part 312:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view:

As I walked in to the hospital and reached the ward, The nurses indicated to me that rukaya was awake..

I know its not my place to be here.. We are divorced in the end of the day… But 26 years of marriage isn’t just nothing you know.. Its almost a lifetime of bonding…

But Rukaya and I had a very different relationship though..

I worked and supported my family.. And a lot of my wealth was inherited from my grandfather and father.. So alhamdulillah we were very comfortably well off..

From the day she got married, I gave her the best..

We had our own, paid off, gigantic, fully furnished home which was modernly done up to her liking..

And everytime rukaya got tired of something, she was free to change things as we went along…

The cost of living today is really high, but I never made money an issue… I allowed her to spend to her hearts content and even gave her an allowance every month for her to do as she pleased.

Rukaya basically didn’t ever have to do anything.. We had maids for everything.. There was a time that I got annoyed, because they were constantly in my space and I felt like I needed abit of privacy, but if it made my wifes life easier, then so be it…

I never questioned where she went, with who or what she did in her life..

But that’s where I went wrong….

I am the man of the house in the end of the day and all rukaya ever did was take advantage of my soft nature..

I’m not one to shout or scream or throw tantrums and have things my way.. For the sake of peace, I’d always let her have the last say and give in to her..

But when it came to my sons happiness, I wasn’t going to budge…

No-one stopped us from marrying eachother, even though I’m memon and she’s surti and its against memon rules, so to say, to marry an ‘outcast’..

So why was she stopping yusuf from doing what made him happy?

Knowing the kind of kid yusuf turned out to be, I’d expected him to bring one spoilt, modern gold digger as a wife like I did…

But he surprised us.. Instead, he came with someone simple and most importantly who had deen…

Hafsah was definitely going to make a good wife to yusuf and good mother to his children..

I was young when I married rukaya… She was pretty and came from a well known family in the town and she was ultra modern… And that’s what attracted me to her unfortunately..

Now that I’m older, I realise how naïve and feeble minded I actually was…

Rukaya is not really a wife to me..

She dresses all sloppy the entire day and only dolls herself up when she’s leaving the house..

She looks like a ghost when she wakes up in the morning and she complains about anything and everything 24/7

She has never given me breakfast…. Or lunch… Well not even supper really.. The servant sees to all of that on a daily basis… Not forgetting that she’s changing servants more often than she changes her underwear…

As much as she gets, she’s never grateful…

She’s not even a mother to my kids.. The servants see to the kids aswel… They bath them, dress them and feed them and we have a tutor that sees to their school work..

I’ve never even seen her nursing them before..

All I ever see her doing is sitting on the phone or running around to tea parties with friends or out having lunch with them or at the beautician for either a facial or a laser or who knows what else these women do nowadays.. Or to her mother.. She has all the freedom in the world and all the money that goes with it too..

And let us dare ask her for something… Crap! The whole roof comes down because “don’t we know how much stress she has in her life? How must she see to everything around her?”

Okay.. I guess I’m starting to sound like her now… But I needed to introduce you to my wacky world before we get to the point of why I’m actually sitting at her bedside at such a crucial time of her life….

So I’m altaf and that was my story…..


4 thoughts on “part 312:

  1. A says:

    It is so sad that Rukaya had a ‘queen’s’ life and didn’t have to do anything for anyone, even her children were brought up by tutor and servants but she was not grateful for it all and when u are ungrateful then ALLAAH snatches it away from u.

  2. Sister A. says:

    >:O Ruqaya is such an ungrateful spoilt brat >=) .Altaf made so much of Sabr wid her. He deserves sum peace & happiness °̩и his lyf now. Sumbody needs 2 put her °̩и her place & not feel sorry 4 her.

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