part 295:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

we were up early the next day.. I rushed and got the kids all sorted and hurried around the room throwing things into a little bag..

Ismail was grumpy and didn’t want to get out of bed, but I forced him to have a shower and ready himself to leave for maryams house..

We needed to be there earlier.. I have no idea what walimahs here are like but I’m sure there’s tons of work to be done and maryam has been way too cool and calm for my liking…

If we were in south africa, everyone would probably be up from fajr time running around to do last minute preps and sort this and that out..

Orders would be thrown around to everyone and the panic,stress and tension could be felt in the air all around..

We’ll have to check on the cook and make sure everythings going well…

Someone will have to make sure he hall was done up perfectly to impress.. Not forgetting the centre pieces… The entrance table, stage and chair covers need to be perfect and in order..

Whoever else would need to run around collecting the rolls and baking from the local bakery or aunty on the other side of town who bakes all the goodies and treats for tea-time..

The chevros, sookh mookhs and achaars would need to be filled into its respective bowls and placed on the tables..

But here everyone seemed to not be in any kind of stress over the function at all..

For a change, I was the one knocking on salmas door today to hurry up…

“What is wrong with you? Why are you in such a hurry fay?” Salma asked me rubbing her eyes and yawning away in my face…

“Unbelievable sal… You’re still sleeping? Don’t you realise that its the walimah today..? I’m sure maryams going to need us… And you’re still sleeping..!.” I exclaimed in disbelief..

“Fay! Its 8 in the morning.. The reception is only after zuhr and maryam said that there was nothing to be done…” Salma pointed out..

“Suit yourself… I’m going…. You can come like a visitor after everyhtings done.. ” I said while walking away

We reached maryams house only to find that they had also just woken up… They were surprised to see us there so early…
“Can I make you some tea or coffee darling?” Maryam asked me ever so calmly reaching for a mug from the top unit in her kitchen..

These people were all working on my nerves… Am I the only one stressing out here?

“No jazakallah… Isn’t there any work that you need me to finish up for you while you’re busy having breakfast and getting done?” I offered..

Maryam and imran laughed like I made some kind of a joke…
“Faaiza dear… You need to learn to take it easy in life…. Life here isn’t as chaotic as you think it is… Everything has been taken care of… The caterer is sorting out the food and there are people at the centre who’ll sort out the setting of the tables… The only worry we have is getting bathed and ready just in time to have a lovely meal….”

And so I decided to chill… I was cursing myself inwardly for being so silly and depriving myself and my kids from sleep for absolutely nothing…

Ismail was quite annoyed with me at first, but once we got to the house, he threw himself on the bed in abdurahmans old room and was K.O’d…

The kids found things to do and it was basically just me, bored as hell and pacing up and down moving things from one place to another…

Finally after we prayed zuhr salaah, and the men returned from the masjid, we were ready to leave for the centre…

What surprised me was that maryam went as if though she was a guest at the function instead of the host..

once we arrived at the muslim centre where all their functions are held and walked through the segregated huge hall towards the ladies section, I was absolutely astonished at the layout infront of me…..

Authors note:
We just need 1000 durood to complete our durood challenge..please contribute…

As for the quraan khatam.. Please help to complete as the month of muharram has already commenced..we would like to complete our thul hijjah khatam before starting our 1st khatam for muharram..the following paras are still available:
Paras 12-14 and 22


10 thoughts on “part 295:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Fay ,fay ,fay …. U need to ‘chillax’ !!!! Hehehehehe … Tooo used to stressing and working till the last minute – just take a break n go with the flow !!!
    N now …. We left in suspense as to what the ladies section looked like ……

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  2. A says:

    Eish!!! Our Fay is a stress pot lol
    Faaiza needs to learn to relax and realize this is London without the Indian baggage so it’s tym to have a relaxing break
    Now for the surprise in the ladies section of the centre….

    • Wslm..there’s a follow blog button either right at the bottom or right on top of the page.. Click on it and it will probably ask u to enter your e-mail address..

      If you don’t come ryt.. Let me know…


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