part 267:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

I got this terrible pain in my lower back coming towards the front….but I wasn’t sure if it was time….I couldn’t decide whether it was contractions or just false labour…so I waited…

They always say to have a warm bath and if the contractions ease, then its false labour…and if it doesn’t…its real…

I wasn’t supposed to go into labour..I’m booked for my caesar in less than 2 days time…but I’m only 38 weeks at the moment so it could be contractions…

I’ll just ignore it…


Ok that was painful….

I slowly got myself to the bathroom and got into the shower..careful to not let the water get too hot…apparently too hot water isn’t good either…

Once I was done I got out and felt a little better…I guess its not time as yet…

Or so I thought…as I was walking out of the room to check up on the kids, there it was again…

An agonising kind of a pain that felt like a man size plier was squashing me in my abdomen…but just as soon as it was gone again…

Ok faaiza…breath!

I took a detour..instead of checking on the kids, I decided to go downstairs and make me a warm cup of milo…that should settle it…or atleast I hope so…

But unfortunately after just half a cup of my milo, the pain hit me once again….

Allahu akbar!!!!its excruciating…

Ismail:”babes what’s happening?you ok?”

Me:”I don’t know….I’ve been getting pains from earlier…I’m not sure if its contractions or what”

Ismail:”but we were just at the doctor today? She wouldve said if it was time today…I’m sure its nothing..maybe you just want a panado?and come to bed and just rest it out”

Me:”’re right…I’m sure its nothing..maybe the babies just moving abit much…”

I went up to rest and drank the panado that ismail brought…and after a few more pains I managed to fall asleep…

But the pains were waking me up….and when I looked at my phone it was already 1:30am…


Ismail moaned and ignored me…

Me: “I think I need to go to the hospital babes”
I said it in a more urgent tone hoping that he’ll give me the attention I needed..

That did it.. He was sitting up almost immediately and fumbling around looking for the switch to the bedside lamp…
“err..are you sure?but it can’t be babes… We booked your bed for friday…its not long… Just err… I don’t know… Let me get you another panado…. Or something stronger maybe?”

Me: ” I can’t take anything stronger….uuurgh…”

Ismail was panicking now..
“Err ok ok.. I’m going to get you another panado…”

He jumped out of bed, but I must have fallen asleep sometime inbetween the pains because I don’t remember me taking the tablet…

I woke up the next morning and was shocked to see the time, it was already 10:30 in the morning… I missed my fajr and oh my word.. The kids… School…

I jumped out of bed and there it was again…. The pain… I turned and found that ismail also wasn’t in the bed.. How knocked out was I that I didn’t hear a thing today…

I carefully got myself together and tried to go downstairs but it was eerily quiet… Dada and dadi usually nap this time of the day…

At the back door I spotted the domestic..

Me: “aunty? Where’s everyone?ismail? Kids?”

Domestic: “they are gone makoti…the childrin they are gone to school, it is past 10 o clock… And boss he is gone to the wek.. Ouma and oupa they are sleeping makoti..”

Ismail actually went to work knowing that I’m feeling this way? I thought he’ll take me to the hospital today…

I made myself a quick cup of english tea and sat down with a tupperware of scones that I made the other day, all the while bearing the pain that I was suffering with so badly…

Just as I gulped my last sip of tea down, the house phone rang.. I struggled to get up and pick it up, even though it wasn’t too far out of my reach..

Ismail: “hey babes… You’re awake? How you feeling?”

Oh I could murder this man right now.. Even his voice seems to be working on my every nerve…

How I’m feeling? He has a nerve to ask how I’m feeling? When I told him how I’m feeling, he didn’t really give a damn… And instead of taking me to the damn hospital, he goes to work!!!!!! and now he wants to know how I’m feeling???

**Authors note:
Only paras 16 and 17 are left to complete our last khatam for thul qa’dah.. Please contribute before we can start our first khatam for thul hijjah considering that we have already entered the month of thul hijjah…




10 thoughts on “part 267:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Uuurrrgh !!! ISMAIL !!!!!!!!!

    I just wanna shake him n scream @ him …… Can’t he have some sympathy – gosh … *angry face *

    Just read durood sharief Faaiza – n make dua – إنشاءالله everything will go well …..
    Waiting for more !!!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. I haven’t commented in ages. As salaamu alaykum Mrs Author. I hope you and all the readers are in good health. I think the readers need to make Dua for Ismail because there’s going to be a murder in the next post *giggle giggle*. Cant wait to know what Faaiza’s reply to the hubby is

  3. says:

    أسسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركات
    I can’t open the other one to put my name down to contribute to the Quraan khatam, ill take first para pls Radiyya.

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  4. A says:

    Eish, Ismail needs a hard slap, wen will he realize that Faaiza needs him n baby isn’t bothered if the hospital is booked for tomorrow, Faaiza needs to get to the hospital today, I wonder if he will ever change ‘raised eyebrows’
    Sister para 7&8 for me ان شاء الله

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