part 278:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Out of all days they choose to pitch up today.. Today when ismails real parents were here…

They had more than a week to come but no, today was the day that had to show their sickening faces…

I was fuming… They always know how to spoil a good party..

Maryam pulled her purdah down as soon as she seen my father in law come in..

Ismail sent them like visitors to sit in the lounge and came to call me, ever so irritated at our delayed visitors…

Atleast they would never recognise maryam… She has on her purdah.. Not that it should matter in the least..

I reluctantly got up, even more annoyed that my foods going to have to wait..

“Babes, get humaira from upstairs please….”I asked ismail as soon as I’d reached him… I couldn’t walk up and down the stairs and dadi would just kill me if I tried…

Ismail mumbled some profanities which I rather not mention which I would have loved to repeat after him..

I forced out a smile as I walked into the lounge where the 2 heads of the gremlin home were sitting with their gremlin daughter rukaya and her youngest brat …

“Oh..I see you’re looking well already? I thought you’ll still be in bed by now….” My mother in law spat out..

I took advantage of the opportunity to spit back…” Oh we had some important visitors staying over so I pulled myself out of bed to come down and eat with them… Shame I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again…”

“Oh your visitors staying over? Must be so much work. Didn’t they know you just gave birth? And now you must still see to visitors in the house..shame!” She retaliated..

This was more like a mini war than a cordial visit…

“No actually they came to help because I’d given birth.. Maryams been so kind… Looking after humaira and the twins so well…” I replied..

“Maryam?” She asked warily…

“Yes” I continued…”Ismails mummy…”

I think she wanted to choke on nothing but air…

Now it was her turn to shift in her seat…

I was on a roll…”They’re all here for a few days…”

Ismail walked in holding humaira… And that broke the fun I was having…I giggled inwardly..

She half heartedly took humaira and looked at her for a few moments before passing her over to rukaya..

Atleast rukaya wasn’t so nasty today…she seemed a little deep in thought..

Wait a minute!!wasn’t rukaya supposed to be in iddat? Altaf gave her a divorce which means that she’s not supposed to be out of the house at all for atleast 3 months.. Its not even 3 weeks..

Or are they back together again..?hmmm…

I was planning my next few words to find out rather carefully…. So I don’t sound inquisitive but still get an answer when my stomach growled…

Oh yes.. I was busy eating when they rudely interrupted… And breastfeeding seems to make me terribly hungry all the time…

“We were just busy having lunch… Why don’t you people join us? Its nothing fancy.. Just braai.. Some of humairas aqeeqah..” I offered abit too hastily..

“No no…need to worry… We won’t be long.. You people should carry on eating..Just thought we’ll pop in and see the baby quick quick… And we have 1 or 2 mayyit houses to still go and sit… And we have to be home before maghrib… You know with rukaya… She can’t be out after maghrib…”

Huh? When did that law come about? But atleast I got my answer.. Rukayas still divorced and according to their latest fatwah.. Their latest made up rulings, a divorcee is allowed out of the house as long as they are back in by maghrib time…

Its funny how people take the actual laws and twist and turn to suit their own needs..

The law is given for a divorced woman who has absolutely no other means of income… She’s allowed to go straight to work and has to ensure that she’s back home before maghrib…. Not for going khala khala everywhere…

But who am I to judge…’rather keep your mouth shut faaiza’ I warned myself…

I don’t remember there being any mayyits in town recently…or was that just her excuse to not face maryam and imran?

Well I guess it was too late… Maryam was already standing at the entrance of the lounge..
“Assalaamu alaykum…” Maryam greeted ever so sweetly..

**Authors note:
So sorry for the late post..but rather late than never right?



4 thoughts on “part 278:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‘Gremlin’ alert , ‘gremlin’ alert …..
    On guard !!!! (Swords out) …
    Lol …… More like thinking caps on to answer their sick questions and get them BAK !!!

    *rolling eyes* …. And now … From just plain ‘gremlin’ she’s been promoted to ‘ MUFTI GREMLIN’ !!!!!!!! *irritated face* … I can’t handle ppl who twist the laws of shariah to suit themselves and their lives !!!!
    I hope Rukayya is doin some introspection , and mayb deciding to go bak to her hubby .

    Enjoying this ‘battle of words’ !!!
    Heheheh … Way to go FAY !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. A says:

    Lol @sister in Islam ‘gremlin alert’
    What is wrong with these ppl that they decide to walk in at lunch time…….
    They came to see for themselves the overseas visitors that made themselves at home…..
    Today we have found a new mode of shopping n that is fatwa shopping, we go from mufti to mufti till we get a fatwa that suits us
    I really don’t know where ppl come up with all these masalas of wen a woman can leave home etc in the state of iddah
    Way to go Maryam, walk in n make them uncomfortable with ur loving ways

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