part 308:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

kulsums point of view

That’s the problem with this family.. They think that they’re too independent and they don’t need anyone else.. But its at times like these that they only realise how much they actually need us…

My mother wakes up almost 24 hours after the woman is missing….

I mean really, she could have been hijacked, mugged, raped or even in an accident or dead while everyone is sitting cool, calm and quiet about it… Okay that’s quite dramatic… But so is my family,

As for chotikhala… I give up with that one…honestly.. She’s not even human… Alien maybe.. But definitely not human..

I rushed off the phone, not even making a proper salaam with mummy and phoned sulaiman immediately to fill him in on the latest happenings at ‘the drama mansions’..

He sighed audibly but remained silent… I know he’s thinking when he does that and so I remained silent too waiting for his grand suggestion on the matter..

Sulaiman: “I guess we always have to run when they nEed us hey… Even though no-ones ever there for you when you need them… Chaal! For Allahs pleasure only! Let me phone altaf bhai then… Since no-one else will lower their pride to phone him”

My husband was a good man… Honestly… And that’s why I loved him and that’s why I am who I am… He’s made me who I am today..

While I waited for him to get back to me, I phoned faaiza… I know its the last possible place rukaya will ever go to.. But hey! You never know what goes through peoples minds..

Like how I realiseD what strength faaiza has, maybe rukaya also came to her senses and went to them for help…

The first time I tried, there was no answer, so I waited for 15 minutes before trying again, but there was still no answer…I waited another half an hour or so before I called back… But to no avail..

Sulaiman still hadn’t called me back and I know he’ll phone as soon as he knows something…

I was pacing up and down wondering what to do next when the phone rang…

It was faaiza.. She’d seen my number calling and phoned me back…

Apparently she was gone to taaleem and her cell was on silent but she knew it was important because of the amount of times I’d tried calling and the fact that I’d called on her cell.. Usually I only call on her house phone..

“Fay… Bigger drama again…..!”

Faaiza: “Don’t tell me… Daddy is gone missing again? This time for 3 days and not 2?”

Me: “Well… You’re almost right.. But not exactly…. So that means you don’t know where she is?”

Faaiza: “uh oh! Where who is?”

I filled faaiza in on what had happened… I guess thinking that rookaya would go to them was abit unrealistic…

As we were talking… Sulaiman was calling on my cell… He was probably trying on the landline and couldn’t get through….

“Fay! I’ll call you back to fill you in ok… Please see if you guys can do something on that side….”

I cut the call and answered my cell before it could go off..

Me: “Suli?”

Him: “I couldn’t get hold of altaaf bhai… He was at his mums house with the kids and his phone was off… but then I eventually got hold of him on his mums house phone… Poor network at his mums place.. I had to phone yusuf to find out where his father was and ya.. Long story short… He doesn’t have a clue to where she could be… Apparently he didn’t know any of her friends really.. Normally when they had a fight, she used to run to mummy… ”

Me: “what? What kind of a husband doesn’t know who’s his wifes friends?”

Him: “don’t be like that my love… You know rukaya and altaf don’t lead a normal life like you and I… They lead a rich, spoilt, separate life where the one doesn’t give a damn about what the next is doing or where the other is going…”

Me: “ok suli… Enough about that.. What did he say? ”

Suli: “the kids told him about the fight and that they didn’t see their mother since last night.. Apparently she was gone to a friends party… Or so that’s what your mother told them and this morning she was sleeping when they left for school…”

Me: “ya.. Mummy told them that.. She didn’t want to worry them….”

Suli: “wait.. Here’s a whatsapp from altaf bhai……(Silence) … He wants to know what car did she go with? Her car? Or mummy and thems car..?”


6 thoughts on “part 308:

  1. Sister A. says:

    ‘ Drama mansion ‘ ℓ☺ℓ!
    Ruqaya went missing & now her mothers lookin 4 support frm da 1 she ill treated. The search party is goin 2 b made up of ppl dat were ill treated by dis famly. That’s wat usually hapens. Wen they r °̩и need of help they go 2 good ppl 4getin hw horribly dey treated dem. >:O

  2. A says:

    Drama mansions… Couldn’t have said it better. I agree with sister A that they treat everyone like rubbish and then when they need help for their beloved daughter who caused all the trouble in the first place then they run to those same people to help them but they fortunate that Kulsum n Sulaiman have hearts of gold and are willing to help unlike they who have hearts of stone

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    “Drama Mansions”
    With the Lead role being …. Mother Gremlin … N second in lead is ‘AWOL’ gremlin dawta !!!!!!!!!
    Eish …. Its soo true wat sister ‘Sister A’ and sister ‘A’ sed …. When they in need then they ask those they ill treated ……
    Sulaiman is really a GEM … ما شاء الله …… Defntly , no matter wat they did , it is her family and they must do it for the pleasure of اللَّهُ !!!!!!!
    N poor Fay also gets dragged in … Just wen she tawt she left ‘Drama mansion’ ……
    Ooooh NO …. More suspense … I NEED to know what’s going happn !!!!!!!!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

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