part 264:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

There was a newborn baby opposite us, squealing softly in the hands of what looked like a first time mum… She stood up and shooshed it while rocking it up and down swiftly and gently in her arms….

On my right was a skinny young lady with a cerise pink knee length dress engrossed in something which appeared to be quite interesting on her very sophisticated looking cell phone…

Then there was a couple who were sitting to my left..the dame looked like she was around 6 months pregnant and her husband/boyfriend was practically fretting over her every move…almost as thought she would disappear in the instant that he turns his gaze from her..

Then there was simple old me and ismail…waiting patiently.. Or rather.. Impatiently for the secretary to call my name.. We sat In the gyneas waiting area for almost an hour before we were finally called in..

Dr: “so faaiza, how have we been doing so far? Everything good?”

Me: “shukr doc.. Everythings going good.. Just really tired and need this baby out.. Soon..” I emphasised on the ‘soon’

Doctor chuckled: “we all feel that way at the end my dear…”

She scribbled a few things in my file and then swung her chair around and stood up walking to the inter leading room where most of her machines were kept…
“Let’s have a look and see what our little one is upto today”

I relaxed on her bed while she placed that icy cold gel on my tummy…

No matter how often I’ve done this, I’m always a bundle of nerves and excitement all in-one to see my little angel growing inside of me… Allahs greatness never seizes to amaze me everytime I watch this tiny being being transformed more and more into a little person..

I ended up missing my 4D scan this time around too, you know ismail by now, these things are just of no importance to him… So I let it pass… No use causes a fight over such things anyway..

doctor hmmm’d to herself…
“Looks like babys quite ready to pop hey…”
She smiled warmly..

After admiring the extraordinary power of Allah ta’aalah in this little being, I wiped clean and climbed off to discuss what next with doctor..

Doctor: “look its all in Allahs hands my darling… But I would suggest a caesar considering all the complications you’ve had in beginning and middle of your pregnancy…even though things are looking good, I don’t want to take the risk of normal birth…”

I started panicking inside.. I could feel my hands getting slightly sweaty and I wiped them on my cloak and sighed heavily before resting my sore back on the back rest of the chair I was sitting on… I fiddled with the zip of my hand bag which was laying on the doctors desk as I considered what the doctor just said…

Doctor: “there’s nothing to be afraid of my dear… A caesar isn’t as bad as people make it to be.. Trust me!”

Ismail: “will the medical aid cover it?”

Trust ismail to only worry about finances at this crucial time instead of worrying about mine or the babys health..

doc: “well yes, I see you according to the medical aid you’ve got, they’ll cover it as long as its not an elected caesar… Meaning that if you just choose to have a caesar without any valid reasons, then they won’t cover and you would have to pay.. But….”
She paused for a while, digging in her draw for something and then continued…
” I could write a letter to the medical aid stating that faaiza has no other option but to have a caesar, and you would need to have this letter forwarded to the medical aid by today, then chances are that they would accept and will cover it completely…”

She peered at me now over the black rims of her modern pair of glasses which made her look more intelligent than she already is..

Doc: “come! Tell me, what’s scaring you so badly?”

Me: “I don’t know, I’ve heard and read all sorts of weird things about caesars, like firstly about that verrry long needle that they use to inject you… And then the fact that they’ll be injecting you in the spine and what if I go paralysed forever? Or if they give me an anaesthetic, what if I don’t wake up at all…”

Doc: “you shouldn’t listen to people… I’m only advising you about what I think is best for you faaiza….”

Me:” so when do you suggest we do the caesar then?

Doc: “on friday afternoon inshallah…”

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part 263:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“Kulsums point of view”

Me: “rukaya, you’re not a kid… You need to take control of your life.. Don’t allow everyone to control you and your life and tell you what to do… But you also need to realise.. If you go back to altaaf it mustnt be because you need to run away from here and because you’re miSsing all the money and luxury… And if you decide that you going to just accept the talaaq and live here, then it shouldn’t be because you’re scared to tell them what you want…”

Rukaya: “they say its over, he’s given me the talaaq and I’m stupid for allowing him to make me a fool like he did…”

They are right I guess, she is a fool. But not for the reasons they say.. She’s a fool for allowing my parents to control her life..

