part 293:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

abdurahmans point of view

“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death…”

This quote just made me think of my elder brother whom I’ve just recently come to know….

What a guy! So different, yet great in his own way…

I grew up always hearing about my brother and the sacrifices my parents had to endure when it came to him… But I never had the opportunity till now to meet him and spend time with him…

I always longed for a sibling.. More importantly a brother.. Someone to fight with, argue with, to play football with, to share toys with and maybe even clothes… Someone to attend school with.. A friend who’s with you even at home.. But unfortunately ummi only had amatullah who was born with downs syndrome… Don’t get me wrong.. I love my sister with all my heart and I’m very protective over her.. I’ll kill anyone who mocks or tries to harm my sister in any way… But it was different because she could never really play with me when I was young.. She was too sick to play and her development was much slower… So by the time she was okay to play, I was already a teenager and didn’t want to play anymore.. I was too grown up to play..

And ummi never had any children after amatullah.. She had faced too many tragedies when it came to having children.. With having to give ismaa’il away as a newborn and then amatullah being born with this chronic illness… She was too afraid to have any more complications.. So that left me as a lonesome kid..

I didn’t have any family either since ummi and abbis familys disowned them when they took shahaadah… So no cousins to play with either…

I had my school friends though, and also uncle moes kids… Uncle Moe has always been such a support to our family.. Ever since he had brought ummi and abbi into islam,, he never allowed them to fall.. Instead he brought them to where they are today with Allahs help ofcourse… He supported them and became family to us… He and his wife and kids… Uncle moe was married to ummi and abbis friend Eleanor… She was atheist but also took shahaadah at uncle moes hands alhamdulillah.. Her name was now aunt ameenah..

So now that ismaa’il and his family and his friend aqeel especially came over for my nikaah, I was thrilled… Really I was… For them to actually come all this way to share in these happy moments with us..

And even though I was excited about finally having a companion from this weekend inwards in the form of a wife.. Tasneem..inshallah… I enjoyed every bit of my last few days as a single man.. In a halaal way ofcourse

We all decided to hit it over to one of the best theme parks around….. I’m very daring like that…. And I’ve been on many of the rides… But ismaa’il was putting on this brave front even though we all could tell that he was going to wet his pants at any given moment….

Ofcourse none of the women came on… But they watched and faaiza warned him not to climb up on this specific one…. And she was right… It was wicked.. I knew that ofcourse, but I kept quiet.. I wanted to see what my brother was really made of…

And so it began… All tightened up… I could already feel the adrenaline rush and I dared not to look beside me at ismaa’il….

Before I knew it, we were at extreme speed and even if I wanted to catch a glimpse of him, I couldn’t… Everything was blurry infront of me…

And once it was over, I leaned back on my seat, breathing in for a few moments and adjusting to everything around me…

It clicked me that I needed to turn and check if aqeel and ismaa’il were alright.. This was their first time on…

I turned towards my left and noticed aqeel smiling out of sheer excitement.. We high-fived and before I could offer him a second round, we heard a very queasy sound towards my right…….

Authors note:
We just need 2000 durood to complete our durood challenge..please contribute…

As for the quraan khatam.. Please help to complete as the month of muharram has already commenced..we would like to complete our thul hijjah khatam before starting our 1st khatam for muharram..the following paras are still available:
Paras 12-14 and 22



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