part 292:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Love– it surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be…(Khalil gibran)

Thats what I’d been feeling all around me…. Love…And it was contagious… I’d been feeling so loved lately… So appreciated… By my kids, by my hubby and by everyone around me…..

After such a long time in my life, I enjoyed just being pampered and loved and spoilt and free…. It felt good… But why did it only have to be on holiday… I wish it could contiue at home aswel…

A good break is something that everyone needs….. Just to cool down from all the hustle and bustle of daily life…. And free from all the stress and responsibilities..

The following day was a day for the kids.. We took them to one of londons adventure playgrounds where they climbed, explored and had loads of fun…

What I loved about this specific one was that it also catered for kids with disabilities… Imran showed us this one because it was amatullahs favourite playground…
“Ever since maryam started accepting amatullahs condition and started taking her out more often”imran said.. “I used to make it a point to bring her to this park almost every single sunday… Where she could do as she pleased without the fear of getting badly injured in the process…”

The funny part was that they refused to allow us entry into the playground at first… Because we were adults… But once they seen that we were accompanied by kids… They finally let us through…

I have no idea where kids got their energy from, because they played and played but never got tired.. We practically had to drag them out of the place eventually…

Weddings here in london were nothing like in south africa… Or atleast abdurahman and tasneems wedding was quite different…

In south africa, people end up going to extra lengths when there’s a wedding in the family… And extra costs too…

meals take place almost every night from the weekend before the wedding.. Then there’s the ladies only mehndi night where so much of unnecessary sin is committed even though there aren’t any men… Then there’s the khatam night and the friday before and saturday braai… Gosh! It just never ends.. When all that money can be given to the couple instead to start their life together..

Maybe also because maryam and imran didn’t have any family.. And they were not of indian background.. So no indian traditions to follow.. But I was glad that there wasn’t all of that…

From monday to friday, maryam insisted in tagging us along with her to buy whatever was necessary for the walimah function that they were going to have on sunday and more importantly for abdurahmans house…

They’d built a little outbuilding on the same premises for abdurahman and tasneem… Abdurahman didn’t want to leave his family.. Come to think of it, he was the only one they really had..

Maryam and imrans parents disowned them, amatullah needs extra care and attention and ismail is way across the seven seas…

I was surprised when maryam grabbed a large stack of paper plates and paper cups aswel as serviettes.. Only to later find out that that was how simple they had their functions…

We had a meal at tasneems parents homw one of the days aswel….. And I must say, they were on a different level of piety mashallah….

Simple and hospitable… And very strict on purdah… They had curtains hung at every section to make sure that men and women don’t even mistakenly cross eachother…

It really made me reflect on the way we lived… I may not be all that friendly with other men, but aqeel is either always at our home and salma and aqeel are almost a great part of us… But its wrong… I need to change.. But I’m just too weak to take that step..

Salma has managed to keep her niqaab on till now mashallah… Its only me that’s the big shaytaan here infront of everyone…

Authors note:
We just need 2000 durood to complete our durood challenge..please contribute…

As for the quraan khatam.. Please help to complete as the month of muharram will inshallah commence this weekend..the following paras are still available:
Paras 12-14 and 22



2 thoughts on “part 292:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Islam is such a simple n beautiful religion !!! It is US who makes things complicated by bringing in customs n traditions from other religions !!!
    And in simple nikah or functions there is plenty of barkat….

    Enjoying these UK posts – ​​​الحمد لله … So happy for Fay .. May they always b this happy and loving – إنشاءالله

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  2. A says:

    It is so true that Islam is such a pure deen n also it is so easy but we Indians have brought all our cultural baggage with us from India and today if anyone is told that they must have a simple wedding acc to the Sunnah that look at u as if u r from some other planet.
    Our Hadhrat so beautiful says
    The way of sunnah is complete, beautiful, easy and honorable. May ALLAAH grant us the ability to bring alive every sunnah in our lives آمين

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