She has kids to look after.. People have bigger problems in their life… People go through abusive marriages but have sabr and still stick around…

People have druggies and alcoholics as husbands but they still stick around..

I’m not saying that they should.. But what I mean is that rukaya has no serious problems to just allow her marriage to perish right infront of her…

Me:”you need to decide rooks… If you’re going to go back then you need to prove to altaf that you can be a good wife.. That its not all about his money.. You need to love his family and treat them like your own and you need to stop worrying about impreSsing mummy and them and showing them that you’re so great because you can defy your husband in everything he says… That’s not cool… Nabi(S.A.W) taught us to always obey our husbands as long as its to do with shari’ah… If it were permissible to make sajdah to anyone then he wouldve commanded us to make sajdah to our husbands… Mummys worng for always telling us not to give a damn about what our husbands say.. Why did we get married and why did you have so many kids if your husband is not important to you? What doesn’t altaf do for you? So many women will die to have a husband look after them the way he does to you….”

Rukaya: “I knew you were always jealous… And you just proved it now…..”

Kulsum: “get over yourself rukaya… Jealous of what? I’m just trying to help you… And make you see things the way its supposed to be seen…. I’ve got nothing to be jealous of… Alhamdulillah I have the best husband in the world, he is the most supportive husband anyone can have and my inlaws are just as wonderful…. Like ismail says, I may not have money or looks, but I have something better, and that’s a great relationship with my husband and his family and I’m extremely happy and grateful for that…”

Rukaya: “sorry…. I know… I didn’t mean that….”

me: ” well then maybe you need to start watching what you say and do rukaya… You can’t just blurt out whatever you feel like and then say you didn’t mean it… Its fine with me because I’m your sister and I’m used to your ways… But everyone else won’t see it the same way…..”

Rukaya: “but how do I face everyone about this whole yusuf issue.. Its so embarrassing….”

Me: “there’s nothing embarrassing about it… That’s your problem.. You’re always worried about everyone else.. Start worrying about Allah… And what He thinks of you….. Hafsa is such a lovely girl.. Give her a chance…”

Rukaya: “but what will my grandchildren look like kulsum? Will you accept your grandchildren to be black? And have….”

Me:”just stop there ok… I would… She has deen and that’s the most important thing here… Allah created us all differently so we can recognise eachother—not criticize… How many of our own indian girls are so loose and pathetic, would you rather have a daughter in law who ill treats you and has no respect for you or your son… Or doesn’t bring their children up the proper way? Or would you rather have this girl, who has such excellent qualities and respect..and no doubt she’ll look after you and yusuf and bring her children up with deen because that’s all she know is deen”

Rukaya: “ey I don’t know if I can do it…”

Kulsum: “the only thing that’s stopping you is your pride…( Sigh) there’s not much more I can say…. Its all upto you…”

I walked out of her room before I could say anything more and upset either myself or her and things just turn out more ugly…

The atmosphere here was so tense and frustrating… I felt like just going back to faaizas house…

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part 262:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“Kulsums point of view”

I pushed the door opened slightly and noticed rukaya sitting on the bed, knees drawn to her chest, head down and chunking her heart out..

Even though she hates my living soul, but seeing her crying makes my heart ache…

I closed the door silently and headed to the bathroom as I’d intended…

Once I was done, I couldn’t help but go back to rukaya and talk to her.. Sometimes that’s all anyone needs, someone to share the correct advice..

You know I read somewhere that by the year 2020 depression will be the second most common health problem in the world, I’m sure my few words can atleast save one person from depression..

I walked to the bed and sat beside her not saying a word… I’m sure she could sense my presence around yet she continued to cry and I too remained silent and allowed her to let loose..

Eventually she spoke while keeping her head still in between her knees..
“I don’t know what to do anymore.. I don’t know who to please life is just a mess and I don’t have anywhere to go.. How am I supposed to live in this hell hole? With these people that have a problem with everything that I do?”

