part 329:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

aqeels point of view

I’ve been through hell and gone with my first marriage.. But if I knew what a hoor I was going to be granted because of my patience, I would have endured for much longer..

Allah is so Magnificent and no suffering goes unnoticed by Him.. He is Just and often grants us more than we actually deserve..

Salma is the type of wife that every man wishes for.. Or maybe I just feel that way because of how in love I am with my damsel. Its like with every second that passes, I come to love her more and more.. And right now, my heart is bursting with love for her.

She’s bubbly, loving, mature and has a great sense of humour..

We hadn’t really discussed kids in the beginning of our marriage even though I felt like I was getting old and would love to see a miniature me or salma wobbling around the house..

But when the months were flying by and there still was no sign of regurgitation all over the place or salma picking up weight, I started wondering if I was the problem.. Especially when salma snapped oneday and made me realise that maybe I was the problem because I didn’t have any kids with noori either… to say that it didn’t sting would definitely be a lie.. But I understand that salma probably felt frustrated too..

First she had to wait till she was over 30 years old to get married and now she has to wait to have kids… Only she understood what it felt like.

But noori never had any intention of having kids with me.. I was just a cover up for her mess.. So its not like I had a physical problem and couldn’t have any children.

I can’t thank Allah enough for getting me out of that marriage and rumours have it that she’s divorced for a second time and running amok around town and even out of town..

Apparently her second husband realised what a compulsive liar she was and that she was only after his money, so before it was too late and after sending her home 5 times, he finally got rid of her too.. From what I hear, he was a good guy but she took him for a ride aswel…

Now I hear the woman is taking all kinds of crazy pictures of herself and advertising herself all over every social network there is.. Now that’s what I call desperation..

No decent muslim man wants a woman who’s been advertised all oiver for other men to drool over.. That’s just sick and like sharing your meal with dirty eaters..

Anyhow.. So one day I woke up for work and walked into the bathroom to find a huge smile plastered over salmas face… I just knew that Allah had finally blessed us with the greatest gift ever…

We both were so excited and you know they say, with every child that Allah grants you, he bestows so much of blessings upon you at the same time..

So once we confirmed the pregnancy through a blood test, I went all out looking for the perfect house for my now almost complete family..

And shukr, after looking at over 20 free standing homes and 10 town house complex’s that didn’t suit my taste.. I finally found the ideal one..

Renovations and operation clean-up commenced almost immediately and I got my mum and her helpers, aswel as our helper to assist salma with the packing and unpacking. I didn’t want my gorgeous wife and unborn child to endure all the pressure of moving house.

Oneday, as we were returning from sorting out a few odds at the new house and were stopped at a robot on our way to th old apartment, my gaze involuntarily fell on the set of modern and newly built flats to my right hand side..

A couple stood all over eachother sucking face right at the front door of their flat. I was disgusted at first and was about to turn my gaze from their immorality when I realised that they both looked strangely familiar.. but I couldn’t clearly make out their faces as they were abit far and my eyesight wasn’t that good.. the man was on his way out…and My suspicions were confirmed when I watched him jump into his even more famliar car….. I felt sick at what I’d just witnessed…

“honey..isn’t that?”…salma began, even more astonished at our discovery, when the cars behind us began hooting for us to move because the robot had changed..

Jumu’ah mubarak everyone.. May you all have a blessed jumu’ah and don’t forget to recite abundant durood shareef…

Our istighfaar challenge is still left to be completed, aswel as our khatam for the month of safar..



18 thoughts on “part 329:

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  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Mubarak to Salma n Aqeel !!! Soo happy for u both , hope everything goes well !!

    Ooh no – ‎​إنا لله و إنا اليه راجعون
    Now I wonder who this is ???!!!
    Suspense , suspense !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. says:

    أسسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركات

    Hope u well, pls pls tell me it wasn’t Ismail with another woman?????????? I can’t wait till tomm…..

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  3. zana says:

    So im thinking😐 (maybe over thinking😃😁) that maybe Mms is right and it could be ismail dad with choti khala. Coz he was taking her side alot when rukaiya was asking her so many questions.
    Anticipation is driving me bananas. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post.
    hope 1 and all have a beautiful jumah🌷

  4. Sister A. says:

    #Ripped at ӑℓℓ the comments. =D
    They may hav seen Altaf & Sajida.
    =)) ها =)) ها ها SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait 4 da next post! 😉

  5. zohra says:

    Also think it’s altaaf n Saajidah but den again ismail calling faiza inda previous post….n dat issue being left hanging makes one wonder

  6. zohra says:

    Also think it’s altaaf n Saajidah…faaiza ‘s grandfather doesn’t stay in a block of flats as far as I can remember so it can’t b ismail

  7. R says:

    Definitely NOT altaaf and saajida. Saajida is not the type of person that would act indecently in full view . I hope I’m correct. I also hope its not ismail. Maybe it’s his ‘father’. Not sure with who though.

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