part 300!!!!!

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails fathers stationary shop was closing down? This was something new to us… This shop has been open for years now.. Why in the world would he be closing down? He can’t be retiring.. Who’ll look after them if he retires? No-one else in that house earns..

Oh well… There’s only one way to find out…. I know I sound abit nosy… But ismail and I both wanted to know what was going on.. Especially because ismail put so much of effort all these years to try and bring up the business to be as famous as it has become…

As soon as I had humaira changed, I placed her on my bed and rushed to the house phone to call kulsum….

“Agh…..drama as usual in this family fay… Daddys been acting really weird lately with all of us…. He’s either in an extremely good, bubbly, talkative mood…which is so not like him…. Or he’s in a pathetic mood, snapping at everyone for absolutely nothing,screaming and throwing tantrums… And then he goes missing for 2 days at a time and comes back like nothing happened.. No-one knows where he goes…”

Me:” oh my word… That really doesn’t sound like him…. He’s always so quiet..”

Kulsum: “ya… I know.. But one of the days when he was gone… Mummy got a visit at home from someone saying that daddy hasn’t been paying up his accounts lately and they demanded a great sum of money which she obviously didn’t have…. They threatened to take everything they owned… Apparently daddy hasn’t been paying any of his debtors…”

Me: “but the shop was doing so well.. And december and january is the busiest time of the year… Ismail used to say that they used to do exceptionally well this time of the year.. I remember, this time of the year he used to come home so late and they even used to open till late on sundays… So where’s all the money going to kulsum?”

Kulsum: “I really have no idea.. Mummy says he’s been so stingy lately.. Been squealing to even buy necessities like milk and bread in the house… Always complaining that there’s no money…”

Me:” sounds really bad…. I know how tough it can be.. Hopefully things work out… But if he closes down, what’s he going to do then?”

Kulsum: “he has to close down… The business is going insolvent,… The landlord gave him notice for end of jan.. Everything has to be out by then…. I don’t know what he’s going to do.. He’ll have to start looking for a job”

Me:”what?! So he hasn’t even been paying shop rent? But he and uncle rasool used to be best friends… I can’t believe uncle rasool actually gave him notice..?”

Imagine working for someone after so many years of being independent… And now… At his old age…!

Kulsum: “so mummys really taking it badly… She and rukaya are convinced that someones done something to them…. They’ve been running from moulana to moulana and have even stooped as low as seeing some sangoma lady believing that its black magic….”

I let out a slight laugh….” Always the case… When things go wrong, we blame everyone else…” I blurted that out and before kulsum could take offense on her mothers behalf, I quickly added…” Its just a test from Allah…. Just a test..He wants to bring us closer to Him”

Yes its true… Sometimes what happens in our life is a punishment for us… Its because of our own actions and wrongs that Allah brings about difficulties to take you to task for the wrong you’ve done.. But that also is out of His mercy.. Because He wants to cleanse you.. To change you and better you!

Whereas other times, its mainly a test.. Because Allah loves His creation… He is The Most Merciful after all… He doesn’t want us to go further into sin, so He brings about difficulty so that we may repent from our evil ways and change and come closer to Him before its too late..

If the difficulty brings us closer to Him… Then that’s a sign that we are passing His test….

And if unfortunately the test takes us further away… Then its a sign that we are failing hopelessly..

May we always pass every trial and obstacle put in our way….

“I don’t know how to get them to stop going to these bogus moulanas.. They’re wasting so much of money.. Money that they don’t really have anymore.. Some give them these weird strings to wear on almost every part of their bodies… Some give them things to burn at maghrib time… Some even made them buy some expensive plates and they had to write some ayat on it with saffron and then break the plates…”

I laughed at the stupidity of it all…. I’m not saying all aamils are bogus.. You get very few genuine ones… But nowadays its just a money making thing.. Especially those you have to pay to tell you who has put the ‘evil’ on you…

We need to put our trust more in Allah and beg him for His help… Only Allah can help with things are going downhill and it doesn’t always mean that someones jealous of you..

Me:”and what’s been happening with rukaya? She and altaaf bhai didn’t sort things out yet?”

Kulsum: “ha uh.. He’s not really interested… Hafsa and yusuf have moved in with him though… She’s sweet.. And she’s looking after them nicely.. I keep in touch with her now and then… But please don’t tell anyone.. My mother and rukaya will just have a heart attack if they know!”

Authors note:
I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank every reader of this blog.. Whether you’re subscribed or not.. Whether you’ve just opened the foreveramessup link once or even by mistake…. Whether you find it boring but still read, whether you getting sick of the story or still enjoying it…
If it wasn’t for every one of you.. Especially the few that take the time to like and comment on the blog, I would never have made it to 300 posts in less than a year…
Jazakallah for all the motivation, criticism and support.. I appreciate it all…
Please remember me and my family in your special duas during these great days of muharram as you all are always in mine..
Seeing the stats everyday should not be important.. But to me, seeing that there’s an average of between 1500 and 2000 views daily, makes me smile.. It makes my day to know that 2000 people from all across the world thought of me today….
May Allah keep you all happy, with guidance and contentment in all matters.. May He fulfill every desire of yours and may He continue to put only what is best in my heart to share with you..
With all my love…. Silent living



23 thoughts on “part 300!!!!!

