part 299:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Everything smelt like dadi…. Everything reminded me of her…. Not that dadi ever wore perfume.. But you know, every person has a certain smell to them that’s known only for them….

Her cupboards were to the tee… She’d always kept things so perfect.. So clean and tidy..

She kept things to a bare minimum…

Dadi was never extravagant… She didn’t own much… Whatever she owned, she’d already passed on to all her children and grandchildren… And to the poor and needy..

So it was basically just 1 cupboard full of her things to clear out…

I asked a few of my cousins and aunt if they wanted anything as a remembrance but everyone refused saying that dadi would want us to rather give it to someone needy… Someone who would appreciate it and in that way it could benefit her the most in the life hereafter..

I kept just 1 shawl of dadis…. This particular shawl she used every morning when praying her tahajjud salaah… Whether cold or hot dadi had this shawl wrapped around her tiny body and prayed to Allah…

I wanted it.. To remember her and also to use it the way dadi had…

Dadi had taught me so much in my life… She had looked after me when I had no mother and she looked after me when I was ill and when I’d given birth this time to humaira…

The funny part was that dadi was hardly ever sick… Dada had heart problems… And had already had a mild heart attack couple of years ago… But dadi was as fit as a horse… And instead, Allah chose her in the mubarak lands to fall ill and paSs on…

Truly we will never understand Allahs wisdom…. Its absolutely unfathomable…

Humaira was the sweetest little angel up until now… But ever since we got back from london, she’s been troubling all through the night…

She gets up so often for feeds and I’m getting really exhausted..

Having to see to all the visitors after dadi passing away and the kids and the house and ismail and dada and still not getting a proper sleep at night is really taking its toll on me..

RiyAad and raadiya never slept in the same bed with us… I put them in the habit of sleeping in their cots from birth… But humaira on the other hand has developed the habit of sleeping with us in our bed..

Its so uncomfortable.. I have no idea how other people manage to sleep with so many kids in 1 bed..

I’ve been waking up with a stiff neck and sore back almost every morning..

I felt sorry for her in london because it was so icy cold and now I’m suffering the consequences of it.. She refuses to sleep in her cot… She cries blue murder every time I put her in..

Even if she’s fast asleep, the minute I put her in, she’s screaming and wide awake..

And the problem with having her in the bed with us is that she drinks on me the entire night.. They say that babies can smell the mothers milk.. So now that she’s a little bigger, she manoeuvres her way to me and starts sucking through my clothes which wakes me up realising that she wants to drink again..

I’ve given up on burping her… Its too much of an effort and now that she’s a little older, she seems to be doing it herself.. I just ensure that she’s always on her side so that she doesn’t choke in her sleep…

I guess with the 3rd one many things change without you even realising it.. We seem to not be bothered as much as we used to the first and second time around..

I can’t even imagine what happens the 4th and fifth time round….

School was re-opening next week and the twins are going to grade 1 already… I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up…

We needed a few of their stationary items and although ismails ‘so called’ father owned the most well known stationary shop in town, we were abit reluctant to go there…

Ismail was stubborn and insisted that even if we have to pay a little more at Waltons or PNA, we rather do that than going to the shop that he was kicked out of after all the effort he put into the business..

Men and their pride!

After ismail and I finished the kids shopping at the local PNA in town, we headed straight home because humaira was beginning to get abit restless.. I’d fed her once we got into the car but I think her diaper was messed.. And oh she just cannot stand a dirty diaper so she was whining continuously and giving me a headache…

on our way out of the busy streets in town towards the residential area, we took the alternate route and passed by the shop .. We noticed the signage infront of the shop which had our eyeballs hanging out….

All stock must go before the end of january!!



5 thoughts on “part 299:

  1. A says:

    It is so sad when u have to pack away all the marhoom’s possessions and realize that they are never going to come back again
    Humaira is probably missing all the attention she got whilst they were in the UK and is now acting up
    It’s so true with the first child we are so strict but as the others come we slack and give in to much more
    Wonder why they closing down, lack of manpower….

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