part 286:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

This weekend dada and dadi left for umrah and the kids will officially be closing school on friday… But ismail still hasn’t told me anything about going on holiday.. Can you believe this guy? When does he actually expect me to pack and get organised? I’m starting to stress…

What if salma misunderstood? What if she just assumed that we’re going with them.? But then, why would they go for abdurahmans wedding without us?

And salmas not dumb enough to misunderstand such a thing…

I’m utterly confused…

We went along to drop dada and dadi to the airport… And for some reason I was so emotional… I’m not sure if it was simply because they were going for umrah or because it was dada and dadi that was going somewhere and I would miss them so much or whether I was just sad that they were going and I wasn’t…

I held onto dadi and howled my eyeballs out until dada had to pull me away and tell me that they had to go… The boarding gates would be closing soon…

I love my dadi… With all my heart…. I wasn’t that close to mums side of the family like I was to my paternal grandparents.. Maybe it was because mummy passed away when I was really young and I practically grew up with them and also, they were my only link, so to say, to my parents…..

They’ve been there for me so much and in these past few months, I have become even more attached to them… They are mine and ismails means of some kind of future together…

I mean if you think about it, if dada didn’t offer us the house or a place to stay and the business opportunity, where would ismail and I be? Somewhere on the streets begging maybe or walking around in fordsburg with our children tagging along repeating “sadqah, lillah, zakaat!!” to every passerby maybe?

Yaa Allah! I can’t thank them enough for helping us… And I can’t thank Allah enough for saving us and giving us all that He did…

For granting us shelter over our heads and food and comfort and for granting me such wonderful, Allah fearing grandparents…

I wiped away my tears and hiccupped a few times from the crying before waving my final goodbyes to my beloved grandparents…

Ismail suggested that we take a walk around the airport before heading home…

In the car, on the way home, I decided to get it out from ismail without giving away too much… I thought of working on his sympathy nerves abit…
“I don’t know why, but everytime someone goes somewhere, I just feel so sad…”

I didn’t look at ismail directly, but from the corner of my eye I noticed that ismails expression didn’t change one bit….

I kept quiet for a while before repeating…
“Maybe its cos I wish I was also going somewhere on an aeroplane….”

And I waited for some kind of response… I felt a little like an immature kid with my silly comments…. But I needed him to say something…. Anything!!!

“Hmmm….” Was all I got from him….

Frustrating imbecile!!!

“Guess we’ll just be sitting at home again this holiday.. Like every other year….” I dragged on my every word…. “Will you be working right through the holidays? How does it actually work? Its your first december that you’ll be working here….!”

“Duno…we’ll see what happens….”

Still nothing?

“I’m really going to miss dadi and dada….the house is going to be really quiet without them… Its going to be quite boring actually…..”


“I think I should prepare an itinerary for me and the kids this holiday….. I should google some interesting crafts for us to do….”

“Yeah mama… That will be so much fun…..!” Atleast riyaad was interested in joining this conversation with me.. Atleast I didn’t feel like I was talking to myself…..

“What we having for supper tonight? Must we buy some take outs? Or are you going to make something…?”

Maybe I should reply with a ‘hmmm’….
“Whatever…anything….whatever you want…”

“Daddy please can you buy us steers? Or can we go to spur please? Isn’t you like spur? Isn’t its your favourite?”
Raadiya asked enthusiastically trying her luck…



3 thoughts on “part 286:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Shame … Poor Fay …. Trying to get some info out of Ismail , but he’s very very good @ being unemotional !!! Hehhheheh

    Sabr Fay , sabr … Plz don’t give urself away !!!
    N let’s just HOPE that Salma was rite …..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. A says:

    Poor Fay, feeling like everyone on the move n u stuck at home
    Ismail is like an aaloo keeping my fay in suspense n so good at it also
    Faaiza don’t worry this is the start of the rest of ur life where u will crave to spend a holiday at home bcoz every holiday you’ll be off somewhere ان شاء الله
    Ismail please take the family out to eat n break the news to them bcoz remember Faaiza still needs to shop n pack

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