xxx

  12. me says:

    im sooooooo sad this blog ended it was one of my favourite im really gona miss the exciting indian drama and the awsome authoress who takes out time to post for us almost every single day…………..

  13. ********R****** says:

    Slmz. It ws a beautiful story, sad bt it had 2 end. I really enjoyed dis blog. I surely did learn a lot. Ahumdulillah ? I may have not commented on every post bt I surely did mk time 2 reading blog. Jazakallah soooo much 4 all da lesson n advices u shared wid us. I dnt knw hw 2 thank u ? Allah tk us all 4rm strengh to strengh. Ameen. Last bt not least ( I wanted 2 knw if salma gave birth,n wat baby she had ,n wat she named da baby jzk. Dat part we nva read)LOL. Fiaamanillah

  14. sister/in/Islam says:

    Not only have we learnt soo much along the way , but we,ve created friendship and a bond that will last forever إن شاء ألله ……
    Fay n crew will sorely be missed – as they had become a part of our daily lives — but all good things hav2 come2 an end !! But the lessons tawt will stay forever إن شاء ألله ..
    Our consolation is that in the end , every1 changed for the better .. ​​​الحمد لله
    Really a big lesson for us – its never too late to change .. But if we procrastinate then it may just be too late — death is inevitable and unexpected . We don’t know where, when , how it’l come .. We must prepare ourselves NOW …

    Dear Mrs S … Plz make me maaf – I know I trbled u theee MOST *hide*
    But its only becos I love U for اللَّهُ pleasure !!!!

    Sad that this blog has ended !!
    Waiting for a new one now !!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
    Sooooo sooo much for everything- for the daily posts and even more so for the 5 a day ones !!!
    May اللَّهُ answer ALL ur good beneficial duas,use u for the service of the deen, grant u n ur family good health , plenty of halal rozi n barkat and grant u residency in Madinah Sharief – إن شاء ألله ……

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  15. as-salaam. I was a silent reader in your blog but all along whatever you said had made sense and thought me a lot in life. may Allah reward you abundantly for all the good that you had thought us through this blog even though some of us don’t know you and we all are going to miss it.

    I look forward to your next ‘blogs’ may you succeed in everything in your life and allow you to gain the highest stages in Jannah.

    I would like to whole-heartedly thank you from the bottom of my heart. JAZAKALLAH. words cannot even describe what I feel towards your blog.

    till next time, as-salaam-u-alaikum.

    Bibi Aysha…

  16. A says:

    Such a beautiful ending to a lovely blog that kept us hooked from the beginning and as it is said all good things must come to an end, sister SL this blog with all its characters will be missed and they had become a part of our family just as the two journey blogs and all I want to say is may ALLAAH take u from strength to strength in all your future endeavors آمين

  17. I really enjoyed this blog.
    I feel like I’m missing out on how faaizas life turned out. A man like Ismail doesn’t just stop. How did she get a happy ever after, or did she just put up with not being entirely happy?

  18. Aww sister I can’t believe this blog has ended 😦 I will really miss this blog but definitely looking forward to your new blog 🙂 may Allah reward you for all of your efforts. Ameen. Really going to miss Faaiza and crew

  19. Shaakira says:

    Mashala it was amazing al da advice in it was beautiful n as much as I luv to read it had so much of advice Jazakala lukng forward to more blogs

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