part 264:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

There was a newborn baby opposite us, squealing softly in the hands of what looked like a first time mum… She stood up and shooshed it while rocking it up and down swiftly and gently in her arms….

On my right was a skinny young lady with a cerise pink knee length dress engrossed in something which appeared to be quite interesting on her very sophisticated looking cell phone…

Then there was a couple who were sitting to my left..the dame looked like she was around 6 months pregnant and her husband/boyfriend was practically fretting over her every move…almost as thought she would disappear in the instant that he turns his gaze from her..

Then there was simple old me and ismail…waiting patiently.. Or rather.. Impatiently for the secretary to call my name.. We sat In the gyneas waiting area for almost an hour before we were finally called in..

Dr: “so faaiza, how have we been doing so far? Everything good?”

Me: “shukr doc.. Everythings going good.. Just really tired and need this baby out.. Soon..” I emphasised on the ‘soon’

Doctor chuckled: “we all feel that way at the end my dear…”

She scribbled a few things in my file and then swung her chair around and stood up walking to the inter leading room where most of her machines were kept…
“Let’s have a look and see what our little one is upto today”

I relaxed on her bed while she placed that icy cold gel on my tummy…

No matter how often I’ve done this, I’m always a bundle of nerves and excitement all in-one to see my little angel growing inside of me… Allahs greatness never seizes to amaze me everytime I watch this tiny being being transformed more and more into a little person..

I ended up missing my 4D scan this time around too, you know ismail by now, these things are just of no importance to him… So I let it pass… No use causes a fight over such things anyway..

doctor hmmm’d to herself…
“Looks like babys quite ready to pop hey…”
She smiled warmly..

After admiring the extraordinary power of Allah ta’aalah in this little being, I wiped clean and climbed off to discuss what next with doctor..

Doctor: “look its all in Allahs hands my darling… But I would suggest a caesar considering all the complications you’ve had in beginning and middle of your pregnancy…even though things are looking good, I don’t want to take the risk of normal birth…”

I started panicking inside.. I could feel my hands getting slightly sweaty and I wiped them on my cloak and sighed heavily before resting my sore back on the back rest of the chair I was sitting on… I fiddled with the zip of my hand bag which was laying on the doctors desk as I considered what the doctor just said…

Doctor: “there’s nothing to be afraid of my dear… A caesar isn’t as bad as people make it to be.. Trust me!”

Ismail: “will the medical aid cover it?”

Trust ismail to only worry about finances at this crucial time instead of worrying about mine or the babys health..

doc: “well yes, I see you according to the medical aid you’ve got, they’ll cover it as long as its not an elected caesar… Meaning that if you just choose to have a caesar without any valid reasons, then they won’t cover and you would have to pay.. But….”
She paused for a while, digging in her draw for something and then continued…
” I could write a letter to the medical aid stating that faaiza has no other option but to have a caesar, and you would need to have this letter forwarded to the medical aid by today, then chances are that they would accept and will cover it completely…”

She peered at me now over the black rims of her modern pair of glasses which made her look more intelligent than she already is..

Doc: “come! Tell me, what’s scaring you so badly?”

Me: “I don’t know, I’ve heard and read all sorts of weird things about caesars, like firstly about that verrry long needle that they use to inject you… And then the fact that they’ll be injecting you in the spine and what if I go paralysed forever? Or if they give me an anaesthetic, what if I don’t wake up at all…”

Doc: “you shouldn’t listen to people… I’m only advising you about what I think is best for you faaiza….”

Me:” so when do you suggest we do the caesar then?

Doc: “on friday afternoon inshallah…”

**Authors note:
The following paras are still to be completed in our khatam for thul qa’dah.. Please contrbute before we can start our first khatam for thul hijjah considering that tonight we have entered the month of thul hijjah…
Paras 14 to 17 are still available




8 thoughts on “part 264:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Oooooh !!!! Baby is ready to join the forever a mess up team !!!
    Can’t wait !!!!
    Hav2 start baking all the goodies to take to Faaiza’s house cosd she’ll get many visitors – hehehehehe

    Hmmm … Ceasar ??!!! I’m also wary abt that *hide* …
    But nowadays things r soo advanced !!
    Let’s see wat she decides ..
    All the best to u Fay !!

 جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 

  2. A says:

    Can’t wait to welcome baby to the forever a mess up team.
    Men can sometimes be so unconcerned where their spouse is concerned
    Poor Faaiza, hope doc allows her to go for normal birth bcoz gynaes know babies don’t keep regular hours so rather schedule a Caesar so they can decide wen baby must come. Not a fan for Caesar.

    • Wslm sister….
      For which khatam did you read those paras?is it for our 3rd khatam for thul qa’dah?or should I just add this on cos I don’t see it marked anywhere..did I foget to mark for you?

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