She sobbed and I still remained silent..I just found it ironical… All this time, mummy and rukaya carried on like there was no-one in the world like the 2 of them.. They were inseparable and made everyone elses lives a misery… But now that they both are living under one roof, they are at logger heads with eachother…

I allowed her to carry on complaining and whining and letting all her feelings out.. She also took hold of the opportunity and poured out everything that she needed to say…

Part of which was what had caused this emotional state of hers right now..

Apparently mummy and daddy and mamajee all blamed her for being so stupid.. For not bringing her children up the right way.. For giving her children too much of freedom to do as they please and go as they please… Rukaya obviously can’t take the blame for anything and there was screaming and shouting going on… That’s its not her fault… Its their fault because they always say that a child can’t be kept indoors 24/7 and that they must be able to be free..

Mummy and them always complain that ismail and faaiza keep their kids too closed up and that when reality hits, they won’t be able to handle situations..

Funny enough, I see it the total opposite way…

Allah alone knows why he didn’t give me kids, but if he ever did give me kids, I think a balance would be necessary and I truly admire faaiza and ismail for the way they bringing their kids up…

Mummy always tells rukaya to give her children whatever they ask for and if rukaya and altaaf don’t buy it for them, then mummy and daddy do…

If altaaf says that something is not necessary and he doesn’t want to give rukaya something, then mummy puts up a big fuss until daddy gives her the money for it instead..

Mummy always tells her not to give a damn about her husband.. He doesn’t know what’s good for us women and he’s just stingy… She has that in her mind because he’s ‘memon’.. Utter rubbish if you ask me..

The man goes out of his way for his wife.. Not only does he provide her with necessities, but extreme luxury aswel…

But women will forever be ungrateful, what to do?

At some point I couldn’t take her blabbing and complaining anymore, I just had to say something back…

Me:”I’m sorry to say this, but you will never be right in this family so you’re wasting your time fighting and arguing and trying to get your point across…”

Rukaya: “so what must I do? Am I supposed to just keep quiet and allow them to rule my life because I’m under their roof now?”
Her voice was thick with desperation… Like she was desperate for help.. Desperate for a solution to all her miseries…

Me: “understand something rukaya, that’s just the way life is.. As long as you are living with them, you have to just agree to everything, so you have to ultimately decide.. Is this how you’d like to live for the rest of your life? Do you think you want to live apart from your husband after all this time? Honestly, if you ask me for m opinion, I don’t think the 2 of you have serious enough problems for your marriage to break… You spent 20 odd years in this marriage, are you willing to just allow it to pass in one go without a fight?”

Rukaya: “but what am I supposed to do? They banned me from switching on my phone or phoning altaaf or from any contact with him….”

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part 261:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

“Kulsums point of view”

I had to drag myself to my mothers house the next day…

As it is she was exasperated that I stayed the night at faaizas house…

But the funny part is that they complain when I want to stay at their house and are ever so reluctant to have me over.. But when I stay somewhere else, that’s also a problem…

What do they expect me to do?

There was no place for me there any way.. Rukaya and her gang occupied both ismails and the kids old rooms and choti khalla and her baby were in the other room so where was I supposed to sleep? On their heads?

They’re not the type that can make arrangements by putting down mattresses just anywhere and everywhere to accommodate someone like how it used to be in the old much of fun it used be when everyone would sleep wherever they could find place?… For them that’s totally not on.. Its too much of work and mess in their house… My mother will die before that can ever happen, even though there’s so much of space in the T.V room upstairs…

Honestly speaking, staying with faaiza was so cosy and delightful… No fuss about this or that.. Everyone is so chilled out and complaisant..

Whereas in my mothers house everything has to be done in a certain way and at certain times…

Sulaiman went along with ismail to the garage in the morning and left the car for me…

I drove to mummys house petrified as hell… I had no idea what to expect or what their reaction will be towards me after yesterdays dramas..

I hooted as I idled the car infront of the gates to their house so that someone could open for me..

I spotted someone peeping out of one of the windows upstairs and waited another 5 whole minutes more before someone finally opened the gate..

I drove into the driveway and parked off reading as much durood shareef as I could for support of the hurricane that might occur..

