part 254:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

kulsums point of view:

“Don’t be scared of anyone…no-one can do you crap…no-one do you hear me? You only fear Allah and that’s it! Talk to your hearts content and let it all out!”

Ismails advice to me over the phone during the week played on my mind throughout our long and exhausting drive down to jo’burg on sunday morning..

Ismail said that he’d called a very urgent meeting at home to settle all our differences once and for all…

“But I’m too soft and they’ll just pounce on me again bhai, you don’t understand, and they’ll say I’m lying…”

Ismail didn’t want to hear any of it.. He ordered sulaiman and I to come down and after the meeting we should spend the night or a few days, if we wished, at his and faaizas place…

That was a very warm gesture on his side… Not like the ismail I’d known all my life..

I had a strange feeling that a lot was going to change after today as I opened the door to our well kept, 1998 maroon toyota camry and gently slid my legs onto the ground of my parents driveway where ismails car was already parked infront of ours…

I didn’t mention to my mother that we were coming at all….per ismails instructions.. He’d asked be to just be quiet and surprise them with my visit… And so I did.. I even brought along the documents he’d requested me to bring…

I really wish I knew what exactly ismail had up his sleeve, but he didn’t even give us a slight hint… Aah well! He probably knows what he’s doing..

Before I could reach the front door, there were more cars approaching the house now..

I recognised the one as mamajees car and the other I wasn’t too familiar with.. Its only when she got off, slammed the door closed and turned to face me that I’d realised it was rukaya.. She had her usual agitated look on her face as she spoke to chotikhala who was also getting off rukayas car…
“So much of blady inconvenience he’s causing to all of us here…I wonder what’s so damn urgent that we have to dump our kids somewhere else and rush off at his command! ”

They seen me at the door as they came closer..

Rukaya:”ahw…what you doing here?”
She flicked her hand in the air…
“tsk…nevermind…he must have dragged you all the way here for his stupid meeting also…”

The funny part was she didn’t even bother to hug me or better yet, even make salaam… For goodness sake! I am her sister and she hasn’t seen me for months…

This just made my resolve stronger.. Ismail was right.. I needed to get it all off my chest once and for all.. I’m fed up of being treated like the begger on the side of the road asking for ‘sadqah’ ‘lillah’ ‘zakaat’…

I tried greeting chotikhala who muttered a brief ‘salaam’ back and also disappeared into the house..

Mamajee managed to atleast give me a quick but similarly cold hug before he walked through the open front door..

I wonder what they’ve fed his ears…some sort of crap I’m sure!

As I entered the house, all eyes were on me and sulaiman, clearly stunned that I had come…

My mother stood up and walked towards me..
‘Kulsum my jaan!! What a surprise to see you here.. You didn’t even tell me you people were coming.. How you feeling my bachu? I was soooo worried about you!”

I felt like taking my nails which I’d forgotten to trim this friday and had grown longer than its supposed to and scratch this womans fakeness off her face…

I know she’s my mother…but how dare she put up such a performance after all she’d said about me to my own damn husband just last week….I was fuming!!

Sulaiman sensed my frustration and immediately squeezed my hand tight before he spoke for me..
“Slaamlaykum mummy… Jee we thought we’ll surprise you abit”

Mother:”oh I’m definitely surprised!”

And she was! Especially at the next person that walked in…

**Authors note:
‘In the kitchen’ page updated



9 thoughts on “part 254:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Hmmmmm …. So r we getting more posts 2day Mrs S !???
    Pretty plz … U know u theee best author EVER *eyes* ………

    This suspense is not good for our health …. N u know how u worry abt our health *wink* ….

    Anyway ….. This is getting too exciting now !!!
    Keep it up

 جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 

  2. A says:

    Ismail really got something up his sleeve, can’t wait to hear what….
    It’s about tym the falseness of this family is exposed and everyone put into their place
    Poor mil doesn’t know what hit her with all the ppl walking in one after the other, totally shocked
    Sister I think today is one if those 5 posts day ( hopefully)

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    5 posts – PLEEeeeeEeeeeze !!!!
    Pleeeeeeeeze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May اللَّهُ answer ALL ur good duas and make ur work 2day extremely easy so u can b free to post those extra posts – آمين يا رب العالمين

    AND … May اللَّهُ make it possible for u to reside in Madinah Sharief – soon soon soon – آمين يا رب العالمين


    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  4. B.Q says:

    Tooo excited to know wat is going to happen @ the gremlins house and wat Ismail has planned..can’t wait for the next post..
    Keep up the brilliant writing..
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  5. Sister A. says:

    Hehehe !!! Ʋ pepl r really pushing it now. Askin 4 -5 posts.
    I feel so sorry 4 Kulsum. Her own family is so heartless °̩и the way they treat her. I can’t wait 4 da meeting 2 begin. Ƥℓεāsε mk da posts longer. 😀

  6. Slms Sister S please dont let this bother you in the least ppl are always going to find a fault in everything we do as long as our intention is correct we have nothing to worry about …May Allah guide all of us. ..
    & Jazakallah for your lovely posts there are wonderful lessons to be learnt from them Keep up the good work and May Allah reward you! 💗

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