part 283:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

I heard some whispering as I walked pass their room and continuous muffled giggling from the 2 of them who were quiet all this time in their room with the door slightly closed….

I assumed that they were busy finishing up their homework as I’d instructed them as soon as they arrived from madressah and they had some madressah work to do aswel…. Imtihaan was coming up and they needed to be jacked up before time.. I hate last minute studying.. Even though I used toi doi that when I was younger, I prefer that the kids learn before time so that they don’t forget their work because of the last minute pressure ..

At first I decided to leave them be and continue downstairs to do what I was going to do… I needed to check on the maid and put my rice up to steam.. Now that maghrib is a little earlier, we only eat after maghrib or else its too much of a rush..

But their persistent silent giggles got the better of my curious mind and so I quietly walked towards their door and pushed open quickly before they could hide whatever it is they were up to..

They both jumped out of shock and riyaad swallowed hard while both their faces turned serious…

After noticing their face, my gaze fell upon the newspaper that they were busy viewing..

“What are the 2 of you upto?” I shouted sternly..

Raadiya just stared at me without saying a word..

“Err.. We.. We…err..nothing..we were just looking at the newspaper….” Riyaad confessed

I was about to believe them, positively thinking that they’d been using the newspaper to cut pictures for some school homework that they’d been given when I noticed what was on the front page…

I was fuming… I grabbed the newspaper from riyaads hands leaving a tiny piece torn in it….
“What were you looking at in the newspaper riyaad? And talk the truth! Raadiya… I’m talking to both of you..” I screamed louder, hoping that their answer would settle my fears..

But unfortunately it didn’t…

Raadiya moved around and fiddled with fear…
And then she burst out crying….
“I need to go to the toilet….”

“GET!!!!”I shouted, pointing toward the bathroom… And turned to look at riyaad who was still staring at me..
“What were you looking at? This nonsense? What has gotten into the 2 of you over these past few days….?
In 4 days, everyday you 2 have been caught doing some kind of mischief… And before there has never been such a thing…”

Its true… Yes, they do ‘normal’ mischief like running in the house when they’re not supposed to and bickering with eachother and jumping on the bed or nagging me when I’m busy with something important… Things like that I could deal with… Its normal naughtiness that can occasionally be tolerated…

But looking at pictures of naked men and women is something I can not and WILL not deal with….

Especially because they know that they are doing something wrong.. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so scared that I’m standing right infront of them and caught them red handed….

I feel that kids are an amaanat.. They are our trust… They were not born knowing everything.. So we have to teach them…. Guide them!

Did nabi(S.A.W) not say that “every one of us are shepards and each shepard will be questioned regard their flock”….?

How do I answer to Allah about all this nonsense?

I needed some kind of guidance myself… Some answer… Before I reached the point where I needed to pull my hair out of sheer frustration…

But who? Who’s going to give me the advice I need? Who can I speak to that won’t judge me or my kids and I don’t have to feel embarrassed to tell them what these brats have been upto…?

Is Allah punishing me for always talking about the bad behaviour of other kids?

I once heard that we should never talk about someone else because Allah will make it such that we won’t die until we are made to commit the same act..

So is that what is happening here? Is Allah making my children such rubbish like those I’d spoken about?

Yes!!! I know who’ll give me the best advice… Just wait.. I need to speak to her…

**Authors note:
Sister aziza.H has posted some important points of advice in the comments section of the previous post regarding the topic at hand… Feel free to check that out..

Only para 19 left to complete khatam..pls contribute so that we may start our next khatam for thul hijjah inshallah..




12 thoughts on “part 283:

  1. Slms true our children are an Amaanat
    May Allah make it easy for us to be good parents and instill good habits & morals .
    Someone sent me this beautiful dua for children after reading it I felt at ease
    May Allah make All Our Children The Coolness of Our Eyes & True Daees Of Deen

  2. The Powerful Dua of a Parent

    In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

    All praises are for Allah SWT, the most Compassionate, the most Forgiving.

    Salutations and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family and companions.

    Oh Allah, I submit myself to you.

    I realise that parenting a child is a very difficult task and I turn to You in humility for Your help.

    I implore you for Your wisdom and guidance.

    Oh Allah, I know that our children are an amanaat from You, to care for and raise.

    Help me do that in the best way.

    Teach me how to love in a way that You would have me love.

    Help me where I need to be healed, improved, natured and made whole.

    Help me walk in righteousness, and integrity, so that you may always be pleased with me.

    Allow me to be a God fearing role model with all the communication, teaching and nurturing skills that I may need.

    Oh Allah, you know what our children need.  Help and guide us in praying for our children.

    Oh Allah, put a hedge of safety around our children.  Protect their bodies, minds and emotions from any kind of evil and harm.

    Oh Allah, I pray that You protect them from accidents, diseases, injuries and any other physical, mental or emotional afflictions and abuse.

    Oh Allah, I pray that you keep our children free from any addictions and vices.

    Draw them close to You for protection from every ill and evil influence of our society, whether it’s apparent to us or not.

    Oh Allah, grant our children hidayaah and a heart that loves to obey You.

    Shine Your light on any secret or unseen rebellion in their hearts and destroy it before it takes root.

    Oh Allah, guide them away from any pride, selfishness, jealousy, hypocrisy, malice and greed and make them uncomfortable with sins.

    Penetrate their hearts with Your love today and always …

    Oh Allah make apparent to them the truth in any situation and let them not be misled by falsehood.

    Oh Allah, grant our children the ability to make clear decisions and let them always be attracted to good things that are pure, noble, true and just.

    Oh Allah, guide them in making choices that please You.

