part 334:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

yusufs point of view

My father called a meeting at my grand tannies place.. A lunch he called it.. What the occasion was, was still a mystery.. Because he’d called his bru and sister with their families also

Its actually very rare that we all ever get together as a family and that suits me just fine. I don’t want to deal with everyones crazy judgemental stares at my choice of a wife..

Hafsa and I live quite fine and happily without anyones interference.. Honestly speaking, I’m glad that my tannie is out of the picture. My mother would have most definitely given hafsa a real tough time.

I know she’s my mother and she deserves respect no matter what and all that. But really, she could get totally out of hand at times and sometimes I felt like even I was more mature than her.

I would eventually forgive her for making my life a living hell. I’m the eldest and had it the worst with her. I’d have to deal with her running away from home over a million times when I was a kid and everytime daddy would forgive her and take her back when she realised she’d had enough at her tannies house.

I really can’t comprehend why he’d stuck her nonsense for so many years. Parents always use that sloppy phrase that they’re ‘doing it for the kids sake’. If only they knew how detrimental it is for our lives..

When I became a teenager, I became rebellious.. Looked for attention in all the wrong avenues.. I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t tried it all..

I’d been on some heavy crap.. I partied almost every weekend and been to almost every strip club around. There was never anyone to give a damn about what time I got home.. I was a guy and was given all the freedom and bucks that I needed. Guess they thought that if they give us money, we’ll be happy and it will show how much they love us.. Oh how wrong they were.. Money can buy a lot of things but happines and love are 2 things it surely cannot buy.

I had girls throwing themselves at me.. More for my money and pimped up cars than my looks..

I lived my life to the fullest until the day I found hafsa on that chat.. I was never the type to get all affectionate and commitment was the last thing on my mind.. But I found myself falling hard.. And so when hafsa told me that she was actually ‘black’… By then I’d already fallen and didn’t really care..

She made me see myself for who I really was.. She very subtly made me realise what life was really all about.. Without asking me to stop, she stopped me from partying and I made a concerted effort to give up on drugs.. Smoking is another story.. Not that easy.. I still needed a stress reliever.. So I’m still a heavy smoker.. I guess I take after my uncle ismail on that one..

Hafsa gave me the love I’ve always craved for.. She was caring and made me feel like I was a someone.. She always called to check up on me.. Unlike my own parents who were too busy at eachothers necks to notice how far down I’d actually gone… I think the only thing left for me to do was become a drug dealer itself..

She’s my pillar.. And I love her with all my heart..

The toppee was supportive of my decision to marry hafsa… My father surprised me.. I thought he’d also want me to marry some rich mans daughter but that’s what caused all hell to break lose in our house.

Atleast hafsa and I have a very comfortable living space.. He actually gave us the house and put it on my name… He even gave us space.. And said that we could have our privacy..

It couldn’t be easy for him to move back with my grand tannie.. He’s an elderly man now. But it suited hafsa and I fine.. Hafsa deserved a good home with extra luxuries for bringing me back on track. And atleast I didn’t have to eat all the crap that the hired cook always prepared for us. Hafsa made an effort to cook me some delicious meals everyday with exception to weekends when I spoiled her with take-outs abit.

Well atleast I thought my toppee was living with my grand tannie all this time… Until the very lunch that he’d called us for… My father arrived with a woman by his side.. And a kid… Apparently His kid.


4 thoughts on “part 334:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    No .. No .. No …. Not allowed Mrs S !!! U can’t just leave it there … We deserve another post 2day …. Since it is a public holiday …. *wink* …….
    Wow .. Nice to hear the kids version .. And its so true , that money can buy everything but love and happiness !!! And kids who hav everything yearn for their parents attention and love and that is wat makes them go out looking for comfort in all the wrong places !!!

    Hoping for a post – SOON … إن شاء ألله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. zana says:

    Really enjoying every body point of view. But u left us in suspense here lol
    are we going to get ismail point of view also
    jazakallah for reminding us how life can be no matter what tge circumstances

  3. mmm says:

    pleasssssssssssse AWSOME author i know you soo kind give us an extra post and we’ll love you even more !!!!!!!!!
    im gona die wid the SuSPENCE

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