part 274:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“You know woman… cannot just dissappear without warning… I go all the way to see you at the hospital and they’re like…she’s gone home already…. And I’m like.. That’s impossible… She just gave birth yesterday.. How can she be gone home? And they’re like shrugged their shoulders… She wanted to go home… So doc gave her an early discharge…”

I smiled at salma drowsily, who just barged in to my room and woke me up from a deep slumber… Gosh these meds are really strong.. I don’t even remember when I fell asleep.. All I know was that I was gone in no time…

“Oops! Sorry….”
She held her hand to her mouth and whispered now..
“Were you asleep?”

I managed a giggle…”Well not anymore”

“I’m so so sorry…but what the hell are you doing at home fay? You’re supposed to be taking advantage of being pampered in hospital…I can’t believe your doctor actually allowed this…” She shook her head in disbelief..

“I needed to come home.. I was missing the kids and I just felt dirty and needed a bath… Doc actually asked me to stay for just one more day cos the visitors are going to start almost immediately after I get home…”
I informed salma in a very groggy voice..
“I told her no-one would know that I’m home….but she laughed and said with our nation…. They’ll smell as soon as a person is home… I guess she was right….”

“Oh fly kite woman!!”
She rolled her eyes..
“I’m not a visitor…. I’m your sister and what do you expect me to do with this yucky looking soup? Eat it?”

“Hoowaavar stuff is actually quite lekker…” is!..I love it..!

“My dear…. Confinement or hoowaavar” she mocked..” Is disgusting if you ask me….”

“Well then you need to try dadis hoowaavar food… Its too good…”

“Oh my word! Forget about food…. I almost forgot what I’m really here for…..”
She heard a tiny whimper from humaira..
“Aww… She’s gorgeous….” She squealed while going forward to pick sleeping beauty up from her cot where she was peacefully taking a nap and then paused to tell me..” And don’t tell me that I can’t carry her because she’s sleeping and she’ll get spoilt in the arms….” And then continued to pick her up..

“Its my third child sal… Not my first.. I’m way over all those sensitive issues…”

Salma cooed and ooed and held humaira to her face and took in her beautifully soothing baby scent and told her all about her ONLY ‘khala’…
“Yes…that’s right… Your mama only has ONE sister… And that’s me.. And I’m going to spoil you and your mama and daddy can’t do anything to me okay?”

It looked quite amusing watching her talk to this little one… We don’t realise how tarty we actually look when we talk to babies… But I guess its just the pure love that every baby brings out in us….

“Maybe her khala needs to bring her a friend now.. What do you think?”

Salma sighed and sat down next to me….
“I’m trying fay… I really am…. Shukr married lifes so great but Allah seems to really be testing me by making me wait for all these things… First I had to wait to finally find a hubby and now I have to wait to fall pregnant and yet I’ve never been on any pill or anything…”

“Don’t stress sal…. You’re only married a few months… Allah knows whens the right time… Its so common nowadays.. I really do feel for those who can’t have kids at all and are trying for years….”

We spoke a while before salma asked about the whole room…..
“So who did all of this for you? It looks so cute…”

“Ismail and the kids and dadi and dada…. As excited as they were that I was coming home, they were quite annoyed because I didn’t give them enough time to finish their ‘work’….” I lifted my fingers showing invisible inverted commas…

Dadi had the domestic change my linen into brand new gorgeous chocolate brown linen… And also secretly had new curtains made for me 2 wEeks ago..

They had cerise pink balloons blown up with helium in one corner….

The wooden chocolate brown sleigh cot was assembled next to my bed with charming pink baby bedding which they ran around buying from mr.Price Home yesterday after I’d given birth…

There were 3 flower arrangements in different shades of pink placed around in the room and ismail had bought a nappy changer with a built in bath all in one…

The parcels apparently were not yet ready.. It would only arrive later this afternoon… That was yet to be seen…

Surprises after surprises… not that I’m complaining… Each child comes with their own special blessings for the parents..

**Authors note:
Only para 24 left to complete..please do contribute so that we may begin our second khatam for the month.




2 thoughts on “part 274:

  1. A says:

    Salma is too much barging into faaiza’s room. It is so true that a baby brings out a different side to adults.
    Making Duaa ALLAAH blesses Salma with a bundle of joy soon ان شاء الله
    Faaiza is so fortunate that her family went all out to get the room ready for her but she put a dampEr on their surprise by taking an early discharge

  2. zana says:

    They say every child comes with his or her own rozi. Looks like humaiyra has Brought lots of luck for her mum. Ismail and daadi too sweet.
    She is definitely going to have everyone wrapped around her finger😄

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