part 279:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails point of view:

My heart was aching…. But I’m a man.. I have to hide my feelings… Men aren’t like women who can just cry out their feelings.. And when we do keep it in, it makes us angry..

I hated my so called ‘family’ for not being there at such an important juncture in my life… I really thought after the meeting that they’d reflect upon their life and atleast try to make amends for the wrong they’ve done..

But yet again I was mistaken… These people are really something else…

And then they rock up at my doorstep when I have VIP visitors….

I kept my cool and when I ran upstairs to fetch humaira, I made a resolution to just forgive and forget.. To move on.. To let this pass..

What’s done was done…

I looked at my little princess and thought to myself.. Is it really worth it to carry this heavy burden on my shoulders until my dying day?

and I decided that it wasn’t worth it…

I heard many times, that its best to forgive a person as many times as we would want Allah to forgive us..

We should forgive a person even if it was 70 times in 1 day..

If faaiza could forgive me and put my past behind us, why couldn’t I forgive these people..?

Surely my jannah would be made atleast by this tiny action…

“Never regard any action, be it good or bad, as insignificant”

And after telling myself that, I took humaira downstairs to meet them..

I expected a better reaction from her when I’d passed humaira over to her.. But then again, I needed to stop expecting the unexpected…

She barely held her and then passed her over like some piece of rubbish that she was trying so hard to get rid of..

Maryam surprised me.. I didn’t think she’ll have so much of courage…

She walked in like she knew these people for years… Well she did… But her casualness is what surprised me most…

She went up to the gremlin herself, held out her hand and even leaned forward to hug her..

Gremlin went stiff and her face was as red with embarrassment as a tomato…

She then went on to rukaya and greeted just so warmly and she didn’t even miss out the little brat that was sitting with a bored look next to his mother…

Don’t get me wrong, I do like rukayas kids.. I love kids generally…all kids… But rukayas kids were on a different level of rudeness… Its like they were let loose from some kind of jungle or something…

Faaiza opened her mouth to introduce maryam to rukaya with a smile which showed how pleased she was at what she was doing…
“Rukaya, this is ismails mummy….his real mummy…maryam… ” Emphasising on the word real….

Rukayas mouth opened just as wide as her eyes had and then shut again when she noticed her mothers glares…
“Nice to meet you” she exclaimed with her famous false giggle…

I sensed the awkwardness…. But just carried on forcing a conversation with my father instead… And every now and then peering over to make sure no-one was attacking the next…. But maryam seemed to be handling things quite well….. She tried hard to make an easy conversation with my mother… But she was a hard woman… If she hated someone.. That was it.. She wouldn’t so much as even fake her approval… She hated them…

She sat with her face pulled up worse than a sour lemon… The kids were too busy playing outside to realise that anyone was here and they didn’t even bother to ask where the kids were.. Or that they wanted to see them… But I didn’t introduce the subject.. Since they’re not my real family anyway, my kids have no duties towards them anymore..

There was a very awkward dead silence that filled the room and every was looking down playing with their fingers…

Even maryam had run out of things to make chit chat about..

Thank goodness the old hag got up to leave so soon… And she hurried towards the door like her life was in danger or a ferocious lion was about to attack…

I’m sure this will be the first and the last time she’ll ever be visiting our home….

Authors note:


4 thoughts on “part 279:

  1. Maryam you are definitely a gem one in a million May we all be guided too with the Good character
    Jazakallah sister for your lovely posts it really teaches us & makes one think & ponder about ones own life …

  2. A says:

    It is so sad that this meeting took place the way it did but I think they must’ve heard from someone that Ismail’s real family ws around n they came to see for themselves
    Maryam truly surprised me by walking in and putting them all into a shock, I enjoyed it
    I don’t think there’ll be much interaction btwn Faaiza n the gremlins again

  3. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه Maryam handled the entire situaion very well. Its so good 2 kno dat Ismails changing his mindset. It gives мε hope dat better days lay ahead 4 Fay & family.

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