part 260:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Yaa Allah! Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilayhi raa ji’oon….
And the tables have turned…

just a while back these very people probably sat in this same lounge celebrating my talaaq….my divorce.. And today.. They sit here lamenting the divorce of one of their very own…

Truly Allah works in mysterious ways…

I could literally hear the ticking of the clock which hung on the wall just above where moulana sat… That was pin drop silence in the room as everyone digested what had just happened…

And then all hell broke loose.. Rukaya was attacking hafsa… While yusuf stood between them shielding his new bride.. Protecting her… Ismail ran forward to pull a frantically screaming and kicking rukaya away…

Moulana sat with his hands in his head, almost as if though he was disappointed in the turn of events today.. He looked helpless and defeated…

Everyone was standing now…

My mother in law came forward to take her little baby rukaya to caress and comfort get her to stop crying…

Moulana called for everyone to sit down…
“Altaaf bhai.. You do know the consequence of what you’ve just done?”

Altaaf: “moulana I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life.. As much as everyone believes that this is all hafsas fault.. Its not… This family is crazy.. I’ve put up with it for far too long.. Almost 25 years I’ve put up with all this pettiness.. And rukayas been running away home way too often lately and that’s given me much time to think things through.. If she hasn’t changed her attitude at her age.. She never will and when I look at her mother, my fear as she’s going to grow old and be exactly like her mother with their opinionated lifestyle… I can’t go through it any longer.. I’ve given her every kind of luxury and yet she doesn’t appreciate it… I’ve had enough..”

Moulana: “bhen… Do you understand what this means?”

Rukaya didn’t answer immediately.. She was sobbing into her mother arms… And then after a few minutes she screamed out:

Moulana gave us all a few parting words before he apologised and said that he had to leave for asr salaah…

We needed to get out of this house before all hell breaks loose and peoples hair too.. Because definitely there’s going to be a lot of hair pulling after this meeting..

I said to ismail in just a little louder than a whisper:” babes… We should also get going please!”

After about half an hour, I found myself boiling tea on the stove and frying samoosas at my house.. We had asked kulsum and sulaiman, yusuf and hafsa and altaaf aswel to come home for tea… Altaaf declined as he had some important things to see to but the rest of them accepted the invitation…

Hafsa seemed like a very sweet young girl with a lot of manners..

We served the men their tea in the lounge while kulsum, hafsa, dadi and myself sipped on tea in the dining room…

Kulsum: ” today was just abit too much.. I’m glad we rushed out of there, knowing them, they’ll probably come after us with their unused rolling pins and pots and pans too…”

We all laughed.. It was a hilarious day indeed..

We then decided that we’d had enough of tense talk for one day and changed the subject to much lighter conversation..

Kulsum spoke about her miscarriage experience, hafsa spoke about how strange it is to be married and how she never ever expected to be married so young.. And I spoke about how I couldn’t wait to pop now..

These 9 months have been terribly long and tiring..
“I’ve got an appointment with my gynea on tuesday afternoon inshallah, she’ll see from there and let me know how much longer and things.. But I’m already entering 38 weeks… So anytime now…”

Kulsum: “the kids must be so excited…?”

We watched as raadiya pulled hafsah upstairs to show her her collection of porcelain tea sets and toys… Raadiya was good at entertaining people and hafsa seemed like she loved children too..

After supper, yusuf and hafsa left and kulsum and sulaiman stayed over at our house for 2 nights upon my insistence… They would leave for home on tuesday morning inshallah..

Overall it was a good end to a very dramatic day…

**Authors note:
The following paras are still to be completed in our khatam.. Please contrbute..
Paras 8 to 18




3 thoughts on “part 260:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    *shew* and the drama meeting has ended !!!!!
    N I hope they do some hard thinking n introspection – n then decide 2 start changing their lives (the gremlins )

    Awww …… Atleast Faaiza is so welcoming n warm – n entertaining also !!!! Seems like yusuf n hafsa r gonna b regulars here ……

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. Alhamdulilah so glad this meeting has come to an end lets hope Ismail (so called family) realises…
    Mashallah Hafsa seems to be a very nice girl
    Jazakallah for the post

  3. A says:

    Yaa ALLAAH!!!! What a dramatic ending to the family meeting….
    What beautiful words from Altaaf n so true that if she didn’t change until now she never will
    Very war decision by Faaiza to leave before the real drama starts n it seems that this meeting just started a new relation btwn Kulsum, Ismail, Faaiza, Yusuf n Hafsa.
    جزاك الله خيرا
    For the awesome post sister

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