part 256:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Faaizas point of view:

ismail stood up and rolled his sleeves angrily…

I agree, it was really getting hot in here…

Ismail:” my MOTHER? You refer to this woman as my MOTHER?? You have the audacity to sit infront of a room full of people pretending that this woman is MY MOTHER? And she has the nerve to try and pull sympathy towards her saying that she carried us for 9 months and gave birth to us? Well let me tell you all something…. You made me a fool for 36 years…… Don’t think you can make me a fool today…..!!! This woman is NOT my mother…!!”

There was dead silence in the room again and all you could hear was the uncomfortable swish swash of my mother in law moving around on the leather couch she was siTting on, clearly yet another surprise….

Everyone in the room knew the truth yet everyone acted dumb.. Like they didn’t know what ismail was talking about..

Mamajee:” ofcourse she’s your mother….”
He said this very unconvincingly looking back and forth to my mother in law, then my father in law… And then it was apparent… All these years, they stood by her, hiding for her, never realising that the truth was ever going to come out….

I tugged at ismails hand for him to calm down and take his seat again…

He pulled his hand away but took my offer to sit down anyway..

Nabi(S.A.W) always advised us to take a seat if we are standing and angry.. It most probably calms you down abit…

He buried his head in his hands for a good few seconds and then wiped his face and took a deep sigh….

Ismail:”so if she’s my mother, why don’t I look like her? Actually, who do I look like in this family huh? Kulsum and rukaya barely have a resemblance to eachother but atleast I can say kulsum has abit of her mother and rukaya abit of her father… Who do I resemble in this family? Any of my cousins maybe? Any of my aunties? Or uncles maybe? Maybe my ‘so called’ grandparents?huh? Who do I look like in this family? Tell me!! Someone give this idiot (pointing to himself) some kind of an answer!!!!!”

But everyone was silent…finally realising that any answer will only make them look like bigger fools…

The truth was out….no way of getting away was out…finally!!!

Ismail: “I’ve met my father, and my mother, and my REAL siblings if you all must know… And the only regret I have is not being brought up in their home instead of here…. I’ve been abused in this home almost my entire life… We’re always so scared to speak up.. But one thing my REAL fathers taught me is to not be afraid of Anyone besides Allah.. And that’s why I brought up this meeting in the first place.. Its taken a lot out of me to actually confront you all about your many secrets, but I’m willing to move all of this past me if you all give up this sick life you all are leading….”

Father: “ismail…..let me explain something to you mister… This woman sitting infront of you is the only mother you know… She has made the sacrifice for you to be the man that you are today…”

Ismail:” unfortunate for that hey… You shouldn’t be so proud to make such a bold statement because I’m not very happy to be the man I am today… But my unfortunate upbringing has made me the rubbish I’d become….”

M.I.L: ” (sniff) why are you making it seem (sniff) like we really ill-treated you bhai? (Crap) What have we ever done (sniff) to deserve such humiliation infront of everyone like this?”

Ismail: “enough with all the crying and looking for attention please.. Everythings not always about you.. For once in your life put everyone elses happiness before yours… How would you feel if right here, today, someone uncovers to you that you are not who you think you are….? That you are actually someone elses child?”

Authors note:



11 thoughts on “part 256:

  1. A says:

    Allaahu Akbar!!! Ismail actually stood up to ‘his parents’….
    The gremlins are truly living in a world of their own thinking that if they believe Ismail is their own then he is n no one must question them with regards to that
    Mil is a drama queen looking for sympathy from everyone even though they know the truth
    SubhanALLAH Ismail spent such a short tym with his real parents and he’s changed so much, imagine if he would’ve been brought up by them
    Sister this truly calls for 5 posts today (wishful thinking)

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Wooohooo !!!!!!
    Tension in the air ….
    N STILL they r trying n covering up , hiding everything …..
    *shew* …. They should just admit it all now …

    Hoping n wishing for another post !!!

 جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 

  3. Sister A. says:

    Shew! Tension ,tension ,tension !!!
    Skeletons r falling out of Ismail’s ‘fake’ family’s closet. Ӑℓℓ their dark secrets r getin xposed. 😀 Gr8 writing… sis SL. Keep it cuming ! 😉

  4. No matter what… It’s the rule of this world that if u hide something try to keep it a secret no matter what one day sooner or later your secrets will be exposed.

    Beautiful we learning lots from this story when we think others as Low and disgrace them Allah will disgrace whilst sitting in ones own home.

    Allah save us. Keep it up Allah make us take heed from every post the many lessons.Aameen

    Enjoy & Spread a Thrill Read of:
    A True Story-Blog Journey Of A Guji Girl In Quest Of Knowledge & Then L♥√ع
    ✔Tweet&Insta @1veiledprincess

  5. zana says:

    Well done ismail.
    U said what’s been on ur chest for a long time and you said to who u had to
    Can’t they admit to ismail that he was adopted.
    My heart broke for ismail today

    Btw mrs S when is faaiza due. Maybe will all commotion baby will decide its time

    • Here’s the link for my first post

      Once you’re done reading that post, you’ll see almost transparent arrows on the sides of the post, click on the right arrow to take you to the next post..

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you don’t come right

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