I locked the car and walked in…

It was eerily quiet downstairs, not a sound actually… Then I realised that its a normal school day and all rukayas kids were away therefore the serenity…

I dropped my handbag and keys on the dining room table and headed upstairs to find some humans…

I headed straight for mummys room first as that’s my usual habit, to find mummy as soon as I enter the house…

She was lying down on her bed, not showing any emotion to the fact that I had come… No annoyance and neither any excitement..

Me: “slaamlaykum ma…..”

I leaned forward to give her a very cold and forceful hug and kiss..

Mum: “walaykum salaam….” She replied distantly…

Kulsum: ” where’s everyone? Its so quiet….”

Mum: “hmmm… The children are gone to school and rukayas in her room since yesterday… I don’t know how I’m going to live with this one and her children, really I’m going to have a nervous breakdown one of these days.. I can’t go through all of this at my age.. I’m old now you know kulsum….?”

I didn’t really know what to say to console her.. All I thought about was how rukaya was the light of her life but now suddenly she’s complaining to me about her…

What a 2 faced woman she is..

And it is her fault in some way.. Hadn’t she given her daughter the wrong advice in the first place? Hadn’t she told her that her husband is full of nonsense and that they can never agree to accept hafsa into their home no matter what…

And now that her marriage is broken because of her advices, they find it necessary to complain…

What is it about some parents?… Always interfering and giving their children the wrong advice and then crying when things don’t work out..

As a parent, we need to give them good advice.. Try what we can to save their marriage… Especially when there’s kids involved…

5 kids and back at your mothers house after some 20 odd years of marriage?… its a tough situation.. Hopefully altaaf bhai will come around… He has to.. Atleast for the childrens sake…

I needed the loo and excused myself… And as I walked past ismails old room I heard some strange noises…

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part 260:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Yaa Allah! Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilayhi raa ji’oon….
And the tables have turned…

just a while back these very people probably sat in this same lounge celebrating my talaaq….my divorce.. And today.. They sit here lamenting the divorce of one of their very own…

Truly Allah works in mysterious ways…

I could literally hear the ticking of the clock which hung on the wall just above where moulana sat… That was pin drop silence in the room as everyone digested what had just happened…

And then all hell broke loose.. Rukaya was attacking hafsa… While yusuf stood between them shielding his new bride.. Protecting her… Ismail ran forward to pull a frantically screaming and kicking rukaya away…

Moulana sat with his hands in his head, almost as if though he was disappointed in the turn of events today.. He looked helpless and defeated…

Everyone was standing now…

My mother in law came forward to take her little baby rukaya to caress and comfort get her to stop crying…

Moulana called for everyone to sit down…
“Altaaf bhai.. You do know the consequence of what you’ve just done?”

Altaaf: “moulana I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life.. As much as everyone believes that this is all hafsas fault.. Its not… This family is crazy.. I’ve put up with it for far too long.. Almost 25 years I’ve put up with all this pettiness.. And rukayas been running away home way too often lately and that’s given me much time to think things through.. If she hasn’t changed her attitude at her age.. She never will and when I look at her mother, my fear as she’s going to grow old and be exactly like her mother with their opinionated lifestyle… I can’t go through it any longer.. I’ve given her every kind of luxury and yet she doesn’t appreciate it… I’ve had enough..”

Moulana: “bhen… Do you understand what this means?”

Rukaya didn’t answer immediately.. She was sobbing into her mother arms… And then after a few minutes she screamed out:

Moulana gave us all a few parting words before he apologised and said that he had to leave for asr salaah…

We needed to get out of this house before all hell breaks loose and peoples hair too.. Because definitely there’s going to be a lot of hair pulling after this meeting..

I said to ismail in just a little louder than a whisper:” babes… We should also get going please!”

After about half an hour, I found myself boiling tea on the stove and frying samoosas at my house.. We had asked kulsum and sulaiman, yusuf and hafsa and altaaf aswel to come home for tea… Altaaf declined as he had some important things to see to but the rest of them accepted the invitation…

Hafsa seemed like a very sweet young girl with a lot of manners..