  1. bint says:

    congrats all the way from sri lanka….as interesting as it is….Jazakillah loads for all ur efforts and allah reward u abundantly..lotsa lessons to learn

  2. rose says:

    Congratulations on your great achievement. May Almighty ﺂللَّــہ keep you going strong and accept your effort. Personally I love your blog, it has thought me so many things and I look forward to reading a new post daily. جزاك الله خيرا. May Almighty ﺂللَّــہ reward you.آمين

    • Jx for the constant support my dear sister…it may seem like I don’t read the comments.. But I do..everyone of them and I appreciate it so so much.. It keeps me going everyday

  3. says:

    Salaams jazakallah for lovely message. Ameen to all your duas. May Allah always take you from strength to strength and accept your efforts. may Allah use this blog to be a means of guidance to many and take them closer to Allah. Keep up your sterling work and plzzzzzzzzz don’t stop this blog.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    • Honestly…..there are soooo many times that I do want to stop…. And today was one of those days.. I felt like 300 is more than enough and I even told my hubby that I need to end off somewhere now.. But after reading all the comments, I don’t even have the heart to take a break, let alone end the blog….jx my sister

  4. Slms Jazakallah Sister its all your effort that you have put into this blog to make it so realistic & interesting & so many lessons to be learnt
    May Allah accept all your efforts & make it a means of Guidance for the entire Ummah Aameen 💟

    • Wslm……jazakalla sums… Your support is always appreciated.. You and a few others take out the time almost every day to comment and keep me motivated… Honestly I wouldn’t be able to do it without all your duas and support…

  5. B.Q says:


    May اَللَّهُ reward u..جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for all the awesome posts it just makes my day everyday and I hve learnt alot :)..
    I took out special time frm my busy schedule 2 comment 2day..

    Remember us in ur duas xx


  6. zana says:

    As they say Hats off to you. I’m sure its not easy to write for us. But you do write so many things that is happening around us. Eye openers. Jazakallah
    may allah take you from strength to strength.
    Inshaa-Allah you carry on writing for us adoring readers😄

    • Trust me its not easy…but ppl like you, sister/in/islam, A, sister A, sums, R and so many more making it all worth while.. The days I don’t get a comment from any of the regulars, I start stressing that the post wasn’t good enough….:))

  7. Sister A. says:

    ongrats on hitting the 300 mark !!!
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ƒ☺я sacrificing ur time daily 2 write ƒ☺я us. I look 4ward 2 da daily posts. Mks 4 interesting reading which one can relate to. Ʋ always cover important points. Lots of lessons 2 be learnt from da story. May da story continue 4 a looong tym 😀
    May اللَّهُ سبحانه وتعالي take Ʋ frm strength to strength ​آمِيْن. ❤

  8. sister/in/Islam says:

    *Snif snif *
    Wen I recievd the email n saw post 300 !!!!! I was sooo excited – yet soooo busy ….. My heart was yearning to read it , but I had visitors …. So … I didn’t wana b rude ……..
    I’m sooo happy that I stumbled upon ur blog ALL those months ago …. It was اللَّهُ way of bringing us closer and creating new frendship …. And اللَّهُ has wonderful things instore for us , and being apart of the ‘foreveramessup’ family is such an honour !!! ​​​الحمد لله

    Evn tho’ we don’t evn know each other , what makes us united is the fact that we r MUSLIMS and we r learning soo much thru ur story …
    May اللَّهُ continue to use u for the service of the deen – with sincerity – آمين

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً …. Soooo soooo much …


  9. A says:

    سبحان الله
    Mubarak on teaching this beautiful milestone of 300 posts, may ALLAAH take ur blog from strength to strength and allow us to continue entertaining us whilst subtly teaching us lessons also
    I saw ur post yesterday but had serious network problems and couldn’t comment but ur blogs is one of the few that I read and comment daily
    Aameen to all ur Duaa

  10. faati♡ says:

    Congratulations… dearest Authoress♡

    300 posts already *shocked*

    JazakaAllah for the Amazing blog,
    It’s really inspiring,motivating and informative…
    1 of my favourite blogs,
    I wait impatiently for ur email everyday,
    please dnt ever stop bloggging….
    JazakaAllah for being such a dedicated Authoress, always keeping us informed and always fulfilling ur promises with all the extra posts….

    May Allah reward u abundantly,
    grant u your heart desire and give u what is khair for u and always surround u with love, happiness and barakaah….
    May Allah grant u the best of this world,
    Best in the Qabr & best in the Akhira…♡

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