part 321:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view

“anything!”I replied abit too quickly..

“Aren’t you married with kids?”

I let out a heavy sigh…. ” I am.. Unfortunately.. I wish I wasn’t. But I am…”

“So then? What would your wife do if she finds out that you’re proposing to other women behind her back? I may not be married, but I do know that being married entails trusting one another..” She said bitterly

“Whoa! Wait a second.. Do you think I do this all the time? No no! You’re mistaken… I’m married for 20 years and the idea has never crossed my mind in all my 20 years.. Until now ofcourse!”

“And what makes you think I’m going to believe that? Men are all the same!”

“Sajida!!” Her mother scolded… ” Don’t be rude!”

Her mother came and sat down next to her…

“Look son! Let me explain something… Sajida and I have lived this way all our lives..”

Aunty maimoona explained their entire story to me… All about sajidas father and them struggling together all these years..

That all explained sajidas insecurities and fears..

I then explained to them about my life…

“I don’t want to do things the haraam way.. I never disrespected sajida and I won’t take advantage of her or the situation at hand.. No-one needs to know.. Only my mother.. And the moulana who’ll make the nikaah ofcourse… Please! Take your time.. Think about it.. I won’t pressurise you into anything… If you agree, I will fulfil all the promises I’ve made.. If you decline, it won’t change anything.. We’ll continue like nothings ever happened and if ever you change your mind, I’ll be waiting…”

After a good cup of tea and some home-made biscuits, I left back for the office..

The next week dragged… Sajida didn’t come to work.. I’d given her off for the week to think things through..

On one sunny friday morning, after I’d completed reading my surah yaaseen for the day, I received the call I’d been eagerly awaiting…

Aunty maimoona: “assalaamu alaykum son! I’m sure you know why I’m calling..”

“Jee jee.. How are you? How’s sajida?” I asked a little too eagerly

“She’s well alhamdulillah… We’ve made istikhaarah… And alhamdulillah sajida has accepted….. If you could maybe come home when you’re ready with your mummy so we could arrange the nikaah further inshallah..”

I was ecstatic.. I was going crazy.. I couldn’t believe that she accepted…

Rukaya: “you’re in a very good mood today? What happened? You scored on another great deal?” Rukaya spat as she entered the dining room for breakfast where i sat biting on my last piece of toast that the domestic had prepared..

“the best deal of my life actually….” I grinned like a little kid who was gifted a candy floss machine

I got up from the breakfast table without giving any more information and headed straight for my mothers house…

Now as you know, my mother hates rukayas guts… so to say that she was thrilled after meeting sajida… Was definitely an understatement..

My mother and I went that afternoon to speak to sajida and her mother and arrange things further..

We organised that the nikaah would take place the next day..

She was stressed, but I was over the moon.. I couldn’t wait to have a loving, caring wife like sajida in my life..

I told rukaya that I had this urgent business trip to make and booked myself, aswel as sajida and her mother tickets to dubai for a few days..

It was the most awesome time I’d had in years…

Aunty maimoona did her own thing most of the time.. I know, who takes their mother in law with them on honeymoon? But if this would make sajida happy then why not? And it is after all what I’d promised…

We got to know a lot about each other and every moment that we spent together made me feel even happier that I’d made this decision in my life..

I spoilt them as much as I could by taking them around to the best restaurants and buying for both of them whatever they wanted..

As soon as we got back, I began with preparations for a new house for them as promised..

I began renovations and after much effort and pressure, the house was done within 3 months…

Sajida and her mother were ever so grateful to me but were never ever demanding or extravagant… Sometimes I didn’t even know what they had or didn’t have in the house until I was there and seen for myself..

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Inspirations page updated..
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3 thoughts on “part 321:

  1. Sister A. says:

    Awesome post! Sajida deserves all da pampering & happiness °̩и the world. 😀 Can’t wait 2 hear wat happens wen Ruqaya & da children find out.

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Wow …. @least he’s experiencing some happiness – he’s such a wonderful person , and not the type to take advantage of a lady !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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