We served the men their tea in the lounge while kulsum, hafsa, dadi and myself sipped on tea in the dining room…

Kulsum: ” today was just abit too much.. I’m glad we rushed out of there, knowing them, they’ll probably come after us with their unused rolling pins and pots and pans too…”

We all laughed.. It was a hilarious day indeed..

We then decided that we’d had enough of tense talk for one day and changed the subject to much lighter conversation..

Kulsum spoke about her miscarriage experience, hafsa spoke about how strange it is to be married and how she never ever expected to be married so young.. And I spoke about how I couldn’t wait to pop now..

These 9 months have been terribly long and tiring..
“I’ve got an appointment with my gynea on tuesday afternoon inshallah, she’ll see from there and let me know how much longer and things.. But I’m already entering 38 weeks… So anytime now…”

Kulsum: “the kids must be so excited…?”

We watched as raadiya pulled hafsah upstairs to show her her collection of porcelain tea sets and toys… Raadiya was good at entertaining people and hafsa seemed like she loved children too..

After supper, yusuf and hafsa left and kulsum and sulaiman stayed over at our house for 2 nights upon my insistence… They would leave for home on tuesday morning inshallah..

Overall it was a good end to a very dramatic day…

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part 259:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

The mother in law was fuming… ‘The’ mother in law referring to both mine and hafsas… You could practically see the blood rising from their feet all the way up to what’s supposed to be their brain and beginning to boil…

I could see rage in their eyes.. I pictured steam coming out of their ears and noses like you would see in one of those silly cartoons… What?! Don’t shoot me!.. I was only 5, what did I know that it was haraam to watch those….

But right now, that’s exactly how I pictured it… And then I pictured them running after hafsa and chasing her all around the house with a butcher knife….

Ok I think all this drama is making me abit loony… But I’m trying to keep myself occupied and entertained in my own little way… Not like there isn’t enough drama anyway..


Moulana: “bhen!! Bhen! Calm down! And please watch what you say… Astaghfirullah!! Who are we to judge the qualities of another muslim bhen? What makes you and her so different? She was born a muslim, just like you were… She also went to madressah just like you did… She’s also a young girl…. The only thing I see that makes her different is her skin colour and why should that matter? Its not a sin to have a different colour of skin… Allah made us all different so that we can recognise eachother, not taunt one another.. Its not something that she chose! Would you be happy if people judged you and shunned you because of your hair colour…..?”

I wanted to laugh…. Imagine an indian with blonde hair… You know you get very fair indians who tint their hair a slight blonde, it still suits them…. But rukaya looks more like a clown to me with her hair that colour… It So doesn’t suit her.. Moulana couldn’t have said it better… And its her fault for not having that much of decency or respect to put on a scarf and cover her ugly hair…

Moulana: “you know this issue of you’re white and I’m black and she’s indian… It makes me very angry.. We indians don’t own islaam… Its not for us to decide who’s a better muslim depending on their skin colour.. Its a shame that we think this way…”

Rukaya: “but its… Our cultures.. Are.. Different moulana.. She won’t be able to adapt to our ways and lifestyle…”

Altaaf: “and how would you know? You too busy running around and wasting my money to give the poor girl a chance and prove herself…”

Moulana: “look! In islam there’s no place for culture.. Islam is islam… It teaches you everything… So culture should never even be an issue in the first place… Nikaah is done alhamdulillah… Its just fair that this girl is given a chance and taken in to the family.. I see that altaaf bhai here is accepting of it… All yusuf wants is for you as his mother to accept it….”

Rukaya: “over my dead body!!!! I will never accept this thing in my home….never.. Its a disgrace to me.. This is not how I was brought up and its not how I brought yusuf up either…”

Ismail: “that is a disgrace rukaya… How you were brought up is a disgrace… You were brought up narrow mindedly… marrying a deeni inclined, responsible muslim girl is no disgrace… Its an honour for you.. To have a mu’azzins daughter in your home.”

I could see hafsah shaking.. She was scared and obviously hurt and upset that people could think this way… That people could so openly insult her for something she has no control over…I watched as she discreetly wiped away a single tear from the inner corner of her right eye with her thumb..

