part 280:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Dadi was stunned that they were gone already… She was busy dishing up ice-cream for them and was on her way to the lounge when she realised that they had left..

Dadi was feeling terribly guilty for having visitors over and not offering them anything…. Its the worse thing she could have done according to her..

Poor dadi kept on. Blaming herself for not being faster to bring the ice-cream..

But I reassured her that it had nothing to do with her.. They were never going to sit for long anyway… Especially after they found out that ismails ‘family was here under the same roof as them…

Atleast we could go back to eating.. My stomach was growling with hunger…

I finally called the kids and dished up for them so they could eat finish before rushing off to play… It seemed like food didn’t bother them anymore, since they had company, they were always too busy to eat.. But I made sure that meal times, they were at the table with everyone else…

While eating, we laughed it off…. The weirdness of the whole situation…

“I thought I could ease the tension abit, you know.. Talk of general stuff and maybe they’ll warm up to us… But I guess we’ll always be those half muslim peasants in their eyes… The way they remember us from over 30 years ago…” Maryam stated deflated…

“You shouldn’t let it bother you… They are like that… There aren’t many people that they actually like… Or that like them… They should feel honoured that you were still so kind after everything that they’ve caused in your lives..”

She shrugged and the topic was changed to other more relative issues..

“So now we’ll be waiting for you lot to come down soon”.. Maryam begged the day that they were leaving..

I sighed with a very heavy heart to be letting them go so soon.. We’d become so close in these few days and I really wished that they didn’t live so far…
“To be honest, I haven’t been anywhere besides home in years…. I doubt that’s going to happen in the near future…”

For me, going on a holiday or even out of my province, gauteng, was a fairytale… I haven’t been out in years..

My kids don’t know what a holiday is..

For them holiday is not going to school and sitting outside in the backyard painting or riding their bicycles roiund and round the yard or chasing after one another…

I felt really depressed at the idea… And wondered if there will ever be a chance for me to go anywhere..

I look at people who are on holiday almost every end of term and sometimes for weekends inbetween also..

there are people who are fortunate enough to travel to a different destination every holiday season…

Then there are those who’s holidays are preplanned in the beginning of every year for the entire year through..

I shook the feeling off… How could I be so ungrateful? I was still fortunate enough to own a home..

Fortunate enough to live in so much more luxury than so many others…

I was fortunate enough to have food on my table 3 times a day and can open my fridge or freezer at any time and find it stocked up with left overs or processed meats and what not..

I was fortunate enough to have so much yet I’m complaining about not having gone for a holiday in ages…

That’s why they always say that we need to rather look at people who have less than us so that we are grateful for what we don’t have instead of looking at those who seem better off and well of than us and be forever ungrateful to Allah for not giving us that…

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’

“But you’re going to have to come!… You have no choice darling… Make sure ismaa’il books those tickets for the first week in december… You have to be there a while before you know… And I’ll definitely need your help” she winked and gave me one last light hug before climbing into their hired toyota corolla and drove off in the direction of the airport..

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8 thoughts on “part 280:

  1. a95r says:

    A while before what? And what will she need her help for? Did I miss something or is it still coming? *wondering*
    So true, we should always look at those who have less than us materialistically so that we can be grateful. And we should look to those who are better than us in spirituality so that we may aspire to better ourselves and achieve more for our aakhirah.
    Oh Allah! Make us from amongst those who are truly grateful to You آمين.

  2. A says:

    Poor dadi stressing bcoz the gremlins didn’t have anything to eat but she shouldn’t worry bcoz they don’t deserve anything after the way they carried on
    It is so sad wen I have to pry but ان شاء الله they’ll let soon

  3. Muji says:

    I have been reading this blog after a Friday told me about it. MashAllah well written and I have drawn so many lessons from the various episodes.

    • Jx so much. Really glad you enjoyed it and most of all I’m glad that you found it beneficial. Feel free to share and check out my other 2 blogs..

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