    Oh Allah, help them to taste the sweetness of walking with a humble spirit in obedience and submission to You.

    Oh Allah grant them the wisdom to choose their words carefully and bless them with a generous and caring spirit.

    Oh Allah, I pray that they never stray from the path of deen and that You give them a future filled with Your best promises.

    Oh Allah, always keep our children cleansed and pure from evil and shaytaan.

    Oh Allah, keep them steadfast in establishing Salaah and help them revere the Glorious Quran as Your Word and Law

    and to read it with understanding daily.  Let it be their source of light and guidance.

    Oh Allah, let our daughters love wearing hijab and our sons the dress of a humble Muslim.

    Let their dress be a representation of their Imaan and of their love and respect for Your commands.

    Lead them to a position where they rely truly on Your power alone and fear You in the open and in secret.

    Oh Allah, make them so strong in their deen that they never encounter doubt.

    Oh Allah, do not allow any negative attitudes in the place of our children’s lives.

    Oh Allah, guide our children in honouring and obeying You, Your Rasool SAW and us as parents.

    Make them the coolness of our eyes.

    Oh Allah, fill our children with compassion and caring that will overflow to each member of our family.

    Oh Allah, grant them piety.  Help them love, value and appreciate and respect one another with good communication between them always.

    Oh Allah, drive out any division between our children and bring them healing.

    I pray there be no strain, breach, misunderstanding, arguing, fighting or severing of ties..

    Oh Allah, I pray for a close, loving, happy and fulfilling relationship with them for all the days of our lives..    آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

  3. ash says:

    Slm sister. Maaf, but is it me?! Or are your posts getting shorter. Its getting to a point where it isn’t as interesting as it was before. And I use to really look forward to it. Are you running out of things to post? Please don’t turn this in to something we wouldn’t wana look at anymore.

    • Wslm…
      Actually no the posts are exactly the same… I always maintain that there are more than 700 words in each post…
      I’m really sorry that you feel this way…will deff look into it and come up with sum solution..
      I haven’t run out of things to write about, but I try my best to keep the blog as realistic as possible and action and drama doesn’t happen everyday in real life..
      So yes there’s a lot that I intend writing about..but in due time and if you feel like this blog is not worth reading.. Make maaf… And you’re more than welcome to not read it..
      I can’t please everyone unfortunately.. You may not enjoy the blog and a few others may also not enjoy but there are a few that do…
      Just like how there were many blogs that I lost interest in, but others still enjoy.. I stopped reading them and yet the authors of those blogs still have tons of other readers..
      Everyone enjoys a different cup of tea in life..
      Make maaf my dear sister if I’ve said anything to offend you in this was not my intention..I promise!

  4. ummiabdillah says:

    Slmz. I definitely found this topic really interesting. I have a 4 yr old n a 5 yr old 11 moths apart. It is difficult to know if u doing d right thing all d time n as much as we try our best to keep them sheltered from what they not suppose to see or know, at times the r accidentally exposed to it so my opinion is we don’t have control over everything in their little lives neither r we going to be thereat each n every challenging moment of theirs so here’s d deal. Let’s take full control of what we can. We get to decide how they r dressed, what they eat, how they use d toilet, how they sleep, what they spk etc. Let’s get that in order by making sure the above mentioned is done according to sunnah n wd as parents make sure that we are correct s well in this regard. This will definitely encourage good behavior good morals good character. And yes keep reading them stories about lives of the sahabah. Make them see them as the heroes that they are. Get them involved in our Quran reading n salah. I know my kids live to holds tasbeeh n a little kitab to mimicking my Quran reading. They also have those tiny musallahs to read salad wid me. Ofcourse they will giggle n make naughty but d essence of it all is still there. Get them involved in little things as well like helping u to cover murat around d house. U know cereal boxes, wrappers things like that. Keep emphasizing what’s haraam like music, movies etc. Keep saying totem Allahapaak doesn’t like this n shaytaan likes this etc. N now when the child is exposed with some kind of haraam, we will know we tried our best to equip them wid the necessary knowledge to face those moments. They will know it’s wrong. Have lot more to say but my comment us already tooo long. Maaf for that.

    • Jx soooo much sister for more than welcome to go..please do… Your advice could help many of us… My kids are also 11 months apart.. : ) and I actually do the exact same things mentioned above.. Reading ur comment feels like I’ve written
      It is important for us to realise that they will make mistakes… But they need guidance and rather from us onto the straight path, rather than by evil onto the wrong path….
      Jx for the beneficial comment.. You have no idea how happy I am to have read this comment!!alhamdulillah

    • Jx soooo much sister for more than welcome to go on ..please do… Your advice could help many of us… My kids are also 11 months apart.. : ) and I actually do the exact same things mentioned above.. Reading ur comment feels like I’ve written
      It is important for us to realise that they will make mistakes… But they need guidance and rather from us onto the straight path, rather than by evil onto the wrong path….
      Jx for the beneficial comment.. You have no idea how happy I am to have read this comment!!alhamdulillah

  5. A says:

    Our kids are an amaanat to us and we need to bring them up in a manner that wen they go out it will not be as if they are let out of a prison n will forget everything they were taught at home and also not be so liberal that they become an embarrassment to us. We need to know they are going are going to try their luck n see where they can get away with naughtiness but as parents we need to lovingly explain to them why they doing is wrong and also conscientise them that even though we not watching them ALLAAH is with them and watching them all the time

  6. sisterinislam says:

    Assalaamualaikum. This is such an important topic , so relevant to many of us mothers. At least it makes us feel like we are not alone in this . Jazakallah for the valuable advice from our author and other readers. It’s so motivating . Will try to implement them insha’allah. 👍

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