Rukaya: “well as far as I’m concerned, he should find somewhere else to stay and she is not welcome in my home…”

Ismail:”like mother like daughter”

M.I.L: “and what’s that suppose to mean ismail?”

Ismail: “did you not tell me the same thing many times? That faaizas not allowed in your house?”
He looked at her with raised eyebrows..

Ismail:” and what was her sin? Being an orphan! pft….”

M.I.L: “you’re lying! I never said that…..”

Ismail and I looked at eachother. I let out a small smile and then looked down, he returned it and shook his head in disbelief at how low these people can really go…

Altaaf: “well rukaya, in that case… You too can find somewhere else to stay… Yusuf and hafsa will stay with me in my home… Rukaya….I divorce you!”

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part 258:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

You know that feeling when someone has been caught red-handed and officially given that smack across their face? That stinging feeling in their cheek can be felt just by looking at them? Well thats exactly how chotikhala looked right now, like someone had just smacked her across the face so hard..

Chotikhala: “you know what ismail… Mind your own business,”
She stated boldly but we could all see her quivering..
” what happens in my life has nothing to do with you… Judging from the life you have, you shouldn’t even be picking in other peoples business.. And besides, I’m not depriving my child of his father, his father abandoned him…..”

Ismail:” oh is that what you’re going to make him believe as he’s growing up? Just like how you all lied to me and made me believe all the wrong things as I grew up?”

It took a whole lot of restraint for me not to say anything this whole afternoon… For me that’s torture, to not open my big mouth and voice my opinion.. I always loved putting in my 2 cents here and there, but today wasn’t about me.. Shukr to Allah that it wasn’t, it was all about them…

The last time I’d sat in any meeting was the day we were told to pack our things and leave.. Like in afrikaans they’d say: “vat jou goed en trek” and it was on that day that ‘I’ was blamed for everything…

Atleast today there was no blaming me for anything and all the attention was turned.. Although I’m sure it was itching their tiny little poisonous tongues in the depth of their stinking mouths full of rotten or miSsing teeth to blame me..

Yes ofcourse, its faaizas fault that ismail was adopted, even though I wasn’t even born…

Its my fault that he was abused, because you know how I like to cause situations..

It would be my fault that he married me… That I can take the blame for abit..

Then it would be my fault that he turned into the woeful son that he is… Because if you must know, I’m the one who sits with a wooden stick infront of a chalkboard everyday and circle with a fine piece of chalk the words that I’d written in capital letters so its easier for ismail to take in.. ‘BE A RUBBISH! DO NOT OBEY THEM!’

And well ofcourse its me who brought on this whole meeting and like shaytaan, whispered into his soul that he should sit in this very bottle green and cream lounge with a glass coffee table in the middle of the room, resting on four bottle green stone pillars and disgrace every one of them slowly but surely..

That’s just how they are, by now I’ve realised that, Always looking for someone or the other to blame for their patheticness (if that’s even a word)…

Ismail: “hmm.. You’re right there woman… You are none of my business, because apparently I have no relation to you whatsoever… But you know what? that baby is my business, because we do have a relation…”
Ismail paused dramatically before he continued again..
” The relation is that both me and that little baby danyaal that you’re holding right in your arms close to your body so to protect him from any harm… We both have been harmed, we both have been deprived of fatherly love.. We both have been lied to by the very people who claim that they only want to protect us and give us the best….. That’s what our relation is.. So I won’t cause it for you.. I won’t tell you what I know or rather who I know…”
He smirked
” All I’ll tell you is that you can hide from the world, your little secret, but you can never hide from Allah! So this is your warning to make things right before its too late….”

Moulana: “maaf, I don’t have much time.. Its almost asr time and I’d like to conclude this meeting quickly if possible before I leave…”

By now rukayas husband altaaf had also joined us.. He apologised to ismail for being late.. He had some work to sort out but ismail just smiled knowing that he hadn’t missed anything that was important to him.. Their issues were yet to come…

Ismail: “perfect moulana.. We’re almost done anyway..”

Ismail focuse on yusuf and winked, so to signal that he should take the opportunity as his only chance to say it….

Yusuf: “I’d like to… (Clearing his throat).. Everybody… Meet my wife Hafsa!”

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