part 336:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

hafsas point of view

Yusuf can be such a dweeb sometimes.. I have no idea why he over reacts the way he does..

Daddy clearly said that she was his wife, how can he say that he was having an affair? I understand that he means before they got married they were having an affair.. But if he just shut his mouth and gave the man a chance to explain, he wouldn’t have falsely accused him of something so terrible.. Besides, yusuf shouldn’t talk too much, because the 2 of us were also sort of chatting and dating before we got married, and if my abba didn’t suggest that we get married, we probably would still have been committing zina…

And he shouldn’t be so nasty towards the man, after all, he was the main one to accept me into this family in the first place.. I feel like I owe him that much..

Seriously, I’m more than glad that he has a wife.. I know people will think I’m crazy for wanting a mother in law… And even more a step mother in law.. But I haven’t really had a motherly figure in my life..

I was so young when my ammi passed away and I was always the mother to my siblings but I never had a mother myself..

And since I got married, I wasn’t accepted by yusufs mother, so I still didn’t have a motherly figure..

So now that daddy has another wife… I just hope she and I can have a special relationship… And the little one.. He’s gorgeous.. He inherited his fathers and yusufs big eyes.. I think this is definitely going to be a turning point in my life.. Especially because I love kids so much.

“Yusuf…. That man still happens to be your father.. Why don’t you atleast give him a chance to explain himself before jumping to conclusions…” My granny in law shouted angrily.

That’s the problem with all of them.. Yusuf and his siblings.. They have no respect.. Not even for their own parents, let alone other people.. Its sad, but what do you expect from kids with such a yucky background..? a part of me wished that I could have my own kids soon so that I could instill good habits and morals within them…

I could see the scowl on yusufs face, but we all listened anyway…

Once daddy explained everything to us from the beginning right uptil the end, it was so much more of a relief…

So daddy hasn’t been staying here with my granny in law like yusuf and I have been thinking all along.. He’s been living peacefully with his wife and child.

I actually admire the man for not ever neglecting his responsibilities to anyone.. As pathetic as his kids are, he’s tried to give them the world..

Daddys sister walked over to sajida and said while embracing her: “welcome to the family my darling.. I can see how happy you make my brother and I’m just glad that after all the misery he’s been through, he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel..” She turned to face the kids.. “Kids come and greet your new mummy…”

It was such an awkward moment.. Thamina has always been the quiet type and she didn’t say much. She just got up and gave her hand shyly. I couldn’t read her emotions either so I wasn’t sure what she was thinking…

Mohammed ihsaan was too young to understand what was really going on. He wasn’t too thrilled that there was another baby around though. For all I care, he must have been planning his next move on how to attack sweet little ebrahim.. Mohammed ihsaan has a habit of biting people.. And he bites badly let me warn you.. Our own little vampire of the family.. And I guess no-ones ever stopped him from the habit because apparently its ‘cute’..rolling eyes

Aamina was too busy playing games on the i-pad to care that she has a step mother now.. Its like she’s glued to that thing permanently. She’s one of those kids who forget there’s a real world out there when she’s busy playing games.. You can pick her up and put her in another room and she won’t even lift her head up or notice that she was moved..

Fayaaz was the biggest terror of the lot.. “I’m very sorry… She’s not my mother…. And she never will be.. Just wait till I tell mummy what’s going on here”

I guess yusufs mother taught them well when it comes to being rude..

“Fayaaz… Mummy and I are not married anymore.. It doesn’t matter if you tell her… Yes sajida is not your real mother, but atleast have some kind of respect for people elder than you…” Daddy said sternly.

Abit too late to teach them to respect the elderly now. I thought to myself.. Fayaaz didn’t really care about what his father was saying and walked right out of the house.. No-one even bothered to run after him or care where he was going or what he was about to do..



4 thoughts on “part 336:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww …. ​​​الحمد لله …. @least his sister realises that he needs happiness also ….. Hope the kids see the good in her – they will defntly benefit from her warm n loving nature !!!
    And Hafsa too … Feel sorry for her – hope she n Sajida can become good frends – إن شاء ألله ….
    Its not easy for kids to accept a step-parent …. But hopefully it doesn’t take loong !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. lamees says:

    thanks for the amzing post i dont really blame the childern cause its not easy having a step mother but they diddnt have any love and had no one to teach them respect so maybe sajida can be there for them plzz post soon

  3. zazumumu says:

    slms. dunno if sister can help me, I cant seem to write a new post on my blog, it says “beep boop” and a new page doesn’t open, did u xperience this before?

    • It says ‘beep boop’? Lol.. Never experienced that particularly.. But I had major issues posting at some point until I downloaded the wordpress app on my phone.. Its the best, easy and shukr no problems posting yet..
      Hope this helps abit..

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