part 340:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

mother in laws point of view

The atmosphere at the mayyit was sombre and everyones moods were dampened with the sudden death of choti…

I know that she’s done so much to hurt all of us in her short time in this world, but in the end of the day, we are blood.. She is my real sister after all..

And every one of us has caused harm to someone in our lives..

I know I haven’t been the perfect muslim, perfect mother, perfect wife or even perfect mother in law or sister… I have also hurt many in my life… But I have come to realise that this world is so short and temporary…

There is no point holding grudges against everybody…

Everyone was too shocked to even cry.. Actually, no-one really cried at chotis mayyit..

I found myself wondering if it was because everyone was glad that she was out of our lives or whether they were truly stunned and realisation hadn’t yet dawned upon them…

And then I started to ponder about my very own mayyit… It would most probably be in this very house.. And who knows how soon from now things will turn and my body will be laying right here like chotis is..

Will everyone be glad that I had died?

Would everyone be relieved that I was out of the picture?

I did some serious introspection and decided that it still wasn’t too late to change.. I could repent unto Allah and change my life for the better before my time comes to leave this very world..

There weren’t too many people that attended the mayyit..

It was mainly our family and a few local people who knew us and wanted to pass on their condolences to us..

Choti didn’t even really have any mahrams to carry her body…

It was just our brother and rukayas 2 boys, yusuf and fayaaz.. Mohammed ihsaan was still a baby… Ismail wasn’t my real son, so he wasn’t even chotis mahram, kulsum had no kids and bari’s only son was her step…

Boys are a blessing to have… And unfortunately Allah hadn’t blessed me with my own.. And even though I’d adopted ismail, the anger within me that he wasn’t born from me, made me treat him the way I did..

I know what I did… But out of my own ‘izzat’ and my own respect, I would never admit it to anyone else…

I just pray that Allah can forgive me and guide me to the straight path very soon..

Once everyone had left and it was just us family, we all needed to discuss what was going to happen to chotis baby…

As much as I would love to keep him, I can’t.. I’m not as young and fit as I used to be and I’ve never really looked after any of my grandchildren, so I’m not very experienced in todays day and age with regards to bringing babies up..

I voiced my opinion and my husband nodded in agreement at that…

“What hajoo is saying is true.. We can’t… Err.. We won’t be able to..”

I offered Ismail and faaiza to stay a while to help us solve this issue.. They were surprised at my sudden hospitality towards them, but they agreed anyway..
” You may not be my real son and daughter in law.. But you are so much a part of this family.. Please.. Stay!”

I noticed that they didn’t say much throughout the meeting.. But I don’t blame them, they probably don’t feel comfortable around us anymore..

My brother suggested “why don’t kulsum and sulaiman take him… They’ve always wanted children..”

Sulaiman: ” danyaal is kulsums cousin.. He won’t be her mahram.. Once he becomes baaligh, it just becomes complicated…”

” Not that I wouldn’t want to… We did consider it on our way here…”Kulsum interrupted

There was silence again in the room… And then ismail finally spoke, addressing no-one in particular….”The only solution to this whole thing is to return the child to his father…”

“But that’s impossible… No-one knows who the father is… Or if he’s even still alive.. He was just some pakistani guy who left her or died before choti could even give birth…” My husband butted in

Ismail shook his head and stared straight at his father who shifted awkwardly in his seat…” I can’t believe you all were gullible enough to believe that about her… That’s not even true…”

“And how would you know ismail? If its not true, then who is the father?that’s what choti told us, and if the father was alive, he would have definitely come for his son in these 2 years” Bari spoke now..

Ismails confession about what they knew caught us all offguard….



9 thoughts on “part 340:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Yaa اللَّهُ ………
    A mayyit is really a place to introspect – for us to realise that one day it’l b us lying there …… Yet we feel it for few days , mayb weeks n then its all forgotten n we go bak to our old lifestyle !!!
    May اللَّهُ grant us beautiful deaths- in the most blessed lands while we r reciting durood upon the most blessed of creations …. آمين يا رب العالمين

    Oooh …. N now – more suspense !!!
    *hide* ……..
    Waiting .. Waiting …. For MORE !!!!!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. A says:

    I think faaiza must’ve been very surprised that her gremlin in law asked her to stay for the family meeting….
    Janaazahs are places of introspection, today them tomorrow us. What have we prepared to take with us when we leave this temporary abode
    May ALLAAH grant us all a death with Imaan with Kalimah on our lips in Madinah on the day of jummah, at the time of Asr in masjeedun Nabawi and allow us a place in the gardens of Jannatul Baqee aameen
    Can’t wait to hear the reaction of everyone when they find out who Danyaals father is and how Ismail knows about it

  3. Saf says:

    Well the father can’t be Ismail’s father because he only started taking an interest in Choti after she came to live with Ismail’s parents, and the baby was already born, right?

  4. Nazo says:

    didn’t Ismail meet the father of Choti’s child at the psychologist many posts back, can’t remember his name, If I remember correctly it was her khala’s adopted son.
    Really enjoying the fact that all of these once “rotten” people are repenting to Allah and hopefully change for the better forever, Insha-Allah, Ameen.
    keep up the excellent work.

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