part 271:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

The wailing turned to excessive screams… You know that piercing sound that penetrates through your every nerve? That’s what this sounded like..

Ismail want in with a grin on his face, a beautiful flower arrangement with an ‘its a girl’ balloon stuck into it in his left hand and a chocolate parcel in his right hand…
“They say its good for her lungs…..”

I couldn’t help but soften up abit as I watched him juggle the 2 gifts in his hand despite the continuous howling of the kid in the cot…

Ismail: “I mean, the crying… They say its good for babies to cry, it opens up their lungs…”

“And how would you know?!” I asked, amazed at his sudden interest in fatherhood..

He placed the parcels down on the bed and picked the baby up protectively….

He held her to him and she surprisingly stopped crying for a bit.. But you could still hear the tiny hiccups not far away down her teeny weeny throat…

I smiled.. Suddenly feeling different towards him… Well actually, I felt a little guilty accusing him of disappearing to smoke when he was actually gone to get me gifts…

The chocolates were all my favourites.. Ismail knows that I’m not one for fancy chocolates like lindt and all of that.. I like the cheap stuff… Like kit-kat and tex… And oh.. There’s a whole bottle of yummy Nutella… I can finish a bottle in one go.. That’s how crazy I am for it..

The balloon was pink, yellow and green and in the shape of a baby bottle… It had ‘its a girl’ written all over it in silver..

The flowers were stunning too… You all know how crazy I am about flowers.. And the last time I got flowers was the day ismail had them delivered to the house with that beautiful poem written on the card attached…

Funny how we women are fashioned… Definitely hormones… One minute I almost want to kill the man or anyone else around me for that matter and the next second I’m reminiscing over the good times in the past…

I really need a hormone balance after this pregnancy.. I don’t know how I’m going to get that right, but I definitely need to work on it…

I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear what ismail was saying… Something about humaira…
“Huh? What did you say? Who’s humaira?”

Ismail had a good laugh on my expense…
“I was saying that she’s so gorgeous, just like her mama… She has your rosy cheeks…. Maybe we should call her humaira? What do you think?”

With the twins I had no choice in naming them… According to my inlaws stupid indian traditions, the fois.. The father sisters and the dadi.. The fathers mother has to name the first child…

If I had a choice I would have given them better names.. Even though they don’t have evil meanings or anything.. Riyaad means ‘garden’ and raadiya means ‘content’ or ‘happy’.. I prefer to give names of sahabah or prophets so that my children can follow in those footsteps…

So now ismail is considering the name humaira… I just loved it… It was so beautiful and apt for this little princess who’s redness in cheeks could be spotted in the first sight of her gorgeous face..

Hazrat ayesha(R.A) who was the youngest wife of nabi(S.A.W) and also the most beloved had reddish cheeks and therefore nabi(S.A.W) gave her the nickname of humaira… Because humaira means ‘reddish’

Ofcourse I would love for my daughter to follow in the footsteps of humaira ayesha (R.A) inshallah…

Hazrat ayesha (R.A)’s profoundness was unmatched.. She was so knowledgeable with regards to the quraan shareef and memorised thousands of ahaadith… Infact hazrat ayesha(R.A) was the first from amongst the ladies to memorise the entire quraan…

Her character and her life was so admirable…

“Definitely… I love the name for her…..” I said still focused on the greatness of the qualities of my most favourite sahabia…

“The kids will just love her…..”Ismail said still rocking her left to right in his arms and rubbing her forehead gently with his thumb..

“I can already see she’s going to be one spoilt little bugger…”

He looked up smirking..” Who said?!”

“I know you love the twins, but I’ve never seen you so overwhelmed with them as newborn babies as you are with her…”

“Its different” he defended himself… “I was still a kid myself when we had them… And they came together… It was tough… Double trouble… Humaira came after such a long time… I feel more… you know? Grown up….”

I giggled… “Not completely” I thought to myself.. But I guess he was right…

This time we were on edge from the beginning.. With all the complications and having lost the other one during my pregnancy… Its like a blessing to finally have this perfect little princess taking over our hearts… I could already see the softness in ismails eyes everytime he glanced up at me even though it was just for a few seconds…

After a few moments of comfortable silence I said:
“Err… Babes…sorry to bring you back to reality.. But Could you please put her down for a minute and call a nurse quickly for me…?!”

**Authors note:
Jumu’ah mubarak to all you wonderful people…please remember me and my family in your blessed duas on this great day..

Don’t forget to recite abundant durood and add to our durood count.. The link is

And our quraan khatam aswel… There are a few paras left to complete.. The link is


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  • 6 thoughts on “part 271:

    1. haff says:

      Slmz. I have to tell you im so excited. Last week I gave birth to a baby girl n today we named her humayra..n now I read the post I couldn’t stop smiling:-)

      • Oh my word…how coincidental… Mashallah! Congrats on ur little bundle.. May Allah make her ever obedient to his laws, the sunnah of nabi(S.A.W) and to both her parents.. N may she always be happy, smiling and content..
        This is so
        Atleast you and your little humaira are now completely part of foreveramessup…lol

    2. Sister A. says:

      Awww!!! Little Humaira is so sweet.
      إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ she ωɪℓℓ be a means of bringing Ismail & Faaiza closer.

    3. A says:

      ما شاءالله
      What a beautiful name, may ALLAAH grant her the qualities of Hadhrat Aisha RA
      Seems Faaiza was getting irritated with Ismail but he was gone to get her gifts lol
      Little Humaira is going to change her father for the better ان شاء الله

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