part 324:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

The kids and I cleared up and I loaded the dishwasher and then went to lie down for abit… I was feeling kind of sleepy since I’d been up till so late reading…

Ismail went to the upstairs lounge, where he laid down on the sofa and did what he does best almost every hour of his free time…. He switched on his Walker and started watching another silly soccer match…

I managed to dose off for a while and woke up with raadiya screaming for me to wash her in the toilet…

Grrr… Why do kids always need to poo when you need to either rest or eat?

I reluctantly got off the bed and went to wash her…. Humaira was crawling around everywhere…

“Babes…I’m really very tired… Can you please just keep an eye on the kids now and then… I just nEed like a 2 minute nap… Please if you don’t mind?” I asked in the sweetest tone possible…

“Ya…go… Where’s the children….?” He asked in the same groggy voice

“The twins are in their room and this bugger is pestering me…” I replied

“Come here humaira…” He shouted as if though she was going to listen..

I went back to my room to lie down.. But by now my sleepiness had disappeared… I just layed there and rested for a few minutes before I decided that I needed some time with my husband.. He’s been so moody today that I’d just tried my best to stay out of his way.. But now I’d had enough..

I went back to the lounge and stood next to where ismail was resting and watching his soccer.. As much as I hated that thing, I needed some love from my husband so I gestured for him to shift up and when he did so, I managed to squeeze myself next to him…

The couch wasn’t that wide and ismail had a mans built which left very little space for me considering the fact that he barely moved up an inch for me to lay beside him..

I was falling off but clutched onto him for support, closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the moment…

“I think I’m getting sick… My throats feeling abit sore..” I said trying to make conversation…

“What’s for supper?” He replied, ignoring what I’d just said..

“Babes! We just had lunch at 4…. Aren’t you stuffed? Plus we had ice-cream after lunch…its only 6 o clock” I said in disbelief…did this man have an empty pit or something?

“Leave it! We’ll just have tea…” He said in a nasty tone like I said I wasn’t going to give him supper or something..

“What do you want for supper?” I asked feeling guilty..

“Nothing… Its fine!” He shouted

“What’s wrong with you babes? Why are you behaving like this?” I pleaded

“Ey man! Shut up! You’re screaming in my ears!” He shouted again

“I’m not even screaming.. What’s wrong with you?” I asked again

“With me? What’s wrong with you? You only scream the whole day… You’re just looking for fights…” He accused

“What?! I didn’t even do anything to you….” I defended myself

“Stop screaming in my ears!” He said as he tried pushing me off the couch….

I held onto him tighter because I was facing him and if he pushed me off, I was in an awkward position and was definitely going to get hurt..

“’re hurting’re pushing me off and I’m getting hurt…” I pleaded with him to stop

Ismail gripped my hand that was around him by the wrist and pushed me hard off the couch and onto the floor…

Somehow the kids were in the lounge now.. They’d heard him shouting at me and came running..

I fell hard on my back and hurt my elbow also in the process.

I was shocked and in pain….but more than that I was angry… Why was he behaving this way.. I have no idea what got into me but I fisted him on the hard part of his thigh….

“For what are you hitting me?” His eyes widened at me…

“For what did you push me off? And what about you hurting me?” I was fuming..

I pushed at his walker…”Its this damn thing! Its all because of this that all the barkat is going from our home.. Because all you ever want to do is sit glued to this damn TV…”

ismail hates anyone touching any of his possessions as you already know.. He didn’t get angry when I punched him in his fat thigh… But when I pushed his mobile shaytaan, that just made him snap…

He started swearing me and came at me like a beast.. He swatted at me continuously like I was some kind of a dangerous insect that wouldn’t die.. And I was in too much of shock to understand what was happening and defend myself…

Authors note:
Maaf for extremely delayed post..been crazy today…and will be more crazy tomorrow so pls bare with me..jx



4 thoughts on “part 324:

  1. fms says:

    Oh man what’s up with ismail .starting his nonsense again. Mayb his bipolar faaiza needs 2 stand up to him now n show him she not scared n kick him out if ahe has 2 it will make realize her worth.:'(

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Ya اللَّهُ !!!!!
    Poor Fay !!!!!!
    Shaytaan tries very hard to break a home and using the TV is a common way !! Defntly barkat leaves the home and wen ppl get very attached to it they become violent went its taken away or interferd with !!!!
    *shew* ! Ismail really needs to get his act together … Mayb his real father needs to hav a talk with him .. He needs to be in their company more often !!
    Oooh …. Hope we don’t hav2 wait tooooo long for the next post !! 😉

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  3. Binte Ahmed says:

    Ya Allah!!!! Not again!!! Im sick n tired of this mans moodiness..fay really needs to stand up to him n not tolerate his nonsense any longer..she should complain to his father imraan n her dada..they can mayb talk some sense to him..n yea,kick him out of the house so he can finally realise he cant jst take advantage of her like this.. wat happend to their councelling? I think they need to start again..

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