part 294:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

I rushed closer to the railings and shouted for ismail…”Babes?? Are you okay? Oh my word…”

I wanted to laugh but I kept it in…. He’ll kill me for laughing at him but the sight before me was hilarious…

We were at the theme park, we actually came to take the kids on some of the rides, but ismail thought he was too brave (and young I must add)… He didn’t realise that we’re too old for this type of thing…

Just as soon as the ride came to a halt, ismail was leaning over looking like he was going to be sick… And seconds later, he was throwing up all over the place…

Now tell me the sight of that is not hilarious?

“That thing is haraam.. I’m telling you.. Its haraam… I’m declaring it haraam….!” He said still trying to recover from what he’d just been through…

I kept handing him wet-wipes to clean himself up in the meantime.. We were looking for a bathroom somewhere close by..

“Who ever invented such things?” He asked more to himself than anyone else…

Aqeel and abdurahman couldn’t get over it.. They were laughing themselves sick at ismails expense…

As a mother, its just natural instinct to always carry spare clothes for your kids.. But as a wife, we never ever think that we’re going to need extra clothes for our husbands….

But on a more serious note, these rides are crazy… Its like putting our lives in danger… Anything can go wrong…

“it reminded me of death” ismail admitted to me when we were alone that night… “Qasm babes.. I’ll never do it again…. Its not like in our days…. When we were younger, these things weren’t so deathly.. I thought I was going to die…l

“And what a place to die too…” I remarked..

“Seriously, its not funny.. What pleasure do people actually get out of such things? Why would anyone want to put themselves through hell on purpose..?”

“But you did it! You were acting all brave babes… Like you’re some macho…” I managed to say..

“I regret it.. Seriously.. For such few moments of what’s supposed to be pleasure.. Eish.. Definitely not worth it…” He continued..

And that’s how the rest of my night went.. I had to sit up till the wee hours of the night listen to ismail trying to get over his horrific experience at the theme park…

But such is life.. We do things on the spur of the moment, to please others or to look courageous but we end up putting ourselves through more harm…

Be yourself and do what you feel is best for you… Never feel pressurised to want to try things out… Because in the end, it only destroys you… It only makes you regret.. And its too late for it to be undone..

Saturday was the nikaah… There was absolutely no fuss or stress around… Everyone was surprisingly so calm…

Once the nikaah was performed in the masjid, we were all invited to tasneems house for a meal..

It was so small.. Basically just us…

Maryam and imran, amatullah, abdurahman, myself, ismail and the kids, aqeel and salma From the boys side..

And from tasneems side… It was just that simple aswel.. Only tasneems immediate family.. Like her mum, dad, 4 sisters and only 1 of her sisters were married with kids, so her husband and 2 kids…

The meal was prepared by tasneems mum herself…

Everything was completely seperate.. We didn’t even know where the men were…

Tasneem looked gorgeous.. As it is she was so pretty, but the noor.. The light of now finally being a bride made her look even more fabulous…

Some time before we began eating, tasneem disappeared, probably to go and have her first meeting with her husband in a separate room…

We sat and enjoyed the hearty meal and many sweet meats and desserts until it was time to finally leave to rest as tomorrow would be the walimah function….

Authors note:
I owed you all 1 more post.. So here it is.. Hope I’m cleared now from extra posts 😉

We just need 2000 durood to complete our durood challenge..please contribute…

As for the quraan khatam.. Please help to complete as the month of muharram has already commenced..we would like to complete our thul hijjah khatam before starting our 1st khatam for muharram..the following paras are still available:
Paras 12-14 and 22


10 thoughts on “part 294:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Can’t keep up with u Mrs S … U flying – جزاك اللهُ خيراً for the extra post !!!
    Getting a different perspective of Ismail was nice – we look @ him differently also !!!
    Simple is BEST !! ​​​الحمد لله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. zana says:

    It was mentioned in taleem recently that these rides in theme park lasts for 2min. That is what it will like for us on the day of judgement. Our whole life will account for 2 min. May allah guide us all

    Ismail u made your brother have some special moments with. Even if it wasn’t the best moment for you

    Sister S please add 500 durood

  3. sabina says:

    I luv theme parks ut so scared to sit on the ones dat go upside down i wud nevr even dare lol do u all have theme parks in south africa?

    • Yip we do have quite a few in south africa…. I used to enjoy those things when I was younger but I’m not as daring as I used to be.. Guess being a mother and a wife changes a person a lot…

  4. A says:

    Poor Ismail, trying to be brave then making a fool of himself
    Enjoyment of this worldly life is like the theme park ride, lasts for two minutes but we are haunted by the repercussions forever
    It is so true that wen u have simplicity in ur life everything becomes enjoyable and there is no fuss and stress

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