part 270:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“Faaiza? Faaiza? Are you with me? Stay with me my darling.. Talk to me…” Dr Patel asked calmly although I could sort of hear the concern in her voice..

I could barely manage to utter a ‘yes’ but I forced it out..

“You’re just panicking… Your blood pressure seemed to have dropped abit… But you’re okay.. You’re doing very well so far…”

I didn’t care how well I was doing.. I was just feeling terribly sleepy and ismail kept talking to me as per the Dr Patels instructions…

I later found out that they were worried I’d pass out and I could easily slip into a coma.. That’s why they kept talking to me and making sure I was still awake..

So much of hardship had to be endured in just delivering a baby to this world..

I heard some shuffling infront of me and I got an implication that they were now pressing on my upper abdomen to jolt the baby out..

Sleep was over powering and all I could do was close my eyes..

Ismail moved away from my side.. I noticed this when I opened my eyes for a few split seconds and then closed them again…

But in those few split seconds my eyes caught a few worried looks and I reopened my eyes almost immediately after it clicked to search for what was going on around me…

The gynea and her assistants were still busy infront of me having a merry conversation about a wedding she attended the weekend before and how people don’t think about where people should dump their kids when they only invite the adults…

Her colleague agreed and passed a comment about how its not only in indian culture that people can be so inconsiderate.. It happens everywhere generally..

They were working on a human being yet they took it so lightly and were able to continue as if though they were just cleaning meat for a pot of curry they were about to put up to cook…

I found this amusing..

I was interrupted from my eavesdropping when ismail brought her to me wrapped in a white hospital sheet.. The paediatrician smiling next to him…

“Congratulations mummy…she’s beautiful” she mentioned with her head tilting slightly to one side admiring this gift being handed over to me..

I put my arms around her as ismail handed her to me….

“But… I didn’t even hear her cry?” I whined in astonishment

Ismail and the paed glanced at eachother awkwardly… And then she walked away to do continue her work..

“Err…That’s because she didn’t come out crying babes.. They had to make her cry… She was slightly blue.. Abit distressed… The cord was around her neck when they opened you up…. But shukr she’s ok now…”

I was shocked at what he just told me…

That’s why they took so long to bring her to me… But looking at this beautiful being infront of me, I couldn’t believe what he said..

She had the most rosy red cheeks and chinese looking eyes… And fair in complexion…

Ismail: “they’re taking her to rinse her up and do their usual routine… They’ll bring her back once you’re in the ward…”

I didn’t want to let go of her.. I wanted to keep her with me…

I couldn’t believe that she was finally in this world.. Real.. For me to hold and kiss and cuddle and feed…

Ismail took her gently away…. And doctor announced that I was almost done… They were just busy stitching me up..

I was wheeled to the recovery room where I was told that doctor would meet me shortly…

Doctor came and explained that all went really well..
” You were star in there, I must say… And baby looks gorgeous… She was born at 3.6 kilos…”

She paused as I couldn’t fathom such a thing…

I completely forgot to keep track of the weight the last time I’d gone for my check-up on tuesday..I was carried away by the whole having to go through a caesar idea… So 3.6 came as a shock to me.. She was huge compared to riyaad and raadiya who came out at a mere 2 point something kilos.. I’ve actually forgotten how much.. But they were tiny compared to this..

“shukr we did the caesar in time… The cord was wrapped around her neck and she didn’t come out screaming as we always expect.. I’m sure they’re going to have to monitor her breathing for a while.. For now, you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is rest and drink as much pain killers as possible… I’ll check on you every now and then….”

the nurse wheeled me into my room and soon after wheeled baby in a little clear hospital cot and placed her next to my bed near my feet and left..

I wanted to reach for her when she began wailing abit… But I was stuck… I still couldn’t move.. I was still numb… How stupid of the nurse.. How does she expect me to reach for my baby when I can’t even move!!!!???

And where the hell is ismail… My baby is crying… I’m sure he’s sitting outside smoking again.. What else does he know?! I was getting frustrated.. I put this child through enough by not coming to hospital sooner… I can’t just leave her to cry… And I couldn’t even reach the bell to ring for the nurse to come..

Authors note:


8 thoughts on “part 270:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Mubarak to Faaiza n Ismail on the birth of their little dolly !!!
    Shame – poor baby was in distress cos silly Ismail didn’t take Faaiza seriously *angry* … But that’s all taqdeer – we can blame ppl for things but it was pre-destined !!!

    Hope she’s well n hope Faaiza recovers quickly …
    Hmmmph – inefficient nurse *rolling eyes*

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  2. Sister A. says:

    Urghhh mahn! Wats rong wid Ismail? Faaizas been through so much & he’s stil so insensitive. He just disappeared lyk dat. He’s never around wen she needs his support. الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. Faaiza gave birth 2 a normal healthy baby.

  3. A says:

    Alhamdulillah Faaiza survived thru the whole drama
    Mubarak to Faaiza n Ismail on the birth of their lovely ما شاءالله baby, may الله make her the coolness of their eyes and make her a true, pious servant of deen Islam آمين
    Nurses today are so inefficient n leave poor mummy to look after baby even though she’s in pain n numb from the Caesar n Mr Ismail is gone to smoke ‘angry face’

  4. zana says:

    Congratulations faaiza and ismail. 🌹🌷🌷🌸
    Lol its so nice to be an aunty again 😄 will let u rest for a few days before i pop in to see our little doll
    Remember don’t stress not good for you. Don’t get all worked up with ismail. This whole experience will have definitely changed him.
    He might be letting everyone know how you and baby are

  5. Blogaholic01 says:

    Wow !congratulations faaiza and Ismail. Hope she is the coolness to your eyes.
    Dear readers , please give Ismail a chance and don’t jump down his throat. His not used to these types of things.
    Thank you miss authoress for the post and keep up the good work 👍😃


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