part 315:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view

My resolve was made stronger… I didn’t regret giving her the divorce… I didn’t regret walking away and I definitely didn’t regret moving on in my life…

Rukaya went on and on degrading and insulting me while I stood and allowed her to. Honestly, I didn’t really hear much of what she was blabbing about.. I switched off and let my mind wander to better things instead and when I realised that she was done, without even saying a word, I casually walked out of her room and out of the hospital..

The ironical part was that she insulted and screamed at me infront of her mother and her mother did nothing to reprimand her or stop her…

If I wanted to, I could have taken her off my medical aid, but I wasn’t that nasty.. I kept her on and paid a fortune for the best medical aid for her and the kids..

I let her kEep her car and whatever else she wanted from the marriage besides the house.. That was for yusuf and hafsa to live in and make a life..

I headed straight for comfort.. I drove to the predominantly white area where I’d bought and renovated a comfortable house for sajida and her mum..

I specifically chose that area so that there aren’t any indians minding our business and at the same time it was safe for them since I’m hardly there to protect them…

I have a few houses in and around town that I rent out and I check on my tenants personally every now and then so no-one would assume anything having to see me at this house so often if ever they do..

The house was closed off with high walls and electric fencing and a big black gate infront, so even when my car is parked inside, no-one will know…

I hate being so secretive.. But with rukaya and family, I had no option..

I Opened the gate and drove into the driveway and just when I entered the house I could get a whiff of that divine home cooked food my mother in law always takes pride to prepare..

“assalaamu alaykum” I greeted loudly as I shut the front door behind me…

I walked into the kitchen to find my mother in law busy stirring her pot on the stove..

“Wa’alaykum salaam bhai.. I didn’t know you were coming..” She said in her durban accent with that welcoming smile that’s always on her face whilst wiping her hands on her apron..
“But you’re just in time for lunch…”

Me: “smells good as always…”

I picked at a pimento olive from the salad that lay on the granite top..
“Where’s saaj?”

M.I.L: “aw she just went upstairs to put ebrahim to sleep.. Eyy.. He’s a busy one that fellow.. Don’t you sEe what a mess he makes all here.. Emptying all the units in the kitchen..”

I laughed lightly and headed upstairs to find my wife and son….

Sajidas face lit up the minute she saw me entering the room..

She was gorgeous any time of the day.. Gorgeous to me.. Inside and out.. She took pride in keeping herself neat and always smelt divine in the house.. Careful never to apply perfume when she left the house modestly in her abaya and hijaab.. She always had a smile on her face and was so warm and loving and most importantly appreciative for everything.

She was lying down resting on one arm and her other arm placed affectionately over our son who was fast asleep..

I quietly picked him up and placed him in his camp cot careful not to wake him…

“I thought you were going to be at the hospital…” She said but I could see the happiness all over her face that I was there..

I layed down and welcomed her warm, affectionate embrace…
“Trust me, you don’t even want to go there…” I said with an annoyed sigh….

There was a comfortable silence in the room before I mustered the courage to say: “I think its time saaj…”

She looked at me with a puzzled look…” Time? For what?”

“I think its time that this secret is no longer a secret and is shared with the world……!”



10 thoughts on “part 315:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Good decision Altaf bhai made !!
    You deserve all the happiness – and Saajida seems to b a wonderful person – سبحن الله ……..

    And plz tell the WORLD ur secret … So that u can b happy … In open !!!
    All the best to both of U !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. Sister A. says:

    Whoohoo ! ! ! ! ! ! Drama is abt 2 unfold! 😉 Sajida sounds lyk a very gud person who will keep Altaf happy. Ruqaya doesn’t deserve anybody’s pity. She has to face the consequences of her actions. >=)
    I can’t wait for da next post when da secrets goin to cum out! 😀

  3. bint says:

    sajida seems to be an excellent wife..eventually altaf is having a home..somwhere he can look forward to..lets see whats gonna happen next..


  4. A says:

    Helen a person makes a secret nikaah he needs to go to extreme lengths to keep it a secret but I think in Altaf’s case I can understand why he did it
    Can’t wait to hear the drama that comes after the announcement

  5. sister/in/Islam says:

    Errrmmmm …. Mrs S ….. Last post posted on Saturday 15 November 2014 !!!!!!!

    2day is Monday 17 November 2014 …….
    Missing post alert – for Sunday 16 November 2014 !!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm…… Waiting , waiting !!!!!

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