part 339:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

father in laws point of view

Ya Allah!!!! Is this Allahs way of making me change my life and give up sin? Ya Allah!! I could have been sleeping with her in the same bed when the thieves broke in and we both could have been lying dead next to eachother… A disgrace that people will be talking about for years..

I couldn’t stop thinking of how Allah had saved me and I felt completely indebted to Allah, more now then I have ever felt in my life…

Its sad that at my age I’ve waited for someone to die before I made a decision to change my life.. All the people I know around my age are already preparing themselves for a meeting with their Creator.. While I prepared myself for destruction.. But its never too late I suppose.. If Allah chooses to guide you, no-one can deviate you, whereas when Allah chooses to deviate one from his remembrance, no-one will be able to bring them back onto the straight path..

I took the screaming child from the lady next door.. I hushed him in my arms for a while..

“Mimi…. I want mimi…” He started as soon as I’d taken him… And I immediately felt some kind of compassion towards this child..

How was I going to take this child to the rest of the family and explain to them what had just happened..? Who was going to look after him? He has no father.. Now no mother.. He has no siblings… No-one.. He only has us.. And we are too old to look after him..

I was stressing beyond what words could express… I tried to be strong for his sake.. Not to show him that anything was wrong as I patted his head awkwardly, but ofcourse he knew that something was not normal.. Where in the world had his mother gone suddenly? How come she was there one moment? And now not?

Someone heard screams and glass breaking at around 4:30am but after some deliberation decided that there was nothing wrong and it was just their imagination.. But then they heard danyaals persistant screaming for so long and to put their mind at ease went to check what was going on because honestly speaking, no woman in their right mind would leave their child to scream like that in the middle of the night for so long…

And to their horror they found the glass on the front door broken and a clear forced entry into the house.. The door was left wide open and choti was already lying on the floor of her newly furnished apartment, dead…!

They didn’t know who to contact as her cellphone was also stolen so there were no contact details of anyone in particular…

I put danyaal into the car and drove around in circles trying to figure out what to tell hajoo and I drove and drove, he eventually fell asleep.. I felt my face and realised that I was actually sweating and in tears one at the same time..

In all my years, I had never seen someone close to me dying in this manner.. I decided that this was my very wake up call and hopefully a wake up call for everyone in our house hold..

I eventually stopped outside the house, parked the car in the driveway and rushed into the house forgetting to even take danyaal with me.. I wasn’t used to having extra baggage..

Rukaya and her mother were at it again and I could hear them from outside but they stopped dead in their tracks as soon as they’d noticed the probably pale expression on my face…

“What daddy? What happened to you?” Rukaya asked with a frown on her face…

I shook my head and looked down, preparng for the worst… ” They found choti… In her apartment.. She was murdered”

Both the expressions on hajoo and rukayas faces turned to sudden shock.. Their mouths hang open… Rukaya put her hands to her mouth in utter disbelief while all the blood drained from hajoos face as she tried to grab hold of the closest chair to sit down..

Death was a reality which we all needed to face at some point… Choti however, faced it much sooner than we’d all expected…

Authors note:
Jx to all for the constant support.. Just a reminder that there are only a handful or less of posts left before the end of this blog…. I can’t tell you exactly at what post we will end as I do not pre-pen posts, I write them just before posting.. But just know that its very soon..



5 thoughts on “part 339:

  1. zana says:

    Allah only gives guidance yo those whom he chooses. Hopefully they all learn a lesson from this
    maybe kulsum and suliman must adopt baby as the father is known to anyone
    only a few posts left😢😭

  2. Sister A. says:

    Dis seems lyk a turning point °̩и Ruqaya’s father’s lyf. Hpfully dis will b an eye opener 4 da rest of da famly too. Da old man doesn’t kno dat Ismail knows abt his affair wid choti. Wonder ɪ̇Ƒ Ismail, Fay, Aqeel & Salma r gona xpose him. Also wonder whether da baby’s father will mk himself known. Waitin 2 kno how dis is goin 2 Εn∂ ????? 😉

  3. A says:

    Yaa ALLAAH!!! I wonder what the reaction of the family is going to be and whether they still going to carry on being so shallow or change their lives for the better
    Wonder what’s going to happen to Danyaal, maybe his father will come forward or Sulaiman n Kulsum can adopt him
    Sister SL jazaakillah for the lovely blog, going to miss it once it ends

  4. Love your blog! Alhamdulillah❤ have not been following the posts but caught up on some of them tonight, it was enthralling, eye opening and filled with beneficial reminders for every Muslim. Jazakallah khair. Can’t wait for the next post and for the new story. BarakAllah ❤

  5. jazakallah 4 postin…i was lettin the posts pile up so that i wasnt kept in suspense but looks lyk m still in suspense… I bet bari khala is gona find out…but wb danyaal???cold bloodedly murdered???!!!jazakallah…p.s does any1 knw if i can read r101?as in coz its a private blog…؟

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