part 269:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

sister elizabeth frantically searched for the veins on my hands to attach the drip to, which are always hard to find…

After what felt like the hundredth attempt, she finally got it right… She dropped down something on the bed as they wheeled me down to theatre..

She must have noticed my puzzled look and replied:
“Catheter lady…doc doesn’t want to put her patients through unnecessary pain so she prefers putting it on in theatre after the anaesthetic is given…”

I just nodded uninterested…and gazed blankly at the ceiling above me..

ismail met us on the way to theatre.. Not that I really care whether he’s there or not.. Its one and the same thing actually..

he tries to give me a comforting smile even though I know he just returned from smoking half a pack of cigarettes outside due to the nervousness he’s going through just coming in with me..

He wasn’t around the first time around, so he has no idea what its all about..

sister elizabeth leaves me next to a wall and rushes off somewhere… When she returns she exclaims hurriedly:
“Doc has left her other patients for after you lady.. This must be your first pregnancy I assume? Otherwise you would never wait for so long after getting that first contraction…”

I want to open my mouth and tell her that its my second pregnancy… But she doesn’t give me much of a chance..
“Next time lady, don’t wait.. Its harmful for the baby… The baby could be in major distress here.. Its not something to be playing around with lady..”

I close my eyes and accept the shouting… Or her reprimanding rather.. She’s right, but ismail made me feel like it was nothing.. I was scared… What if I brought him all the way to the hospital in the wee hours of the night and they told me that it was false labour? He wouldve murdered me.. I’m sure of that…

Almost as if though she could read my thoughts, she responded:
“If you come and its false labour… So what? Atleast you checked..”

She had to cut short because we were already in theatre..

Doc: “slaamlaykum my darling? How are you feeling? The sister says you’ve been getting very strong contractions? Why didn’t you call me?”

Oh great! First the nurse, now the doctor.. I just wanted to cry.. Can no-one understand how much of pain I’m in? I want my mummmmmy…..!!!

I swallowed hard on the tears that were threatening to come out because they were helping me onto another bed now.. Probably where they’ll be working on me..

Doc: “we’re going to have to rush with this… It turns out that this caesar is an emergency after all.. The fact that you’ve been in labour for so long and haven’t still dilated fully shows that your pelvis is too narrow and baby is too big at the moment… Normal birth isn’t even an option.. This baby is not coming out from down there….”

“Assalaamu alaykum dear”
I was greeted by a rather elderly looking lady in a white doctors coat…
“My name is doctor patel and I’m your anaesthetist…”

Doc paused to fidget with some of her instruments while I sat up, legs hanging off the bed, before continuing to talk to me..
” I want you to just relax ok…”

She rubbed me gently on my spine..
“This is where I’m going to inject you.. Its just a slight prick… Not bad at all…. Then you going to start feeling warm in the right leg, right down to your toes and then the left leg and then you’ll be numb ok?”

I nodded with a false calmness on my face even though I was stressing like crazy..

Doc continued talking to me while she was busy behind with her things.. Asking about the pains? And how often I’d bEen getting them and why I hadn’t come to hospital as soon as I felt them and so many more questions…
“Ok my darling.. I want you to tell me when you start feeling warm in the legs ok?”

Me:” you mean?”
I paused in disbelief..
“Its done?”

Doc giggled…
“See? You didn’t even feel a thing…”

The warmness began followed by the numbness and then something was pulled up infront of me whilst I lay on my back…

Me:”wait! Is that my legs?”

I looked at ismail who stood towards my right.. Behind him dr patel and infront of me, the gynea and her colleague and 2 other assistants..

Ismail: “you ok? Huh? You sure you can’t feel anything?” I could here panic in his voice..

Me: “yeah, they just pulled my legs up infront of me and I didn’t even feel it..”

He took my hand in his… I think for me to comfort him more than the other way around.. He looked more stressed out than me and like he was going to be sick any minute just looking at all this…

Doctor patel checked my pressure..
“Abit on the low side hey?”

She sat down and after a few minutes poked something into the drip…
“I’ve given you some pain medication in the drip.. So hopefully you won’t feel any pain afterwards.. As soon as you’re in the ward and feel even the slightest tingling or movement in your toes, ask the nurses to give you more painkillers..”

Me:” what’s that smell..? ”
I asked ismail softly…

Ismail: “they’re burning you with a kind of a laser thing…”

There was a sheet seperating my upper body from my lower body so I couldn’t see what really was happening..
“Are you watching what they’re doing?”

Ismail: “ha uh… I can’t…”

I felt light headed..
Me:”I’m feeling… ”
And everything was suddenly bright and my shoulders went lame…. My chest was tight…

Authors note:



5 thoughts on “part 269:

  1. A says:

    Yaa ALLAAH couldn’t they just let Faaiza give birth naturally. Faaiza u didn’t u tell the dr that u gave birth naturally to twins. Hope Faaiza and the baby will be ok

  2. Sister A. says:

    Ismail is such a lost case! Fortunately Faaiza is a strong person. Her strength helps her pull through evry situation. I still feel soo sorry 4 her though. Hp da birth xperience has an impact on Ismail °̩и a big way.

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