part 275:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

My days have been more hectic than I thought it would be… Doctor was right, our indians just smell when someones back home from the hospital…

The entire weekend was spent entertaining visitors… So there was no way I could really rest..

Clever me didn’t realise that I was coming home on a saturday morning which gave me no rest whatsoever…

But honestly, I was touched.. I was absolutely moved by the amount of people that cared to sacrifice their weekend, their time and their busy schedules just to take a trip and see how my little one and I are doing..

We get agitated with visitors… But we really don’t realise that people have better things to do in life..

People have other places to be and yet they take the time out to visit you..

And what we fail to realise is that every visitor comes with a dua for you and we can never know who’s duas it is in the end of the day that takes us to different depths in our life..

Too often we find ourselves in such great circumstances but we fail to realise that it could be some very random persons duas that had landed us up in that very circumstance..

I can personally look at the way ismail has changed and my life has taken such an amazing turn.. And truly I have no idea who’s duas it was that brought me where I stand today..

Besides, it was amazing seeing all my family..both mummys side of the family aswel as daddys side and so many of my friends from the community who I’d completely lost contact with.. And to think that this isn’t even my first baby..

Usually by the 3rd child people feel..’Agh what the hell…she’s always giving birth….what’s the big deal!’

I’d seen some of my cousins the last time I had the miscarriage.. But this time around every last family member of mine came..

Lots of the neighbours even came and almost everyone brought something… From gifts, to desserts and so much of baking aswel as savouries..

I really couldn’t thank everyone enough..

Even hafsa and yusuf were here…

Ismail had set up an sms service with baby city where he gave them a whole lot of cell numbers and as soon as I’d given birth, a message would be sent out on our behalf..

Kulsum called to congratulate us and said that she wished she could have just stayed for the week so that she didn’t have to miss out on seeing us.. But things at her mothers house have been crazily tense and she just needed to get back home… Back to normality..

She promised to spend more time with us the next time she comes down to jo’burg.. I understand her excuse, as she lives pretty far away and it tends to become quite costly travelling up and down all the time.. Especially for people like kulsum and sulaiman who are not all that wealthy.. Maybe they’re not extremely poor… But still.. They budget most of the time..

As far as the gremlins were concerned… Pft… Not even so much as a call to acknowledge this new edition to our family… Not that I expected it in the least…

As the week went by I was healing much better… I could pull longer hours without medication but couldn’t survive entirely without them yet..

I had to go back to the doctor on friday for a check-up.. She needed to check if the stitches were healing well.. I’d been given melting stitches so I didn’t have to go through the extra pain of having them removed..

Technology has truly advanced.. Alhamdulillah for that..

Atleast times are not like how it was before.. Where we would be given thick stitches with gut or some crazy thing like that..

Now I was done with doctors and hospitals hopefully… Only a 6 week check-up and pap smear left..

By the following friday evening most of the visitors had come and gone and there basically wasn’t really anyone left to congratulate us….

So you can imagine how surprised I was when we were the recipients of some very unexpected guests on saturday afternoon…

**Authors note:
‘In the kitchen’ page updated…. Something nice for all you durbanites who are experiencing cold and rainy weather today…



10 thoughts on “part 275:

  1. a95r says:

    Ismail’s real parents?
    Mariam and imraan? Can’t think of anyone else…. Unless its ruqayyah or her mum o_o ?!
    Somehow the visitors from uk sound more likely than from the same town!

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    The main reason y doctors keep ceaser patients longer in hospital is so they can rest !!! Hope Faaiza realised that now – even tho’ goin home seems better ….
    But shukr – @least all the visitors got to see her – and visitors also bring barkat !!
    Hmmmm …. Wonder who these visitors must b !????!!!
    I also hav a feeling its Ismail’s parents …. We’l hav2 wait n see …..
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 

  3. sweet n shai says:

    Hmmm, must definitely be Ismail’s Biological parents.
    awesome posts Authoress. جزاكم الله خير 

  4. A says:

    Faaiza learnt the hard way that Drs keep Caesar patients in longer so they can rest bcoz as dr says Indians can smell wen someone is discharged from hospital but all the visitors bring Barajas and happiness to the patient and her home
    Wonder why Faaiza expected the gremlins to visit after all they did to her
    I think it’s Maryam n imraan who came to see their new granddaughter

    • Wslm… Jumu’ah mubarak…u are really going to live very long. I was just thinking of you last night and was going to look for your e-mail address so I could find out if you’re ok… Haven’t heard from you in soooo long.. So glad that you’re well…:)))

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