part 253:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails point of view:

PrOCRASTINATION– the act of delaying Or deferring an action, usually something requiring urgent attention, until a later time…

That’s what I had done… I had procrastinated… I had adjourned the matter for way too long and in the meantime everyones lives were getting affected the way mine had slowly but surely…

Almost like the kindling of a fire…the coals are placed first and then the fire-lighters and then it is set alight.. Slowly but surely those coals, which were merely just a black piece of stone like substance and wasn’t really doing much..not causing harm, nor benefit..but as the fire kindles, it changes its form and becomes hotter, serving as something very dangerous….

So here….these people were simple humans…of hardly any benefit nor harm, yet once that fire burning within them began to kindle, with every action they performed, they became more and more dangerous until at this very moment, they are probably at the peak and have cause way too much damage…

Their reaction to all of this could be one of the 2… regret and remorse…. Or justification.. Its most likely that they’re going to justify their actions, even though I wish deeply that they would regret and realise that this is a warning sign from Allah to atleast try to repair all the damage caused…

Faaiza and I had decided to be extra early.. We needed to be the first there, incase anything happens and also so we could see the reaction on their face to the coming of every visitor today…

I was nervous… But we sought Allahs help before taking on this great task..and I was certain that we had Allahs help, because in the end of the day, truth will always prevail over falsehood..

I manoeuvred the car carefully into their driveway where the gate was already open, probably expecting us to arrive any minute…

As we enetered the house, the 3 of us greeted…my salAam was replied to swiftly, faaizas ignored but the 3rd persons greeting was most honoured…

Mother:” awh….walaykum salaam… Moulana?( Very surprised look)… Kem che? How are you doing? Aapa kem che? Haven’t heard from apa in a while… So nice to see you…chaal…come inside!”

She was glancing at me with a very confused look on her face as she spoke to moulana…

I had to bring him you see, an aalim has sufficient knowledge of how to give each one of us the correct advice and also serve as an arbitrator… Atleast I know with moulana around, things would be under control and nobody would claim that they are right and the next person wrong..

She ushered us into the lounge where she had us seated..

It felt strange really, to be treated like a visitor…. No rather a stranger in my own home.. The very home that I was brought up in… The same home I became a man and the same home that I, not so long ago, called home myself…

But to me this meant very little anymore.. There were more important things to worry about for now..

We were soon greeted by my ‘so called’ father…

He greeted with a general salaam as he entered the large bottle green and cream coloured lounge which was big enough to seat atleast 15 people comfortably..

Perfect. I thought as I counted again and made sure there was a seat for every person attending today…

He walked towards moulana and extended both his very aged hands to moulana who out of respect stood up to greet him back…

He looked at me enquiringly…and then looked at moulana and said:
“Nice of moulana to bless us with your presence today…long time no see…everything good on your side?”

Moulana:” Allah shukr…all well alhamdulillah..”

My father continued making small chit-chat with moulana…..

What a fake!.. I thought in my mind while listening to them and I’m almost 100% sure faaiza was thinking the exact same thing…

They had this way of portraying themselves as all good and perfect.. Hypocrites if you ask me…

I glanced at my watch and realised that the next visitor was scheduled to arrive any moment…and just as I lifted my gaze from my silver rolex, gifted to me on my wedding day by faaiza and her family,, I heard another car pull into the driveway and 2 doors slamming closed….

Things are moving just as planned so far, alhamdulillah…

Authors note:


11 thoughts on “part 253:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Yoh !! The suspense ……….
    Really in need of 5. Posts today !!!!!!!!!!!!Pretty Plz Mrs S … Since I’m asking soo soo nicely *puppy dog face*

    This is getting exciting !!!
    Hoping for the best for Ismail n Faaiza !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. Sister A. says:

    Αи∂ the meeting is about to begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Seems like Ismail planned it well.
    Sister/in/Islam Ʋ askin 4 – 5 posts, now really! Don’t push ur luck 😉

  3. A says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Beautiful n intriguing post. SubhanALLAH Ismail really had changed and did something on his own without being nagged by Faaiza n he thought of everything
    I agree with sister in Islam that this calls for 5 posts (wishful thinking)

  4. WOW says:

    WOW……This blog just gets better an better. Please post the next post early , pretty please , can’t wait to take the minutes of the meeting.

      • WOW says:

        Never stopped reading. Somtimes read post twice. Lols brilliant writing n story mashallah. Get wait for the meeting to start. Inshallah I wish for my husband too, to change like ismail.

  5. Mashallah must say Ismail really did plan it very well. Lets hope everything works out well for Ismail & Faizaa
    Excellent post sister cant wait for the next post

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