part 309:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails point of view:

Faaiza called me at work….. She sounded quite excited and panicked at the same time…

I thought she was going to tell me something about that taaleem that she went to.. Honestly I wasn’t interested…

Its not that I have anything against taaleem.. Taaleem in itself is good.. I noticed the difference once we started taaleem everyday at home..

It seemed to have softened my heart abit and things changed at home….

But why do women have to leave their houses and go without their husbands anywhere?

To me, a woman needs to ALWAYS be accompanied by their husbands.. Or a mahram… And that’s what I disapprove of.. Its not that I don’t trust faaiza.. I do.. But agh… Nevermind… You’ll never understand a mans point of view.. No use wasting my time trying to explain things to you empty brains..

lots of those aunties that attend are the panchaats of the town… Everytime we had problems in our marriage before, it was them carrying weird stories all around town.. Its like they are clued up about every little thing that happens in town before it even happens…

Faaiza: “Babes…you will never guess what drama is going on right now…?”

Me: “hmmm?” I was as disinterested as I sounded… trust me..

Faaiza: “your sister…err..I mean rukaya ran away last night after having a fight with chotikhala and now no-one knows where she is…..”

Me: “what do you mean no-one knows where she is? Its the modern age fay babes… You can track anyone down anywhere… Its called modern technology”

I still wasn’t interested.. Even though it wasn’t about taaleem.. But it was about uninteresting people and besides.. Why should I care?

Faaiza gave me the load down of what was going on…

Me: “I’m sure we’ll find her.. How far can she really go? Did anyone try phoning her?”

Faaiza: “well to start off with.. She has no phone…”

Me: “crap…”

Faaiza: “exactly!”

Me: “how did she go?”

Faaiza: “with her car…”

Me: “exactly…”

I hung up and instantly called altaaf…. His phone was off… Damn…. How else to get hold of him?


Me:”Salaams….howsit? Does your father have another cell number? His phone is off..”

Yusuf: “why’s everyone suddenly looking for my father? Suli just phoned and now you.. ?”

Me: “because your mothers missing… ”

After filling him in (yusuf was old enough to know what was going on) he said: “he’s at my grand tannies house”

I took his grand MOTHERS number from him..(These kids have no respect with these slang words they use for older people) I dialled..

altaf answered almost immediately…

After greeting..
“Please tell me the car has a tracker?”

Altaf: “yeah….. Yeah.. It does… How dumb of me not to even think of that..But let me first find out if she’s even using her own car or your.. Uhm..her mothers car….”

He had to whatsapp suli…. What a round about … Funny how we can’t even contact the people directly involved in this mess because each one doesn’t talk to the next…

So after altaf asked suli, who then asked kulsum, who then phoned her mother.. Who was hysterical not knowing where her beloved and one and only daughter was.. and then kulsum told suli, who reported to altaf, who eventually called the tracking company, who called him back about 20 minutes later saying that the car was tracked about an hour away at an engen one stop…

I agreed to go in the meantime… And altaf would meet me there shortly… He needed to distract the kids before he could leave.. What these kids will think of their mother if they really knew what a psycho she was..?

Once I got there, I immediately spotted the car parked under one of the shade nets on the far side of the garage where the trucks usually park to rest..

What’s wrong with this girl? Does she not know that a golf 7 is such a high risk car? And that she’s a woman, anything can happen to her.. That goes back to my idea that women should NEVER leave their homes without a mahram…

I parked closer and jumped off the car to see where rukaya was. I couldn’t see anyone from where I stood, but it was dark so I could have been mistaken…

As I got closer to the car…. I noticed from the window that her seat was dropped to the back and she was sleeping….. Or so I thought…



12 thoughts on “part 309:

  1. John says:

    she probably suicided or something …
    why faaiza sounded excited on the phone i have no idea … i mean even if you dont like the people its not funny.
    the whole family is so over dramatic

  2. Shaziah says:

    Salaams. Can someone please help. I am not getting e-mails from any of my wordpress subscriptions. Is there a way of sorting it out? Thanks!

    • Wslm…
      Have u tried checking ur wordpress subscriptions page?maybe u unfollowed everything by mistake?
      Other than that, can’t think of any other reason…hope it can get sorted soon

    • A says:

      وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      Sister Shazia check your spam folder, it might be going there instead of into ur inbox

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