part 341:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

ismails point of view

“WHAT!!!” Everyone screamed in unison once I’d divulged the information at hand….

And then their glares fell upon mahmood who was nervously shining his samsung on his jeans… He dared not to look up..

“Mahmood!!! Is that true?” Shouted an angry bari khala..

He remained silent…

“Answer me dammit! Is that true?” She asked for a second time

“Why don’t you people give him a chance to explain everything to you all from the beginning? I think its only fair since the poor guy had been silenced all this while” I suggested

“so boy! Speak! We want to know what the heck is going on once a for all.. This family seems to have way too many skeletons lurking in the damn closet..” Mamajee spoke

I gave my father a smirk that made him quite uncomfortable.. But I wasn’t going to let out his secret… Choti is gone! Let’s just hope it served as some kind of change for him..

After faaiza admonished me for wanting to blow it all in everyones faces, I started contemplating… I have many hidden secrets.. My abuse towards my wife.. My split personality at times.. The rough stuff I’d done as a youngster and my not being such a perfect muslim..

Too many more things to even mention.. But I thought, that if I keep my fathers mistakes a secret.. Inshallah, Allah will not disgrace and expose me in this world nor the hereafter..

I heard the hadith to the effect that whosoever conceals the fault of his brother.. Allah will conceal his faults on the day of qiyaamah..

So with that in mind, I just let it go.. And so did aqeel… We were done with all this now..

And so mahmood, bari khallas husbands son from his previous marriage, whom bari khalla had brought up from very young, started to explain everything about his and choti khalas relationship from the very beginning..

About how he’d befriended her, comforted her, respected her and then fallen for her..

About how they’d conceived danyaal when bari khalla and her husband were not around and how choti khala made a huge fuSs about it being a big mistake and that he could never see the child…

Once she’d given birth, she moved away this side and threatened that if he ever told anyone anything or claimed this child, she would get a restraining order against him and evetually get him locked up…

I’ve heard that many times from choti khalla… She always felt like the law would always be on her side..

Even when we were kids, if anyone treated her in a way that she Didn’t like, she would threaten to call the police..

Sad.. But its over…. Shukr to Allah….

“So then it would only be fair for mahmood to have what’s rightfully his…” My father suggested

Everyone was still too shocked to say anything further.. And so it was decided that he would stay around for a while to get to know danyaal and once he was used to mahmood, he would eventually move with him to durban…

For now, danyaal would continue to stay with my mother as he’s quite familiar with all of them..

It would damage him if he was just forced all in one go to go and live with a complete stranger..

My mother didn’t look too thrilled, but there was no other alternative.. And since everyone was fully charged on changing their lives after the sudden mishap in the family, she agreed..

Mahmood was ever too glad to have his son In his life and to top it all off, he was engaged and soon to be married and his bride to be accepted that he had another child…

And so life for us all moved on… I can’t say happily ever after because no-ones life is a happily ever after.. But atleast I can say that no-ones life was ‘forever a mess up’ in the end!

Even rukaya.. Can you believe it…? With all the drama of the mayyit going on, rukaya didn’t quite get a chance to hear the news that we all thought would change her life for the worst…..



5 thoughts on “part 341:

  1. A says:

    A very wise decision by Ismail not to expose his ‘father’ ما شاءالله, may ALLAAH also keep his faults covered
    It had to take someone to loose their life for a child to be reunited with his father and a family to change their lives….
    May ALLAAH allow us to change ourselves before it is too late آمين

  2. Sister A. says:

    Ismail handled the situation well. He seems 2 be on da road 2 change too. :). Waitin 2 hear wat happens as da rest is revealed. 😉

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    We all continue our lives in the same way – until a tragedy strikes n then reality hits us !!!!
    May اللَّهُ save us also – from exposing our sins , in this world and the next آمين …. How embarred we would be if our darkest moments were to be revealed infront of family n frends !!!

    Its good that the child can be re-united with his father – but sad that it had 2 happen like this !!

    Eye-opener for us all … Maut can come unexpectedly – are we prepared !!! First for ME to take heed !!
    May اللَّهُ take us wen HE is pleased with us , we we r in a good state – آمين

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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