part 289:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Packing for 5 people was honestly no joke…. And to top ot off we were going for 2 and a half weeks… Can you believe it?

In the end I decided that we’re not going to be stranded in the middle of iceland or something.. I’ll just travel light and wash and wear whatever clothes I had…

There was no major stress for me, I couldn’t be bothered about whether I repeated the same abaya about 10 times even..

But the kids.. Gosh! We needed to take so much for them… Maryam said that december gets very cold in london… As cold as 8 and 9 degrees celcius every day and only about an average of 1 and half hours of actual sunshine…

But what the hell… if push comes to shove, we’ll just buy whatever we need there… I’m sure there’s TONS of malls in london…

To say that the kids were thrilled would be a definite understatement…. They were beyond thrilled….

So this time, when we stood at the airport greeting everyone… It was finally us who were on our way somewhere and not everyone else…

I was a ball of nerves all through the airport… Through check in, at the boarding gates and especially when it was time to board the plane…

It felt like a dream come true and I felt like a child, so amused at how things had changed over the years.. At how technology had advanced so much in these past few years..

There was so much of a buzz at the airport on friday night.. You could already see everyone in holiday mood since most of the south african schools closed today…

So many people prepared and enthusiastic about starting their holiday…

It made me think so much of our life in this world… I gave myself a few minutes to ponder while ismail and aqeel checked us in….

We all are soon to leave this world and go to our final destination…

When we leave for a holiday, we are ready and start preparing from the time we find out that we’re going on holiday…. And when the final moments approach, we can’t wait to board the plane, on our way to enjoy ourselves wherever it may be…

Similarly… We are all already aware that our time in this world is limited… That eventually we will leave for our final destination…. But have we started preparing from the time we were born? When the final hour comes for us to board our plane, so to say, toward the hereafter, the aakhirah, are we prepared well enough? Are we just as excited to board that plane as we are to board the plane towards our holiday destination? Are we so enthusiastic and can’t wait to get to our final destination?

As muslims its so important for us to be excited to finally meet with our Creator.. To finally stand before our Lord and see what He actually looks like…

We should prepare well throughout our lives and we should wait anxiously for the time to come when our eyes will close and reopen to the countenance of our Maker.. The One! The Only… The Majestic Allah…

Atleast I had salma with me… So it was a great help all the way with humaira.. Salma loves kids and would help out wherever she could..I worried about how she would be on the plane… I’ve heard that many babies don’t take too well to the altitude etc and end up being cranky the entire trip.. I considered giving her a dose of sto-pain before we left, but then just threw it in my bag incase we needed it..

I had no worries about riyaad and raadiya though… They were too excited to be sitting in a real aeroplane for the first time in their lives…

Ismail, with the help of aqeel managed to get us a direct flight on british airways from OR thambo airport, straight through to heathrow airport in London… He said he was also worried about travelling for too long with humaira…

But shukr to Allah, she slept most of the way and unusually only fed twice in the time…

The flight was quite comfortable but the butterflies in my tummy just wouldn’t fly themselves away…

So if I was so amused by our south african airport, you can only imagine how overthrown I was upon reaching London itself, 10 hours and 45 minutes later welcomed by the great chill in the atmosphere that surrounded us..

Authors note:
Maaf for delay in posting… Have been having major wordpress issues tonight…


11 thoughts on “part 289:

  1. Sister A. says:

    Oooh! ! ! The xcitement of goin on a holiday. At last Faaizas getting a well deserved break. Αи∂ now 4 da holiday & wedding …………………. 😀

  2. Aslm sister
    please refrain from saying “see Allah” since our creator is not like us, He (SWT) does not occupy space and he is not matter…in a hadith we are told about meeting our creator But people should not take it as physically seeing, it could mean sight of the heart. This is the fundamentals of our Aqidah ( nothing is like him, Surah Ash-Shura Ayah 11)
    Hope my explanation helps abit
    Ma salaama

    • Wa’alaykum salaam sister.. Maaf for late reply.. But I needed to be sure of myself before replying to u.. So I asked mufti saheb for clarity on this matter where mufti mentioned that what I said is correct… Actually, in jannah we will ‘see’ Allah in His actual being… Yes we know that Allah has no features like we do… But in jannah we will see what He actually looks like…
      Mufti saheb gave reference to the following ayah of the quraan…. Surah 75.. Ayah 22 and 23..

      “Some faces(on that day) will be radiant”

      “Looking at their Lord”

  3. A says:

    ما شاءالله
    Faaiza n family are off on a well deserved overdue holiday YIPPEE!!!!!!
    Whenever we travel I tell the kids they must think of the day wen we leave this world, when we reach our want we will only find whatever aamaal we sent forth, also today we can pack our own bags, wen we die others will be clearing out our belongings for us
    The major headache wen traveling is what to pack but Alhamdulillah Faaiza managed
    Hope she enjoys her holiday n wedding
    Can’t wait to hear all about it

  4. zana says:

    All the excitement of going away.
    the worst is packing for the kids.
    humaiyra is so sweet ماشاءالله didn’t even trouble.
    enjoy everybit of ur holiday faaiza u definitely deserve it

    Please add 1000 kalima tayyib
    1000 durood jazakallah

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