part 273:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“Babes!!!!guess what?”

I called ismail from my cell almost as soon as doc left my room… I was elated that she’d agreed to discharge me earlier….

Ismail:”calm down babes….why you’re so excited? Did you just realise today that you gave birth or what? I’d expect this reaction yesterday….. But today?”

“Babes….no time for jokes…”
I cut him off from all the sarcasm…
“Please come and fetch me… Doctor gave me an early discharge….”

I’m sure he could hear me smiling from ear to ear through the phone…

Ismail: “qasm? Like really? Eish…. Okay.. I’m just busy burying this thing of yours, I didn’t even bath still….”

“Who cares?! You can shower after you fetch me… Wait.. What thing of mine are you burying?”
I asked warily after I realised what he’d said…

Ismail: “this……thing…. Of yours that the hospital gave…this thing in a packet man…”

I laughed myself silly…trust ismail to be so clueless about such things… You’ll think its his first child..

He meant my after birth…..

A nurse who had just entered my room with a few papers interrupted my laugh..

I ended my call with ismail nagging him to hurry up and signed off the few forms that the nurse instructed me to…

It was my discharge form and the one that stated that I had taken my after birth home and I also filled in a form for humairas birth certificate which we were to collect in a few days at the hospital..

Thank goodness we didn’t have to sit and wait forever in long queues at the local home affairs… Its crazy there.. Our government is pathetic really…

Once that was done, I rummaged through my kit bag to find the grower I’d brought from home for humaira..

I struggled abit as I had to walk really slow to get from one side of the bed to the other.

They’d given me a voltaren suppository earlier so there wasn’t severe pain.. I could cope, just much much slower than usual..

There were still a few formalities to conclude once ismail came.. Humaira needed a few vaccines and the nurses refused to let me walk around too much… Can you believe they actually wanted to push me along in a wheelchair?!.. Are they nuts? I’m quite capable of walking… Abit slow… But nevertheless, I’ll get there..

Just pulling up into the driveway felt awesome…

“Home sweet home princess” I said whilst looking down at humaira…

She was oblivious ofcourse…

Its so incredible how newborn babies are so carefree and peaceful… They’ve got no worries or cares in the world besides feeding, sleeping and messing their diapers..

And yet as the journey of life takes you further through, the obstacles and stress is endless…

Once upon a time, I too was just so tiny and carefree. With no stress of inlaws or husbands and no stress of school lunch and homework afterwards.. No stress or care for anything really…

And now… What a life… But I won’t complain because shukr things seem to be going quite smoothly for me so far…

When I look back at my life just a few months back, I realise how much has happened in this past year.. But whatever has happened has had an effect in both mine and ismails lives alhamdulillah..

We don’t always realise it but every test that we are put through in life brings us to a different level of maturity and experience… If we hadn’t gone through certain tests, we wouldn’t be who we are today.. Its part of growing up I guess..

Also its part of Allahs wisdom… To make us realise how truly blessed we are..

Can a man who hasn’t worked hard to earn a halaal livelihood ever be grateful for that very wealth?

Can a woman who was given everything of the best ever value the little things she’s given afterward…?

Will a child appreciate that toy had he not nagged and begged for it for a long time before receiving it?

In the same way, how do we expect to appreciate jannah if we don’t go through these meagre little test set out for us by Allah?

The kids couldn’t seem to get over humaira…. How tiny her fingers and toes were…

How wrinkled she was all over…

How fine her hair was…

How how rosy her cheeks were..

My kids haven’t really been in such close proximity to any new born baby before… So this is most certainly going to be a journey worth travelling for them and me as a mum for the third time…

I was feeling really sleepy and needed to get humaira bathed properly before I fell asleep… As I walked into my room, I was utterly surprised at what lay before my very eyes….

**Authors note:
Please contribute to paras 24 and 25 so that we may complete our first khatam inshallah..




4 thoughts on “part 273:

  1. Sister A. says:

    Oh da joy of having a new born baby °̩и da home! Wat xcitement! 😀
    Looks lyk Faaiza got a luvly surprise as she entered her room. Waitin 2 hear wat dat was. 🙂

  2. A says:

    Faaiza seems to have got away with staying at the hospital, lucky her.
    It is so much better to recuperate at home with all your loved ones around u then being alone in hospital
    Wonder what surprise Ismail has for Faaiza in the room
    Ismail reminds me of the way my husband carried on wen my daughter was born

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