part 335:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs mums point of view

Altaf was as nervous as can be about bringing sajida to mEet the family but he put up a very brave front infront of everyone showing that he had courage and was ready for this great news.

Sajida looked as beautiful as I last remember her and little ebrahim was growing so well mashallah.. He was so friendly with all of us even though we were still complete strangers to him.. Yes we were family, but he didn’t know or understand that and it was his first time he’d ever met us.. Well not me, everyone else..

I’d met sajida a couple of times in these 5 years that she and altaf were married and I’d been to visit when she’d given birth just over a year ago.

My son made a huge mistake by marrying that rukaya but I tried never to interfere and come inbetween the 2 of them..

If this was his decision, I had to accept it.. As parents, we can guide our kids but should never make the decisions for them once they’re old enough to make their own decisions..

She never respected me, not even by mistake.. Or to show people that she was a good daughter in law. I tried, no lie.. I accepted that she was altafs wife and the mother to my 5 grandkids.. But the more I tried, the more my hatred towards her increased.

I know as a muslim, we are not supposed to hate anyone.. But in this case it was impossible.. May Allah forgive me oneday and guide me..

When I was introduced to sajida and her mum, I loved them immediately. They were so down to earth and such simple people.. And most importantly they were respectful.

The best of human beings are those with the most beautiful character..

I worried about how altafs kids would react.. They didn’t have a great upbringing and were very demanding..

Yes I love my grandchildren, but the truth remains. Its not their fault that they are like they are, because their mother never brought them up properly.. She was always too busy running the streets and throwing away my sons money to give a damn about her kids.

Poor kids had to be brought up by the domestics in the house…

I’d informed altaf that everyone was here at the house and waiting for him as he’d instructed me to do. He felt it would be best that everyone was there and he could explain everything onetime instead of re-explaining himself everytime someone came.

So my son and daughter in law, daughter and son in law and all their kids were present.

Altaf walked in casually holding sajida hand with his right hand and carried ebrahim in his left arm…

Everyone stopped what they were doing and exchanged utterly confused looks amongst eachother…

I was the only one who knew and probably the only one to break the ice so I drifted forward to give my semi-new daughter in law a ‘welcome to the family’ hug…

“Assalaamu alaykum my darling.. Its so good to see you… And look at this handsome boy.. Getting so big…” I said to sajida..

“Wa’alaykum salaam… Jazakallah…” Sajida replied ever so modestly in just a little more than a whisper..

Everyone stood around the guest lounge in confusion, thick tension could be felt in the air..

“Oh great! Don’t tell me the toppee is already ready to tie the knot again….” Yusuf rolled his eyes…” Plus with a woman who has a little kid…”

Altaf was about to angrily say something back when hafsa glared at yusuf, nudged him hard and walked to sajida..

“Assalaamu alaykum… Uhm… I’m hafsa…. Yusufs wife.. Err… Uncle altafs daughter in law…” Hafsa said with a warm smile…

altaf looked gratefully to hafsa..

“Can everybody take a seat please, so that I can tell you all the reason for this special family lunch today…” Altaf croaked.. now the nervousness was kicking in.

He allowed everyone to settle down, which didn’t take them long since they were all eager to know the big news, before he spoke again…” Everyone, I’d like you all to meet my wife sajida…. And our son ebrahim….”

“Your what?!!” A few people said in unison…

“You got married? Without even telling us?” My younger son spoke..

Altaf wiped his hands over his face with his eyes closed, sighed heavily and opened his eyes again..” Its complicated… Sajida and I have been married for 5 years already…. I couldn’t tell anyone. Rukaya and I were still married, and things would have gotten even more out of hand if she ever knew”

Yusufs face was red with rage..” What the hell kind of a father are you? You were having an affair and you bring her here now like everythings just going to be fine? You have no shame…. Seriously man!!”


4 thoughts on “part 335:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Oooh maaan !!!!
    Yusuf … Just blowing things out of proportion !! ….. He needs to be more mature n giv his father a chance … But ​​​الحمد لله he has such a wonderful wife who is not quick to judge and is also very mature in her thinking !!!

    Let’s hope they all accept it and welcome her to the family !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. zana says:

    Yusuf is alot like his mother and granny. Judging people without even listening. Altaaf said we married for 5 years. And yusuf says he is having an affair😣

  3. Sister A. says:

    TENSION °̩и da famly !!!!!!! 😉
    Its only natural 4 da famly 2 react da way dey did. Dey were taken by surprise wid Altaaf’s news. Hopefully dey ωɪℓℓ accept Sajida & Ebrahim & support Altaaf °̩и moving 4ward °̩и his life. ɪ̇Ƒ sum1 °̩и da famly sits Yusuf down & explains da situation 2 him, he will cum around. He has a very understanding wife who will stand by his side.

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