part 265:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Me: “what about the back pain after the caesar? … So many people suffer with back pain because of the epidural….”

Dr: “do you suffer with back pain at the moment?”

Me:” umm…. jee”

Dr: “so you see, the back pain has nothing to do with the epidural.. It has to do with pregnancy itself.. Most women suffer with back ache because of the weight you’re carrying infront, it burdens your back..”

Me: “so what are my options…?”

Dr: “ok… you have 2 options…. General anaesthetic and epidural…..”

Me:” explain please!” I giggled… ” I’m a little from the old age.. I don’t quite understand all these terms”

Dr: “no problem..” She smiled warmly..

I really liked her. She spoke to you like a friend instead of like you’re just any other patient.. She gives you her time and has very encouraging words most of the time..

It must be tough on doctors, even though they’re making some good bucks, having to hear the sad stories of every patient that walks in to their surgery must take a toll on their own personal well being..

Dr continued explaining to me:
” A general anaesthetic is where we knock you out completely.. So basically you’re fast asleep and don’t really know what’s happening.. No-ones allowed in unfortunately..”

No-ones allowed in with me? But I would like ismail by my side. even though he wasn’t really there the last time, this is my first time doing a caesar, and I’m petrified.. But also, I have no idea if he’ll want to come in with me anyway… Ismails what you call a ‘bang broek’… He’s more scared than I am.. He can’t see blood and all those type of things… What if he faints in there? Then they’ll have an extra patient to tend to…

I listened on to what doc was saying:
” Then there’s the epidural.. You’re awake but we numb you from waist down… You won’t feel a thing but its ‘almost’ the same as giving normal birth.. Excluding the pushing and huffing and puffing… With epidural, you’re allowed to have someone give you moral support and stand by your side…”

Doc gave us a few minutes to take in before she continued again..
“You want my opinion now?”

I nodded my head in anticipation…

Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, someone experienced to tell you what they think is best..

“I would advise for you to go the epidural way… Reason being.. There are harms in going general… You’re knocked out, so there are risks of you…” She paused to explain.. “Not that I want to make you scared or anything, just stating the facts here, that there are risks of slipping into a coma… Also, there’s extreme pain when awakening from the anaesthetic.. Almost immediately.. We do give you some pain medication through the drip in theatre, but by the time you awake, it hasn’t yet kicked in… So there’s a burning sensation you’ll feel where we’ve worked… Also, you’re not awake to hear your babys first cry… ”

She poured herself a glass of water from a jug that lay on the left hand side of her wooden desk…. And offered us some too to which we kindly refused…

She then continued: “you see, with an epidural, you witness the entire birth, even though we cover you up so you won’t see the gruesome parts, but you’re awake… You see your baby immediately when it comes out and you have time after the procedure to rest before any pain kicks in…..basically if you keep yourself well medicated, you may not feel much… So you decide… You need some time to think about it?”

She looked towards me and then at ismail waiting for a response…

I looked at ismail who looked rather bored and clueless actually..

Dr: “I’m giving you a few minutes to discuss, I’m just running to the next room to check on another patient.. And then we can discuss further.. Is that okay?”

Me: “jazakallah.. That’s okay… ”

I was getting annoyed at ismail, couldn’t he atleast act like he was bothered, even though he isn’t…

As soon as doctor walked out, I asked him what I should do…. The answer he gave annoyed me even further…

**Authors note:
Duas page updated… There are some duas to be recited at the time of slaughtering that have been shared on the duas page…
For those who are unable to access the page, the link is as follows:

The following paras are still to be completed in our khatam for thul qa’dah.. Please contribute before we can start our first khatam for thul hijjah considering that we have already entered the month of thul hijjah…
Paras 14 to 17 are still available




5 thoughts on “part 265:

  1. a95r says:

    Let me guess; “do whatever you feel is better” or “whatever you want to” …. Am I correct? :p it just seems typical ismail. But whatever you do ismail, DON’T factor the cost into your reasoning – just a little advice lol – because that’s the last thing faaiza wants to hear.

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Knowing ismail he’l ask her – huh , what u should do about what ?!?!
    Cos hge probably wasn’t evn paying attention *rolling eyes*
    Old habit die hard !!!

    Anyway – Faaiza , u know the istikhara dua *wink*- read it n u’l b guided إنشاءالله ..
    N her dr is soo sweet , explaining everything nicely – ladies need this kind of comfort from their dr , it also creates a sense of trust towards them ..

    All the best on ur decision ….

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  3. A says:

    Alhamdulillah the dr put Faaiza at ease and gave her the whole explanation but I still think she’s pushing for a Caesar. Ismail bring Ismail will probably tell her do what u want to or maybe he must’ve zoned out n ask hr to explain what the fuss is all about. I agree with sister in Islam that read the Istikhara Duaa n u will be rightly guided ان شاء الله
    جزاك الله خيرا for the extra post today sister

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