part 323:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

The next morning I woke up as I was accustomed to and went downstairs with humaira on my hip to feed her a bowl of cerelac… Ismail wouldn’t be waking up for a while.. That’s for sure…

To my astonishment, the kids were already bathed and dressed and had set the table for breakfast… Their beds were even made, since the domestic had the weekend off…

“Wow kiddos… I’m so proud of you! Howcome we’re being so good today?” I gave them a tight hug..

“just” riyaad shrugged… “You said that aunty wasn’t going to be here today…. So we just wanted to help you abit….I even put some bread in the toaster” he beemed

“Allahs really going to love you a lot today… You really did well my sweethearts…”

I boiled the kettle and prepared humairas bowl of cereal…

“assalamu alaykum beti….” Dada greeted as he entered the dining room… He gently kissed a squealing humaira on her head…

“Wa’alaykum salaam dada..” I said placing humairas bowl back on the table and resting my strained back on the backrest of the chair” Can I pour your tea? Or should I make you an egg?”

“No no beti… You carry on.. I’ve already had tea at fajr time… And I’m going out to see a few people in and out of town who are not too well… And you know our people how generous they can be… Everywhere you go people offer you something, so I don’t want to over stuff myself…” Dada responded putting his hand on my shoulder..

Its true…nabi(Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) always advised us to fill 1/3 of our tummies with food, 1/3 with water and to leave the other 1/3 empty… His words serve to be so wise and beneficial even decades later..

I giggled…”Okay then….”

“I may be out the whole day so don’t worry about meals for me today… And if I’m too late, I might just decide to stay over at fois house.. She’s been nagging for so long for me to come over…” Dada said

“Okay dada..” I greeted as he walked himself out after greeting us and giving the kids a big hug…”Have a nice day out and give foi and everyone salaams….we’ll miss you…”

Once I was through with feeding humaira, I went upstairs to bath her while the twins finished up their tea and choc-chip cookies that I’d baked the previous day….

I was starving but I’m already in the routine of waiting for ismail before having breakfast on weekends…

During humairas bath time.. Ismail woke up and went outside for a smoke… He didn’t pay much attention to us, actually, he didn’t even acknowledge our presence.. but I figured that he must still be groggy and drained so I let him be and in the meantime got his breakfast ready…

After breakfast he said he had some work at the filling station to sort out… That gave me time to get done aswel so we could relax together later in the afternoon….

It was a chilly day, so I decided on some creamy minestrone soup and chicken strips and chips with a dip for lunch.. But ismail was late and so was lunch… We ended up only sitting down at 4 o clock for lunch..

All through lunch, he was moody and didn’t even make any conversation with us.. The kids tried telling him a joke or 2 that they’d heard in school…

“daddy… Daddy…. Why didn’t the…”Riyaad Paused to think…”Erm… What again mama?” He looked at me for help

“skeleton…” I smiled at his innocence

Riyaad: “jee.. Daddy…? Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?”

Ismail just continued biting on his chicken strip, as uninterested as ever and shrugged without even looking at riyaad…

“becauuse….” He started and the paused dramatically..”He had ‘no body’ to go with…”

The twins and I laughed… Ismail remained a paw-paw face…

“now my turn… Daddy do you want to hear my joke?” Raadiya asked eagerly

With a straight face he gave a slight nod signalling for her to continue…

Raadiya: “what do sea monsters eat?

He looked at her expecting her to give an answer without even acting like he knew the answer or looking interested…or trying to make it fun for them atleast

“Fish and ships!!”Raadiya screamed out laughing at her own joke

And riyaad and i burst out laughing too….

I couldn’t help but smile at their silliness.. But it was cute…. Ismail didn’t think so though…

He gobbled whatever was in his plate and got off the table to smoke without saying a word….

Authors note:
Jumu’ah mubarak everyone.. It seems like everyones already in holiday mood… Hope you all enjoy and remember me and my family in your duas always…


13 thoughts on “part 323:

  1. zohra says:

    Faaiza is starting to sound like an old granny 😕 n ismail is making the story come full circle by retreating back to his old habits…I’ve gt a feeling dada will pass away on the way😮

  2. Mms says:

    Oh please no sister zohra…. Dada needs to be there for faaiza if ismail is going all silly again… But truth is that’s how Allah created insaan our imaan rises and drops… Needs constant effort

  3. tazzy_p ♥ says:

    FiNaLly cAugHT uP ♥ !!! Tnkuu 4 an awesurm bl0g !! 😀
    Oh no !! Wat is up wid ismail nw ..? 😥 ..yoh !! Faaizas been through enough as it is..pweez p0st s0on !! Mucho luv

  4. sister/in/Islam says:

    Old habits die hard ……. Eish Ismail , just wen we tawt there was some hope for U !!!!! *rolling eyes* …..
    The company we keep is soo soo important !!!!!
    I just hope he realises how his behaviour is changing agen ….. Poor Fay ………. Just carry on making dua … Dua is the weapon of a believer !!!!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  5. WOW says:

    Very true, old habits never leave a person.its like a roller coaster. My hubby personality is very similiar to ismails. Myhusband was abused as a child. So with the result has an inability to control his anger and is verbally abusive. They want to change but find it very difficult. My husband has changed over the 15 years we have been together alhumdullilah, but there are times when his anger and agression does surface. Its unfortunate when there’s been abuse in the upbringing. There will always be situations that trigger the hurt they went throu as kids..dua sisters. are very powerfull. Its been a long15 years but shukar change is possible. But there will still be there 2 %. That can’t. be changed.

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