khatam 1(safar) :

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

May Allah accept and keep us steadfast…

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12.Silent livings student


14.Silent livings student

15.A reader

16.A reader






22.A reader



25.Silent living






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durood challenge 23:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

**It has come in the hadeeth shareef that when people gather in any gathering and they do not remember Allah Ta’ala nor is durood and salaam sent on His Nabi(Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam),on the Day of Qiyamat their gatherings will be a means of regret even though they have entered jannat, due to being deprived of the reward of the remembrance of Allah and durood and salaam. **

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5.Silent living(100)


7.Silent living(100)


9.Silent living(100)

10.Great fan(500)

11.Fathima ismail(1000)

12.Silent living(1000)



15.Silent living(100)

16.Silent living(300)


Total:10 000


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part 318:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view:

The next morning I was just as grumpy, if not worse than the day before… Rukaya was reaching the height of extreme… I tried to spend as much possible time out of the house and stayed at the office for longer hours even if I had no work to do at all…

I walked into the office without even noticing that there was someone sitting in the waiting area..

Maggie immediately got up and ran after me rattling off my schedule for the day which I honestly didn’t hear a word of..

I don’t ever get why she rattles off everyday when in the end of her rattling, she still hands the agenda over to me to see for myself..

I was about to slam the door irritably in her face when she stopped it with her hand..
“Mr A.. Your fist interview is now.. The lady’s been waiting for the past 20 minutes already…”

“Yeah…ok…just give me 10 more minutes.. I’ll buzz you when I’m ready….”

I just needed some time to cool off or else I was going to explode from all the stress…

When I finally had my coffee and cooled downl, I buzzed maggie..
“Let her in… But I hope she has all he documents we require..”

Maggie:”yes sir… She does…”

In walks a young lady,modesty clad in her hijaab and abaya…

“How in the world is this simple woman going to handle all my work?” I thought to myself…

Nevertheless… I gave her the opportunity.. I interviewed her and to my surprise she was quite intellectual and determined…

“Why do you think you deserve the job?” I asked her at the end of the interview?

Me: “that’s the thing.. I don’t! But I really would love the opportunity.. I will work hard not because its my job.. But because I have a mother to support and I may be single and you may think I have no responsibilities and I’m not going to take this job seriously.. But I will.. Because my mother means the world to me and I’m all she has.. I owe her this much..”

And that’s what made me give her the job… She was honest.. Unlike others, who would boisterously claim that no-one is better than them and a whole load of crap to convince me to give them the job..

I seen the desperation on her face…

So as from then, sajida began to work for me..

True to her word, she worked tirelessly and very hard..

She was soft and quiet and didn’t interfere in anyones business..

I noticed how everyone in the office got to know her abd loved her to bits..

I on the other hand, never got too personal with her.. The was a line to draw.. This was business and I didn’t like to get involved in my employees personal lives..

The only time I did get involved was when oneday I heard her raising her voice.. Which was very unusual for sajida.. She never did…

I walked out of my office to see what the commotion was all about and seen one of the coloured guys from the office standing at her desk and flirting with her..

She had rage written all over her face as she spat some nasty insults at him…

For some reason I felt like I needed to protect her…

“John!! What the hell is going on?” I screamed as I came closer to them…

“Aah nothing boss…” He laughed a sick laugh…” Just having some fun with this new cherry over here… You know these ones that act all holy… They’re the stille waters.. You know.. The snakes in the grass..!”

He noticed that my face was serious and that I wasn’t playing along with him… And the dirty smirk immediately disappeared from his face..

“In my office now!” I shouted angrily…

I waited until he walked away…
“Err… I’m sorry about that… There’s no need to take anyones nonsense here… If ever there’s a problem, please come straight to me and I’ll have it sorted out… Are you okay?”

She didn’t meet my gaze.. Not even once.. She continued looking at her screen… I knew she was crying.. So I left her to be and went to deal with john…

After giving john his first warning and dismissing him from my office, I sat thinking about her…

What was it about her?

She was different.. I know its a common statement.. Everybody says that.. But really she was.. She was so… Delicate.. Fragile.. Yet so… I don’t know…

The rest of that day went in just thinking about it.. Why was I feeling so protective over her?

Why was sajida already 30 and not married?

Or was she married and divorced?

Was she abused?

Why was she all that her mother had?

I had so much running through my mind that even when I went back home that night, I blocked rukayas whining out completely.. And all I could think of was sajida… But why?

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part 317:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view:

My admin guy resigned and found another job at a bigger company and I was desperate to find someone else…

I asked around and sent out word for people to send through their CV’s…

After what felt like ages and almost 100 CV’s and 20 interviews later, I received an e-mail from a very keen lady who said she was experienced in the field..

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really interested in women to work for me in this department..

I deal with a couple of things like letting out some of my properties, flats or apartments and I also buy and sell cars privately… I’m quite huge and well known in the timeshare department..

So whether you need accomodation locally or internationally, I get you five star accomodation in less time than it takes you to breath…

So anyhow… I looked through her CV which she attached to the e-mail and while I was uninterestedly browsing through, my secretary came in to let me know that I had an important meeting scheduled in the next half an hour..

I exited the document and put my laptop on standby and forgot completely about it..

A week later I still hadn’t found anyone suitable enough to do my work for me… Maybe I was being too fussy, but I had a lot of work to do and couldn’t just dump it on someone who wasn’t going to get it done properly..

That’s just me.. I liked things done in a specific but proper manner and when things aren’t done on time and according to my expectations in the work place.. I flip!

I’m 2 completely different people in the work place and at home…

My secretary informed me once I’d walked in to the office at 10am one morning 2 weeks later:
“Mr A! There’s been a lady calling in almost everyday from monday, asking if we’ve received her CV… She’s beginning to get annoying.. What should I tell her?”

Me: “that we’re not interested in women… We’re looking for a hard working MALE to do the job…”

Secretary: “but she sounds desperate… Why don’t you just have a look at the CV boss?”

Me: “listen maggie! I’m not running a charity organisation or some kind of welfare to help every desperate jobless creature out there.. I need someone to get my work done…”

Secretary: “sorry boss! But if you change your mind her names miss S…”

I cut her off before she could continue….” I’m not changing my mind.. If I don’t get a male to do the job… I’ll do it myself…”

And I banged my office door closed..

It was unfair of me to behave this way.. But rukaya and I had a terrible fight before I left for work…

She’s been whining non-stop about how 5 children has taken a toll on her once beautiful body and that she needs to get rid of all that access fat… And blah blah….

And you know, when rukaya whines, its not like other women… She carries on like the whole world had come to an end…. Like nothing worse in the world could have happened to her..

But what ticked me off was that she was starting to take it out on the kids.. And my youngest one was still a baby… She kept telling them that its all their fault that she’s fat and ugly and nothing fits her and she has no friends…

Typical rukaya.. Everything in life is always everyone elses fault…

So I was already in no mood for women…

I settled down in my office, switched my laptop on and let it run for a while, I sat browsing through my e-mails again when I received yet another e-mail from the same miss S…

I was about to send the e-mail straight to the junk folder when the subject caught my eye…

Please consider me for the job and you have my won’t be dissappointed!

Why in the world is this woman so desperate for this job?

So eventually I decided to open up her CV once again after searching for a while for it..

There was nothing so wow about it really…

I picked up my phone and asked maggie to set her up for an interview the next morning.. Today was a bad day with women and I might just not give her the job even if she’s worth it…

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part 316:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

altafs point of view:

Sajidas mood changed completely.. She withdrew and sat up straight on the bed, looking down and fidgeting with her wedding ring..

I reached for her hand…
“What’s wrong darling? I thought you’ll be happy about this…I thought we’ve been waiting for so long to finally do this…?”

“we have…..” She hesitated before reluctantly continuing… “But its abit sudden.. I wasn’t expecting this and I don’t know if I’m ready… There’s a lot to think about… ”

Me: “like what? What are you scared of?”

Sajida: “its a big step and its going to change our lives… What if your kids don’t accept? What if your… Whatever she is.. Freaks out.. Which I’m sure she will…”

Me: “it doesn’t matter.. Its not going to change a thing…. I’ll still love you… I just don’t think its fair to you.. To keep hiding and doing things in secret…. Both you and ebrahim deserve more than that…”

“we don’t deserve anything…” She said with sadness in her eyes… “We already have you and that’s more than we deserve….”

Me: “why do you always think that you’re nothing? And that you’re worth nothing? I’m the luckiest man alive to have a wife like you.. Who loves me for who I am and not what I’m worth… Which woman will sacrifice her own happiness and freedom just to cover up for me? And for 5 years? I love you… And I want the world to know what a great wife you are.. How you’ve stood by me through everything…”

I hugged her because tears were silent falling down her cheeks….

Sajidas father left her mother just when she was born.. They were married through a completely arranged marriage.. They didn’t know or see eachother until the day of their nikaah..

Aunty maimoona…saaj’s mother… Tried hard to be a good wife and please her husband.. Even though they were barely compatible..

Shortly after they were married, she fell pregnant and all through her pregnancy her husband drank and beat her severely… He was lazy and never worked to support them…

She worked by making rotis and chevro for people in durban and eventually when she gave birth… He was gone.. And never returned..

Aunty maimoona grew sajida up alone… In those days they blamed her mother for her husband running away.. They said she drove him away… Sort of like how rukaya drove me away… But the woman is such a sweet woman, I don’t think that was the case..

Growing up the way she did left sajida bitter and raw inside…she felt like she was just a mistake and that she didn’t deserve anything in life…

“If you’re not ready… I’ll wait… however long you need.. Its fine with me.. But just know that I’m ready as soon as you are…. As it is my mother knows… Everyone else doesn’t matter..”

Yes.. Don’t be so surprised.. The only person that ever knew was my mother.. My mother has been a great pillar of strength… She gave me her blessings…

She met sajida and took a liking to her.. My mother always felt that she could judge a person just on the first meeting…

She hated rukaya from the day she seen us together the first time.. And nothing changed even 26 years later..

And she loved sajida.. They got on so well together.. My mother loved that sajida was sweet and respectful and soft spoken… She wasn’t rude, arrogant and abrupt….

My mother has kept our secret till today.. Not even any of my brothers know… She said its no-ones business and that I’m doing things the right way instead of being a coward and committing zina…

As for my kids… They’ll adjust…they’ll have to…..

Nothings going to change the way I feel about my kids or the way I provide for them… They are still my kids. No matter what.. But is it fair to forget about your own happiness just to please your kids? When inevitably they will grow up and get married and have their own lives oneday… I will be left all alone…

And I don’t want that.. I want to live till I’m old with sajida by my side…. And oneday want to be reunited with only her in jannah….

So you want to know how sajida and I actually met?

Well here’s the story……

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